Wednesday 12 June 2013

Show Us Your Favourite...with Antares: Alpha Scorpii

Hey guys I've got you another great guest post today, please say hi to Maryna from Antares: Alpha Scorpii. She is incredibly lucky to be living in Asia at the moment so has written about her Favourite place to shop in Chiang Mai

Every city in Asia has enormous amounts of markets, and Chiang Mai is not an exception. Night Bazaar, Saturday night market on Wualai Road, Sunday walking street market, food markets at Chiang Mai Gate and Chang Puak Gate, university market, Thanin market… You name it – I’ve been there.

But my favorite place to shop is Chinatown. Because there you can honestly find anything – every possible type of fabric, local silks and Hmong textiles, tons of studs, beads, tassels, ribbons, flowy dresses and comfy shoes, temple figurines, sewing machines, handmade soaps, lipbalms and shampoos, buckets and buckets of fresh flowers.
You can get there by walking on Thapae road or Chang Moi road from the old city to Mae Ping river and you will never miss it – huge Chinese gates, tons of flowers and dozens of stalls with fresh fruit. Chinatown includes hundreds of small shops, a couple of temples and two huge markets – Warorot (clothes, fabrics, ceramics) and Lam Yai (fresh produce, fish, seafood, fruits and flowers).
It’s not only the best place to shop, but also to spend time with girlfriends – picking fabrics and hobby supplies, drinking cold fruit shakes and finding thousands of ideas for DIY projects. I can’t wait to return there again and again – I want to buy a few meters of silk blend fabric to turn into beautiful dresses, when I return home, to Kyiv.

Here's what I picked up during my last trip to Chinatown - beautiful Chinese brocade and a few kilos of studs

Maryna x

Having spent a month in China myself I really can say the markets are amazing! Seeing all Maryna's pictures here and on her blog just makes me want to return even more!

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  1. Thank you so much for letting me write a guest post for you) I've really enjoyed it!


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