Monday 30 December 2013

Outfit Post - Work's Christmas Do

So we had an unconventional works Christmas do in the sense that we went to the HangFire BBQ instead of for a traditional Christmas Lunch. The dress code was Christmas themed Jumpers (or tops!) So I said if I really had to wear one (I'm not into xmas fashion in all honesty) then it would be a comical one instead. This is what I wore!

 My pudding T-shirt went down well with everyone, and Shawna who runs the BBQ thought it was hilarious! 
Top - Amazon
Blouse - via the Clothes Show Live
Skirt - Primark
Tights - TKMaxx
Shoes - Tesco
Hat - H&M
Necklace - Funky Laser
 Mandatory Christmas Cracker Paper Hat
 Shawna had decided that everyone who had xmas lunch at the HangFire BBQ had to do a chaser shot called a Pickle Back - First a shot of Pickling Liquor (for pickling gherkins!) chased down by a shot of honey infused bourbon. This is Nate about to do his, he actually did 2 as he liked it, lol!
 And here is the amazing food!! Pulled BBQ pork, Braised Beef Brisket, Herbed Turkey, Jacket Potato with smoked cheese, Bread Roll, Roasted Pepper stuffed with home made stuffing, Apple Beetroot Slaw and Meaty Chilli Beans (these are bloody amazing!!) It was all so good, I couldn't even finish it all (Nate ate the rest of my turkey! lol!)
 My secret santa obviously knew me quite well (Thank you Sarah! Lol)
Our Mascot Frosty even came along for the fun, and Kenny came all the way back from Vietnam! (He now works there, but was home for Xmas so joined us for the fun!) And that is Fi!

So all in all it was a really good, fun night!
How was your Christmas Party? Did you have one with your work place too?


Sunday 29 December 2013

Sunday Catch-up - 29th December

Realised I hadn't done a sunday catch-up post since July! Which really is absolutely rubbish in all honesty isn't it! Actually I have been rubbish at posting for the last few months in general, work/life balance is just a little off at the moment, still haven't managed to get myself straight really, but anyway it is almost a new year, and things can change then. For now here is a Sunday Catch-up for what I have been up to recently (with lots of food-porn)

I went to Bath to visit Heather and the Christmas Market
1. Bath Station's Xmas Tree
2. Spent 20 minutes looking for a little Italian Cafe I had visited before, but couldn't remember where it was or what it was called - luckily I found it, it is called the Roscoff Deli and they do these amazing Italian Pasties, so worth looking for.
3. The Market was lovely, some interesting stalls too, if I had been shopping
4. Mandatory Pulled Pork Roll - but with Apple Slaw, so tasty!
Whilst in Bath I also went to a Carol Concert with the Hospital Choir and Bath Spa Brass Band

Then onto Christmas
 Pasha is a pretty funny dog, he doesn't like wearing stuff, Briony put his Xmas scarf on and he just froze, he looks so sad like you have been really mean to him. He gets over it eventually but really isn't a fan.
Christmas food porn
1. My started - Prawn Cocktail
2. Hubby carving the roast as Dad was in work
3. My Xmas Dinner
4. Boxing Day lunch - Mega Salad, anything goes! lol!

No links and love for this one as I have been so silly busy I haven't actually been able to have a nose around online to be honest!


Saturday 28 December 2013

Mandatory Christmas Gift Post!

So that time of year has passed again! Had a great time, eaten far to much and been very spoilt. Which means I now have to post the mandatory Christmas gift post, so here are the highlights of what I got this year, I got other stuff too, but these are the best bits!
 I may have a thing for Despicable Me! My laptop is now adored with this awesome Minion decal.
 So excited to be able to turn my Diana into an Instax! Genius!
 I am a Whovian! I admit it!
 This is Walter, he is my new elephant! lol! Some of you may recognise this giant elephant head from my instagram feed, after I declared my love for it back in August when I found it in Home Sense, well my sneaky parents and hubby went and bought it the very next day as my big present for this xmas, can't wait to get it on the wall.
 2 super cute jumpers from TKMaxx and a cozy dress from Joe Brown
 Hubby bought me these awesome Hushpuppy ankle boots!
A few bits of make up! Via Avon, Elle and Bourgeois (I finally own brushes! lol!)
 A few books to add to the already huge collection
 Hubby also got me this awesome Owl necklace from Funky Laser
 Techie photography gift! A camera sling!
 Briony bought me this awesome blue sliced agate - some of you know I have been after one for ages, I really love this one as it is actually quite dainty.
 She also got me this wicked handmade ring from Budapest when she went for the weekend a few weeks ago. She also bought me and the hubby a voucher to go on a Falconry Experience! Which I can wait to book for the New Year.
I had these in my cracker!
And this is Pasha with his favourite new present. Although he has already chewed straight through 2 of the bands!
So what did everyone else get for Christmas? 

Monday 16 December 2013

Cross-Jones Photography - Marissen Family Maternity Shoot

Just an update for everyone that is interested. Cross-Jones Photography is going well at the moment and this is one of our recent shoots. A lovely Mummy-to-be called Lydia invited us to come and take some Maternity photos of her and her hubby, you can find the whole set here, but these are our favourite takes.

What do you think? Like our take on the traditional Maternity shoot? We wanted something a bit different and a bit personal for them. Mummy is due soon, so we might be lucky enough to take pictures of baby Marissen very soon too!


Sunday 15 December 2013

Guest Post - Liv's Christmas Wishlist

Well Ladies, I am so sorry for being MIA recently, I had intended to get a few guest posters in as I knew this time of year would be silly busy for me, but I just didn't get around to pinning down many bloggers. But when I put out a little message I did get a reply from the lovely Liv, at the moment she isn't a blogger, but she fancies joining the blogging ranks so ask if she could guest post. Of course I am always happy to encourage a newbie into the world of blogging, so I said I would happily let her take over my blog for the day. We agreed on a Christmas Wishlist as Christmas is just a few days away now. So here you are, over to Liv!

1. Topshop Necklace | 2.  Marc Jacobs Watch | 3.  Topshop Woolly Hat | 4. ASOS leather gloves 5. Mary Katrantzou & Rodial Candle via Selfridges | 3. Crockett & Jones leather belt
I think this is quite possibly the most girly Christmas wishlist I’ve ever had! Most of the time, I ask for money to save up for a holiday, and I usually only get a few girly bits, with the Soap and Glory gift sets being a Christmas favourite of mine. This year though, my style has become more and more girly and I’m starting to feel more inspired when it comes to putting an outfit together. 
A statement necklace completes even the simplest of outfits, and I’ve fallen in love with this one; Topshop just has the best jewellery at the moment. Likewise, bad hair days can be covered up with this super cute woolly hat from Topshop, but it will still add a little ‘something’ to any outfit as well as keeping my ears warm. The gloves are a not-so-practical but amazingly pretty addition to my wishlist, and if I’m lucky enough to receive them, I can see them becoming a winter staple for me.
I heard that Mary Katrantzou had collaborated with Rodial to make a candle, and when I saw what it actually looked like, I fell in love. I don’t even know what this smells like yet, but already I’m imagining it sat on my dressing table housing my makeup brushes.
The final item is a vintage-inspired belt from Crockett & Jones. I love vintage style (which might not exactly be apparent from my other picks!) and I know I’d wear this to death with jeans and even as a waist belt once I’d got another hole punched in.
So, that’s what’s going on my Christmas wishlist this year! I’d love to hear what you’re putting on yours?

Liv x

Thank you so much Liv, and I hope you will join us in the blogging world!
Please do let us both know what is on your wish list for this year!


Thursday 5 December 2013

Outings - Hen Party in Bala

I am so sorry for being MIA recently, but I have been super busy with freelance proofreading work after taking on 3 big clients over the last few weeks and it has left me exhausted in all honesty! I haven't wanted to look at a computer to actually blog after all the reading I have been doing. But I got all my big jobs finished ready for this weekend just gone as I was off on a relaxing hen party for my sister in law. We stayed in this awesome manor house below, Pen-y-Garth Manor, in Bala North Wales. It was just a chilled weekend of relaxing in the hot tub, wandering around the village, eating good food, watching girly movies, chatting and having a few drinks. So here are a few pictures for you all, didn't actually take any of the scenery, lol!
The Hen in her standard hen party get up for our tea in the pub

 Yep that look may be down to me...Aftershock!
Mandatory Food porn for you all!
 My Faggots, Peas and Mashed Potato from our first night

 Sam's Gammon with a 'brace' of eggs and chips!
 Nat and Tina enjoying their meals
 Rhain enjoyed her steak!

Sunday mean carver!!!
 My dinner was so tasty!
 And Nat agreed!

 Although there was lovely food, most of the weekend was spent doing this...

 Chilling and drinking!
So that's what I have been up to this weekend, but now it is back to work as normal!

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