Friday 23 August 2013

Shopping - Monochrome Trend

As all my other posts this week have been on the topic of the monochrome trend I thought today I would do a little window shopping and finds some great monochrome items from the highstreet which you can buy for yourself.

So there you have my picks for Monochrome fashion from the high street. Which is your favourite item or look?

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Trends - How to wear Monochrome like a Fashion Blogger

I used to do these kinds of post last year, with different trends and they were pretty popular, so I thought maybe I should bring these posts back. Seeing as my outfit at the start of the week was all Monochrome I thought I could look at that trend! I think monochrome is a timeless classic look and never really goes out of style. Here are a few of my favourite blogger monochrome outfits!
Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream goes for bold B&W stripes and rock chick biker boots.
Temporary Secretary goes for hippy chic with chiffon pleated maxi and a wide brim hat
District of Chic layers on some chunky knits over leather trousers and boots for a warm and cozy look with edge
Megan from Wonderful You looks awesome in these cool ankle boot wellies and abstract patterned jacket 
Robyn from Robyn Mayday looks unique and quirky in her take on the monochrome trend

So there you have it, a few ways to look stylish, unique and cool in monochrome, anyone else got a monochrome look they would like to share?

Monday 19 August 2013

Outfit Post - Patterned Monochrome

When I bought my new Favourite Skirt in Matalan I also picked up this awesome Black and White one, it is high waisted too, so is really really long! I just loved the pattern so much, it is bold and striking even though it's only in black and white and it was only £16 I think, pretty good! For it's first outing I paired it with a simple black tee, black lace effect blouse and some black strappy sandals, figured I may as well keep the monochrome look going. We went to a Jazz Cafe/Bar for some drinks and Tapas for my Dad's birthday.  
 Skirt: Matalan
Vest Top: Matalan
Shirt: Bella Moda
Hairband: Claire's
Necklace: Vintage 
Bangle: Gift from my Aunty Elaine from a craft fair

 The pattern in all it's glory!

Had forgotten about my fork bangle, so thought it would go well with the outfit.
What do you think of the skirt? Anyone else really love monochrome looks?

I've decided to dedicate all this week to monochrome, so expect to see other bloggers takes on the monochrome look on Wednesday and lots of beautiful monochrome items from the high street you can buy on Friday! 

Friday 16 August 2013

Outfit Post - Mr Style #1

Well I have introduced you to my sister's style, now I thought I would introduce you to the hubby's style (or lack of style, hehe!) He is very much the casual/chilled sort of guy when it comes to his outfits, unless he is working - then its suit trousers, shirts and jackets. But here is an outfit post of his everyday style sporting his new birthday t-shirt! Sadly I got him this tee, featuring a Sailor Jerry's tattoo style, from a seller on eBay and when we washed it (via the instructions on the label) all the motif peeled off! Very annoying!! Luckily the seller refunded me when I emailed to tell her about it. But he got to wear it once for this picture before it died!
 T-shirt: eBay
Jeans: Matalan
Trainers: Globe via TKMaxx

Is your man trend stylish or just chilled about his outfits?
Anyone else had issues with eBay clothing like that?

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Outfit Post - Sister Style #2

Thought it was about time to give you another dose of my sister style series! So here is my stylish little sis, Briony, in an outfit she wore last week when we went out for dinner.
 Dress: Stella via Review
Jewellery: Random

 I swear my sister has the best selection of shoes, and luckily being the same size as her means I get to steal all her shoes when I need to! One of the perks to living back at home!
So what do you guys think? Liking her style? Liking my new series?

Monday 12 August 2013

Outfit Post - In Victoria Gardens

We have been busy running errands and sorting stuff for the business this week, and with the weather still being decidedly indecisive it has meant getting dressed is still a bit of an issue. So when I was down in town sorting out my new sunglasses and other random stuff I decided to wear something that covered me but was still loose and airy to keep me cool if the temperature heated up. As we were in town I had Jon take the pictures in our small gardens in the centre, all the flowers were in bloom so it was nice and colourful there.
Tights: Random Brand via TKMaxx
Bag: Paraphrase gift from my Aunty Elaine
Swarovski Bangle: Gift from Lindsey
Flower Bandle: Gift from Rachel
Necklace: Vintage
Had this bag for ages, but just rediscovered it and it has become my favourite for the past few weeks. Think it works really well for the summer months, plus its just big enough to fit all my day to day stuff in without being too big and bulky.

So that's me for today! Anyone been up to anything fun this week? We shoot our first official wedding on the weekend, so expect to see pictures from that soon!

Monday 5 August 2013

Outfit Post - My new favourite skirt

Weather has been decidedly strange in Wales this last few weeks, we have had lovely sun interspersed with thunder storms and torrential downpours. Which has made getting dressed a bit difficult as you never know what to wear. So I have mainly just been dressing for comfort when I am not in work, anything to keep cool as the temperature is so warm, even in the rain!

I bought this new, seriously comfy maxi skirt last week in Matalan as I really wanted something that would keep me cool but also cover me up a bit. I have been wearing it pretty much all week. And this is probably my favourite way to wear it, paired with a simple vest top, pumps and possibly some sort of extra vest/cardi.
Skirt: Matalan
Vest Top: Matalan
Denim Vest: F21 at George, studded by me
Shoes: Peacocks
Necklace: Bought in Canada
Bracelet: Gift from Parents
 p.s do you like my new photo location? Thanks to now living with my parents again, I have access to a nice big green garden and am making full use of the dry weather to take my pictures out in the sun!
 Here are the cute shoes, denim with little cream pom poms. They are my sisters, although I am pretty sure I gave them to her last year because they were too small, but now seem to fit fine.

Anyone else having mad weather at the moment? Been up to anything fun?

Friday 2 August 2013

Outfit Post - A little Retro outfit!

Here is just a quick outfit post from last week - sorry about the rubbish quality of the pictures I hadn't realised they were grainy till I uploaded them on here, they were just taken on the iPhone but it was pretty dark although it doesn't look it.

Anyway this is my little 70's dress, which I bought on eBay a few years back and totally love, especially in the hot weather as it is a really thin chiffon, so I wear a strappy slip under it as I'm not into having my underwear on show! lol!
 Dress: Vintage Crossroads via eBay
Shoes: Shoe Zone
Necklace: Vintage brooch turned into necklace by me
Hair Clip: Primark
 This necklace is made out of a vintage copper brooch that belonged to my Nanna and a piece of suede cord I bought from eBay. I think it goes to well with this dress because the colours really work together and the dress has an autumn pattern to it.

How has everyones week been? I'm silly busy at the moment, still not got the work/home balance quite right due to now having to commute an hour to work 3 times a week, but I am sure I will get there at some point.

Thursday 1 August 2013

Cross-Jones Photography - Smash the Cake Photoshoot and Competition

Just a little update from Cross-Jones Photography, as a few of you know we are now running the company full time (you're probably sick of me tweeting and FB'ing photos! lol) so here is just a quick update on one of our recent shoot. Smash the Cake with Rhys on his 1st Birthday - we had such fun shooting this set of picture, if you want to see more check out our Cross-Jones Photography Blog or

And just incase you haven't see our Facebook page recently we are running a little local competition to win a free kids photoshoot with us. If you live in South Wales and have a child under 16 please check us out here and enter your little Mischief Maker!
If your looking for a photographer for any occasion in the UK (we're happy to travel!!) please check us out and get in touch!

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