Wednesday 31 March 2010

Im back again.

I am so very sorry for my long absence but the last week has been totally manic! I have worked so many hours I do not even want to think about it. And every spare moment has been spent with wedding arrangements as it is now only 5 weeks away!! Ahhhh! lol! Truthfully I am still very calm as we are very organised and have only to do all the small finishing touches now. Getting excited though!

Anyway that is why I have been away so so long. But now things are starting to settle down again so I should be able to blog a bit more frequently. For now I have some photos of my Ball and I noticed I had yet to announce the winners of my last 2 comps! So here they are:

The winner of the Wonderland Boutique make-up bag set is Shelby
The Winner of the High Cloud giveaway is Fran McGee

Ladies I shall be sending you an email shortly, but if you can just send me your addresses I will get your prizes out asap!

Now onto some photos of my Ball.
I wore my vintage dress from Ebay with the bright blue shoes I bought from Dorothy Perkins
Me and my sis

Me and Rachel my bestie, with our masks!
Rachel, Laura, Charlotte and Me
I stole one of the boys top hats. I think it suited me more! lol.
Cath, Briony, Me and Rachel

So thats all for tonight.
Daisymay X

Saturday 20 March 2010

Budget vs Breaking the Bank - Bodies

Today I decided to do my Budget vs Breaking the Bank on the huge new trend of bodies (did everyone use to wear these when they were little!) Well they seem to be back in full force this year. This is a very brief post so here are the pictures. Im off to swim in the spa then get ready for tonight. Many photos tomorrow night for you.

Budget - Bodies

Breaking the Bank - Bodies

Ok thats all for now

Daisymay X

Friday 19 March 2010

Purely Fashion! Erdem Spring 2010

So I am blogging from the comfort of the rather lovely Celtic Royal hotel in Caernafon, North Wales. My long awaited Ball is tomorrow night, so we are up the night before to take full use of the facilities here. Steam Room, Pool, Jacuzzi, lovely, lol! But I didn't want to leave you all without anything to read for the weekend, especially as I haven't written for the last 2 days due to work.

So today I thought I would look at one of the Spring collections that will have inspired our new hight street collections, even if only a little. I don't really know anything about this designer as I only stumbled upon his work today. But here is the Spring 2010 collection from Erdem Moralioglu. (all photos via

First I love how bright, fun and feminine all the fabric he uses is. I really wasn't a fan of florals before, but recently I am really feeling them! There is so many floral fabric out there right now, ready for the summer but there is just something so refreshing in his florals. The fabric is just so colourful!
This little tiered dress is so pretty. Luckily the heavy skirt is leveled out with a very simple v-neck top so the skirt is balanced out!

I think this dress could so be sold in any of the high street stores this year. The white top helps disperse the floral print a little so it isn't to full on, but I think it is great that the re-introduce the fabric in the neck so the dress doesn't show too much cleavage, it keeps it looking sweet!
This jacket is beautiful, but looked a little out of place in the middle of the collection between all the sweet floral dresses. The material is beautiful and rich, plus the cute again is so feminine and flattering!

Hope you aren't too bored of lace yet because by the looks of it it's here to stay for another season. I think it is actually far more suited to the spring than it was to the winter. This tiered lace dress has a very vintage look to it. Pity the colour is so bland in comparison to all the previous florals.
This blue lace is very pretty layered over the black fabric, but I think the dress style/silhouette is a little mature for what we usually see in a catwalk show like this. It doesn't seem to match the others in the collection. I can't pin down why, maybe the long hem line or the long sleeves, or combo of both, but it is quite aging on the model
This blue floral fabric is beautiful and likely to be something I would buy myself. I think it is a little less in your face compared to the other floral fabrics. I love how the black ruffles really set off the shoulders and draws your eyes up the outfit.
Again this outfit is a little aging on the model, but I do love the look of the black lace over the blue fabric.
This is another dress that I think would be able to sell well on the high street. The big colour burst remind me a high street collection from years ago, but for the life of me I cannot remember whos. The style of this dress is beautiful and very flattering if you are smaller on top like me!
This outfit screams sophistication. The black and white pairing is beautiful. Love how the ruffle top is toned down with the slim fitted skirt.
If he had just left out those bloody little flowers this dress would have been so much prettier. I love the sheer top and bottom with the silk middle. Very sexy!
Monocrome is always a hit with me, and I actually love this busy fabric, which is weird as I would never usually be drawn to something so hectic. I just wish the top was a little more fitted and flattering
The man himself. How come so many designers are geeky looking and considerably un-stylish or at least un-exciting in the way they dress.

Lastly did you notice the AMAZING shoes. I want them. What do you think are the chances that Primark will do a similar pair that I can actually afford!
So cute and so girly and I love the little kick at the back of the heel.

Thats all for tonight! Will try to blog tomorrow but no promises as I am going to be busy getting ready all day, lol!

Don't forget this weeks giveaway!

Daisymay X

Tuesday 16 March 2010

This is not the post that I intended it to be!

As the title would suggest, this is not the post that was intended for today. If you happened to read my Bourjois Liner Feutre review last week you would have noticed that this weeks review is meant to be of the new Nokia X6 Comes With Music. As you can probably tell by now that is not what this post is actually going to be about. Appologies if you had been looking forward to that review but it is not in fact my fault. The lovely people at Nokia promised to send me some free codes for my readers but have yet to do so, I am just waiting on them then I promise to post the review for you all.

So I had to come up with a new post for today. I had a good think... and came up with this! Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day in the UK and I work in an Irish Pub. Therefore tomorrow is going to be a very busy day of green, white and orange and much irish folk music, Yay (heavy sarcasm! When you hear it ever night, you kinda get fed up of it!) So this post is being Irish-afied! First I have some beautiful Irish inspired Etsy buys.

From Che4u Designs $54

From Wood n'Stitches $16.95

Both from Tippy Stockton $38

I also decided to try and find some Irish Bloggers/Chictopians. I am fairly new to the world of Chictopia so figured it would be a good way to get started. So here are 5 of my fav irish girlies.

First up The Fashion Freak from County Kildare. I love her cute girly style and her sweet natural look!

Anna Saccone is a beautiful girl who's style is basic and simple, yet looks so stunning on her.

Oinky from Dublin has an awesome quirky style. Teaming fun flirty items with wardrobe basics to create a unique look.

Ana of Ripped Knees Blog and Upsidedown Chictopia blog. This lovely lady writes a fun blog with outfit posts and interesting and intriguing fashion musings.

And finally Style Has No Mercy. This flame haired lovely wears floaty clothing with such style. She is sweet and cute!
So there you have it! I shan't be able to post tomorrow due to a very long work day but shall be back thursday hopefully! I have some stunning photos of Cardiff Bay to share with you all after a lovely day spent out strolling with my honey.

Good night
Daisymay X

Monday 15 March 2010

Wonderland Boutique Giveaway

This weeks giveaway comes from the beautiful Wonderland Boutique. This shop offers so many cute purses, clutches, make-up bags and tote bags. The winner this week will win a matching make-up bag and coin purse. (Don't know why the picture won't go bigger)
The lovely Amy also agreed to answer my usual questions so we can get to know her a little better!

1. What’s your name and where do you come from? My name is Amy, and I come from South Wales in the UK.
2. How long have you been making your designs? I’ve been sewing for years, and before Wonderland Boutique, I used to make bags for myself and my friends - and I also set up a custom-made service on MySpace. In my current incarnation though, I’ve been making designs for my Etsy store for around 18 months.
3. Why did you name your shop 'Wonderland Boutique''? I’ve had a life-long love of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It was my favourite book as a child and I continue to be inspired by its eccentric ideas and abstract imagery, so Wonderland Boutique was born!
4. What are your favourite materials to work with? I generally work with cottons and/or linen mix materials as they tend to take shaping better than less substantial fabrics. I particularly love working with trims though, so a lot of my designs feature jersey bows, pleated ribbons and layered banding.
5. Of your items, which is your favourite? Of my current designs, my favourite is a Clutch Bag called “Heart of Glass”. It’s made from a classic monochrome stripe fabric, and I really love using black and white materials as I find it a challenge for me to make the most of a bag from such a basic starting point. So with this bag, I went to town with an oversized jersey bow in an adorable heart print, and I just adore how kitsch and retro the Clutch became!
6. Where do you get your inspiration for your designs and also their names? My inspiration comes from everywhere and everything really, and it changes all the time. I do tend to work within my own tastes so my designs regularly feature bows, polka dots, kitsch touches and retro styling. The names for my items also come from the ether – a lot of them are song titles or references to films and books that I love, though I also take inspiration from the style of the piece and its particular fabric print and attitude.
7. Do you have any formal training or did this start as a hobby? I don’t have any formal training, other than the scant home technology lessons I had in school an absolute age ago! My Mother always knitted and sewed when I was growing up, so perhaps I picked up a few tricks from her.
8. Do you have any favourite Etsy shops which you buy from? Oh there are masses! I adore Etsy, and I head there first whenever I have any gifts to buy or fancy treating myself to something wonderful. There are so many unique and inspiring designers established there, but some of my absolute favourites are:
Pretty Racoon Clothing
9. What’s your dream for 2010? In relation to Wonderland Boutique, I’d like to expand my designs to include a few different styles of bags. I’d also like to introduce some specific collections so that my customers can choose items from a range of say vintage-inspired pieces, rockabilly-themed ones, floral designs etc. It would also be great to try and get my items wholesale into a few more bricks and mortar boutiques, as well as showing at some craft fairs.
10. What’s you favourite flower? I do love stargazer lilies, and you can’t beat a simple peony or tea rose for that touch of vintage elegance.
Onto the giveaway bit!
The same rules apply as before.
  • You must be a follower (please tell me how you are following so I can check)
  • You must visit Wonderland Boutique and comment on here as to what is your favourite item
Extra entries may be gained by
Please provide links to your blog/twitter/facebook. And supply your etsy username.

You must post a separate comment for each one you qualify for so I can assign numbers to each comment, or they will not be counted as separate entries.

This competition will end at midnight GBT on 21st March!

Winner of the High Cloud Giveaway will be announced tomorrow

Good luck

Daisymay X

Sunday 14 March 2010

Outfit post

Sorry this weeks outfit post only consists of one outfit but I have done and worn nothing exciting or interesting this week. This outfit was worn out for my friends birthdays this week. Just a nice meal in an Indian and a few drinks at a pub. Hopefully next week will be a bit more interesting. Plus my ball is next weekend so you will at least get lovely pictures of me and my girlies all dressed up!
Top: Nomads
Trousers: Principles
Shoes: George
Necklace: Algonquin National Park Gallery
And this is a pic of me and my honey.
That's all for today sorry. New giveaway tomorrow so last chance to enter this weeks giveaway.

Daisymay X

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