Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Doctor Who Exhibition Cardiff

As I now work part time for the tourist board in Cardiff I was lucky enough to be invited to the pre opening day at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay. If you are a big Doctor Who fan you may have heard about the new Doctor Who Experience. It is a great new Doctor Who tourist attraction, great for fans and people who aren't fans! I don't really want to give away too much about the experience part itself but you more or less walk through an episode or a few scenes from a Doctor Who episode as if you are living out the episode, getting captured by Darleks and landing the Tardis etc. And after that you are able to view the Exhibition/Museum area. 

I had assumed you wouldn't be allowed to take pictures, as the BBC are pretty strict about privacy and stuff so I didn't take my camera. But it turned out that although you couldn't take photos in the experience part, you could in the exhibition. So here are some crappy images off my phone of some of the things you can see.

The Doctors outfits through the years
 The Tardis through the years
 The Aliens - good and bad

 And the side kicks outfits
 The Doctor Who Experience officially opens on the 20th July to the general public and you can book your tickets online.Admission is £13 for adults and £9 for children at the moment, and you need to book a time slot to enter the Experience part. 

Is anyone else a Doctor Who fan? I was very excited to get a sneak peek at the centre as I am in face a big fan, and I took my dad who was a big fan of the original series.
Would you visit the attraction if you were in Cardiff?

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  1. Great snaps - I love the fact that they seem to have a good mix of memorabilia and outfits. I'll need to drop by if I'm ever in the area.

    1. I loved it there! anything Tennant related made me want to cry. Number 10 will always be my fave x

  2. Hi, Chantele! How have you been? ;) I've never watched Doctor Who, but I'm sure I'd enjoy this experience!

    Hope you're getting ready to have a fun weekend! ;P

  3. wow that looks like a cool exhibit! i love pop culture museums. did they have all the memorabilia from the first show in the '60s??

    a coy perspective

  4. so very cool!
    cary really wants to see it!


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