Friday 13 May 2011

Friend Friday: Outside Influences

It's Friday again! And that means just one thing...Friend Friday. This week we are discussing our influences outside blogging, and I think this is a really great set of questions. It is going to be so fun and informative reading everyone else's posts.
So on to my answers

1. What magazines do you subscribe to?
Well I have 2 subscriptions at the moment. One with Marie Claire magazine which was my christmas gift from my in-laws and one with Company magazine which I bought with my Tesco clubcard points. But I also read Glamour, Look, ID, Vouge, Elle, Harpers Bazaar and practically anything else I can get my hands on! I am a magazine monster! But it is my life, lol!

2. Do you watch any fashion TV shows?
Does America's Next Top Model count? And I love Project Runway/Catwalk but I have missed the last 2 series as I wasn't able to get it! Boo!! I used to watch the Clothes Show years ago too

3. Beyond blogs, what websites do you frequent for fashion inspiration?
Umm well just the usual shops really, and Polyvore for outfit combinations. Plus Chictopia occasionally, but I find blogs better than Chictopia.

4. Advertisements play a huge role in forming public opinion about a product or brand… what ads do you like and why?
On the clothing front I think M&S have made a great set of adverts that have really revived them as a place to buy great modern clothes for all ages

But if we are just talking about great ads then Evian's dancing babies! It is just so ridiculously cute.

Lynx Even Angles Will Fall is a classic and brilliant idea, and beautifully done

Beetles Black Betty ad is a fav at the mo! as I think the graphics are fun

Plus Guinness has been turning out beautiful adverts for the last year. Just so clever

But my mum will kill me if I don't feature Harvey! I believe this won the best advert of the year in the advertising awards this year.

5. Do you own any fashion books?
Oh heck lots! I own a few fashion encyclopaedia and history books. Vivienne Westwoods book, a Manolo Blahnik book, a few sewing ones, Coco Chanel's autobiography, Sample, the fashion bible, It's Vintage darling, the cheap dates guide to style, and a few fictional books about vintage clothing. Plus there are probably some more stashed somewhere!

So there you go, all my outside fashion influences! What are some of your influences?
Do you have any books to recommend?

Daisymay X

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  1. I had never seen some of the adverts you posted :). The one that totally got me is Hugo Boss' Orange where Sienna Miller just goofs around as "Baby, You Can Drive my Car" is playing ... I don't even like her! God! I bought the perfume and left it half full in Argentina, haha.

    Hope you have a nice weekend! :D


  2. Oooh Polyvore is a good site!

  3. That one with those babes are the best haha :D


    have a nice weekend :D

  4. Nice post;-)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. the babies with the rollerblade are so cute!! :D

  6. Haha the Evian Rollerblade babies are adorable!

  7. I subscribe to tons of magazines also. Do you have an iPad. Its cheaper to get it there through Zinio :)

    Definitely, Maybe

  8. Oh My Word the babies are super cute!! lol

  9. Love the dancing babies!!


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