Monday 28 October 2013

Recipe Review -

Today I bring you a recipe and site review for! When the lovely PR girls got in touch and asked if would like to try out some of the recipes and the products they use I thought it might be a bit of fun, and something a bit different for you, all my lovely readers out there. So when they sent me this parcel of fun baking items I had to decide which of the 100's of recipes off their site to make with them.
The most obvious thing that came to mind was cupcakes!! I decided to use this recipe for Crown Cupcakes. But altered it so they weren't just plain vanilla cupcakes... they were Pastel Rainbow Cupcakes!! Well I had to use all those pretty food colourings, didn't I? Then Jon could have some fun helping me decorate them too!

Now, I'm not really a baker so this recipe had to be pretty simple! So this is what I managed to bake in the end! We did double the quantity as there were lots of us home to eat them afterwards. 
Pretty aren't they!

The ingredients and recipe for the basic cupcake on on the link above.

Here is what I did:
 Mixed the sugar and butter, till smooth
Slowly added the flour
Keep mixing till it's all nice and combined, add vanilla extract - or another extract you fancy!

Then the fun part. 
Split the mixture between 4 bowls and add drops of food colouring to each, mix and add more until you get desired colour. I kept one plain, until I found some red dye in the cupboard and added that to the last bowl, just to add more fun to the mix!
Place a little of each colour in each cupcake wrapper, and gently shake the whole tray so the mixture settles into the moulds and flattens out. Then pop in the oven.
 tick, tick, tick...20 minutes later...ta da freshly baked coloured cupcakes now to decorate!
 Some got blue icing treatment and some snowflake toppers c/o (there will be a review of them this week) others got traditional butterflied with butter icing.
 Others got butter icing frosting and sprinkles or grated chocolate flakes. The dark chocolate flakes are from a caramel and sea salt bar I got sent by Miki from Miki's Scrapbook and were so tasty!!

 And this is what they looked like inside - the photo doesn't do them justice, they were a bit brighter than they look. And oh so yummy! has literally 100's of other baking recipes and I will be trying out a few more on the lead up to Christmas


*I was sent the items free of charge in exchange for this post, but all opinions are my own*

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