Saturday, 16 March 2013

Sponsor Spotlight - Ikea Living Together

Very sorry I have been totally none existent the last week, I have been totally snowed under with some proofreading jobs so literally haven't had a moment to think about my little blog. But I have missed you all so I am hoping to manage to catch up with all your lovely blogs now, and I've got a few great blog posts coming up for you over the next 2 weeks.

I've got a few new sponsors for March, so here is my first Sponsor Spotlight for this month, the awesome IKEA - yes I am a big IKEA fan! With the amount of stuff (read clothes, shoes and crafty stuff) that I have I need nifty organisation techniques to help fit it all in my little flat. IKEA is great for useful storage solutions, and I have a number of the systems to help keep my flat nice and tidy.

Here is their latest video commercial, which I think is really sweet. Plus I'm pretty sure my flat would look quite like the one at the start of this video if it wasn't for my excessive amount of Billy bookcases, STOLMEN Scaffolding wardrobes and MALM chest of drawers. 

Here are a few of the great items I have in my home (or want!) from IKEA to help organise my life!
The STOLMEN system is a total life and space saver. I have 6 hanging rails, 2 huge shelves, 2 sets of large drawers and 2 small ones. They have allowed me to get all my clothes (and Jons) into our 2 small bedrooms.

Ah the BILLY bookcase, simple and basic but a godsend for our over 750 DVDS and all my books (I hate getting rid of books!) We have quite a few of these dotted around the place.
I don't have these yet, but I plan on getting these KOMPLEMENT shoe racks at some point to help sort all my poor shoes, which are currently just stashed in big boxes under my bed.
Lastly this may just look like a curtain rail but it isn't, this is a multipurpose wonder rail, also called BYGEL Rail, and only £2. First I have them in my office/craft room, with the little clip on pots for sorting all my pens, pencil, scissors, cutting tools and glue sticks. But I also have them in the bedroom with all my necklaces hanging on them! So I can see all my necklaces nice and simply, and for your necklaces that don't have clasps to open, then use the simple 'S' curtain hooks and hang on them. So simple!

Anyone else a big IKEA fan? Got any handy tips for making them most of your small space?

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