Sunday 29 September 2013

Review - Arty Harty Personalised Print

When I started reviewing more home wear items I was contacted by Jo who runs a design company online called Arty Harty. She asked if I would like a personalised print for our home to review, and after checking out her site and see how beautiful her work was I quickly accepted her generous offer. As I didn't have any big occasions coming up I wasn't sure what to have put on the print, but Jo asked if I had anything to commemorate my wedding and I realised other than photos we didn't. So Jo offered to do a personalised print to commemorate my wedding to Jon.

Jo was great to chat to about the print, she asked me lots of questions about what I would like the print to look like and details to include. As we had a black and white wedding I said I would like it in shades of grey, then I gave her all our wedding details and she produced a beautiful print, especially for us!

Here it is! It is hung above our TV in our bedroom and we both love it.
The print is really high quality and came framed in this nice black frame, so it was all ready to hang. I didn't tell Jon it was coming so it was a nice surprise for him when it was delivered, it is something we will both cherish for a long time.

Here are a few other examples of her work.

She also recently started producing these great 3D pieces for the home.

So what do you think of personalised art for your home? What would you have on yours?

I think the personalised prints would make a great gift for a newly married couple or a new baby! And starting at just £18 it is really affordable and well priced.

If you want to keep up to date with Arty Hearty you can check them out on Facebook or Twitter

Friday 27 September 2013

Review - How I Wonder Personalised Stationary

Most of you know that I am a complete Snail Mail lover! So I often send postcards and penpal letters to my lovely ladies around the world, that means I am always on the look out for new stationary or pretty papers on which I can write. So when 'How I Wonder' dropped me an email last week and asked if I would like some of my own personalised stationary I jumped at the chance. I chose their Forest Friends design as it has little bunnies on it! And here it is, all personalise with my address!

They also sent me the 2 little notebooks as well, which I love and will come in useful as I always carry notebooks for list making and random thoughts!

I love how pretty this stationary is, and I cannot wait to send it out on it's travels into the world.

Here are the other great items they have in their store, it's not just the stationary! Their designs are put on lamp shades, cushions and now a range of bowls and plates! Take a look.

I am seriously in love with these last 2 bowls! I would love a few of them myself!
What do you think? Have you heard of How I Wonder before?
Anyone else into snail mail? If you fancy swapping letters drop me a message, always on the lookout for more pen pals.

And if you want to know more about them you can find them on twitter!

Monday 23 September 2013

Outfit Post - Heather Style!

We spent a lovely evening up in Bath staying with my best friend, Heather, and her partner, Pete. (post on the amazing meal out we had coming soon!) So I thought as I have started showing you my sister and hubby's outfits on my blog recently maybe I could start showing your other peoples too! And heather was more than happy to oblige, she is very happy about her new shoes, so was please to get to show them off, lol! Here is my stylish bestie!
The new shoes! £40 from ASOS
Dress: H&M
Jumper: M&S
Scarf: M&S
Shoes: ASOS

Sunday 22 September 2013

Review - Home Treats 'Touch me, I want to feel Dirty' Doormat

I'm still on a roll with my hunt for great homeware items and recently found! A british company stocking fun and quirky home decor items and gifts. They had so many things I would love to have in our home (when we eventually have our own home!) So when they offered me a gift from the site I jumped at the chance to get this Rocky Horror Show inspired doormat. It isn't advertised as being a Rocky Horror item, but if you know the show you will know that Janet sings these lyrics to Rocky, and being a massive fan of the film and show I simply had to have it! Luckily my parents see the funny side too!

 You will find the item here for just £20, which is a bit of a bargain for a quality item as far as I'm concerned. It took just 3 days to arrive after ordering it and it looks great in its new home by the front door.
There were a few more items that I was swooning over, so I thought I should share them with you too

And if money was no object
Replica Antlers £228 - I have a bit of a thing for antlers!!

Have you visited or bought form before?
Which items do you love?

If you want to find out more about Home Treats you can check out their Facebook or Twitter 

Friday 20 September 2013

Outfit Post - Mr Style #2

The boy is often complaining how unfair it is that I sometimes get gifted clothing items to try out and style for the blog and he never gets anything, then I got contacted by They stock brands like Converse, Superdry, Dr Martins, Diesel and Rip Curl, to name but a few, so I thought they would be the perfect store to get something for Jon to try out instead of myself.

He was very happy to hear he was going to be able to chose a free item from the site, and Surfdome were pleased that they were getting a menswear review instead of a womenswear one that they would with most bloggers, so it was a win win! Jon decided he would like a new t-shirt as he would get lots of wear out of it, so he set to work looking through the entire site for something he loved. The site has a huge selection of clothing for men (women and kids too) so there were lots of items he liked, there is literally something for everyones tastes! He eventually chose the Van's Headress t-shirt, you can find the Van's range here
Jon loves it, so has worn it a few times already, this is him on our little trip to Bath this week!
 Jon is wearing:
Vans Headdress T-Shirt to be found at Surfdome
Jeans from Matalan
Boots from Catapillar
 The t-shirt is really nice up close, the motif is fun and bold in the bright yellow on the black background. Jon likes shirts that are a little different and isn't really a fan of tops that have brand names right across the front so this one was perfect, the brand is just on the sleeve, but it still has a great front motif. The fabric is 100% cotton so is lovely and soft, but I am happy to report it has been washed and has kept the shape, the colour is perfect and the motif hasn't budged (unlike the last Mr Style post I did!) And it retails for just £19.99 which is really reasonable for a quality mens t-shirt!

Do you know of any other great online sites for quality menswear? 
Have you used Surfdome before?

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Review - Bee and Tea Homewares

I have been on a bit of a home interiors binge recently, Jon is getting thoroughly fed up of me sending him links, emails and pintrest pictures of homey stuff I like (usually whilst its quiet at work or when I am procrastinating from doing an editing job) I pretty much have our house planned, in my head that is, sadly actually getting our own first home is a long way off. But that doesn't stop me nosing at beautiful and chic interiors and homeware items. 
That's when I came across the quaint company Bee & Tea, a British company run by 2 sisters, Bridget and Natasha, specialising in nostalgic floral and fauna prints on household objects! Bridget is the talented artist behind all the prints, and Natasha is the business brains. When I contacted the sisters to ask if they would mind me featuring their products on my blog, they kindly offered to send me one of their beautiful screen printed 100% cotton tea towels so I could see the product for myself. This is the one I was sent:
 Beautifully delicately painted Pansy tea towel.

This is a close up of the print. The tea-towel is really pretty, the printing is perfect and very colourful, plus the 100% cotton towel itself is really high quality and pretty absorbent - nothing worse than a tea-towel that doesn't actually dry anything!! I have also washed it once since receiving it and the pattern hasn't budged one bit, which is really important to me as some often fade really fast, which is useless as tea-towels get washed so often. Their tea-towels are £10 each, a little pricy, but totally worth it as the quality really is great, and they are made in Britain too, which is really great.

Here are some more of the items they currently stock:

If you would like to find out more about Bee & Tea or purchase one of their items either visit their online store here (or they are stocked in a few stores also) or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you found any local companies producing great products recently, I would love to here about them? Or if you run a company and would like to be featured please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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