Monday 30 April 2012

Giveaway - Crabtree and Evelyn Gardeners Handcream

Here you go Ladies (and Gents!), if you follow me on twitter you will know that I promised you a giveaway for to today, sponsored by the very lovley people at Crabtree & Evelyn. You all know how much of a fan I am of the brand and will do anything to get my hands on some of their amazing products - especially their hand cream!

Well, they have given me not 1 or 2 but 6 of their 25g Gardners Handcream to give away to 6 of my lucky readers! These are a perfect size to fit in your hand bag (I always have one in mine), in your desk at work or while your travelling.

I will be awarding 2 to my blog followers, 2 to my twitter followers and 2 to my Facebook followers. So if you follow via all 3 you have 3 chances of winning! Just read the rules below to find out how to enter.

1. You need to follow my blog via GFC or Bloglovin and leave a comment here telling me what your favourite Crabtree and Evelyn item is.

2. Follow my facebook and leave me a comment on my Facebook wall telling me your favourite summer scent.

3. Follow my Twitter and RT this message.

That's all!
This is open internationally and will end a midnight GBT on the 7th May.
Please leave an email or way of contacting you if you comment here, I will contact you via FB or Twitter if you win through them.

I am going to Paris until Friday so see you in a few day lovely ladies!

Thanks and Good Luck
Daisymay X

Saturday 28 April 2012

Outfit Post - St David's Pre Fashion Show Event

So this is what I wore to the St David's Pre fashion show event a few nights ago. My hair is back to being a nice bright purple on the ends, which I love!
Dress: Peacocks via Pre fab Charity Shop £4.99
Shorts: Primark (their under the dress!)
Cardigan: Peter Nygard gift from my aunt
Shoes: NEW! Peacocks £14
Hair bow: Primark £1

Found any bargains thrifting lately?

Daisymay X 

Clothes ie - Ireland's Online Fashion Blog

Just thought I would let everyone in on a new Irish based website and blog. It's just a baby at the moment as it only started a few months ago, but I think it might be worth checking out, especially if your Irish!'s aim is to bring fashion info to everyone and to highlight some of the most fashionable and creative irish people out there.

Here is a few of the things on the site at the moment.

An interview with up coming designer Tina Lobondi

Currently up for grabs they have a giveaway for a set of Tigers Eye Cufflinks - Fathers Day anyone?? 

SO why not check out the site or just keep up to date with them on Twitter or Facebook.

You found any other interesting sites lately?

Daisymay X

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Friday 27 April 2012

St David's Pre-Fashion Show Event

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to the St David's Summer Fashion Show Pre Show Event. Where the stylist JP talked us through the big summer trends that he will be showing on the St David's Catwalks this weekend. We had drinks, some sushi and all round fashion chat, it was a great fun evening, so thanks to St David's and the Graylings staff.

Here is the low down of the trends they think will be huge this summer

Bright Bold Colours
Think bright, think bold. Either in stunning jewel tones or shocking neons if your brave enough.
Go for one bright block colour item, pair separates in 2 bold block colour or just add a second colour in your accessories!
Karen Millen

Girly Pastels
Think sorbet, bleached out colours: pink, blue, green, yellow and lilac lend them selves well to this trend. Try to look out for vintage silhouettes and girly separates that can be paired together to make sweet looking pastel outfits.

Summer Tailoring
Look out for sexy short suits with beautiful tailoring in soft colours. Pair with a pastel or floral shirt for a double trend whammy and an ultra feminine look.

Whether you like bold, dainty, abstract or graphic floral print is going to be huge (as always) this summer. So look out for floral separates to try the floral clash trend. Or try a beautiful feminine floral dress for a more understated girly look.

New Look


Maxi & Pattern Clash
Maxi's will be everywhere (again) this summer. These are perfect for a day out shopping then straight on to a night out. And this one is a pattern clash too, a tribal type print the a bold almost neon stripe in the middle - a really beautiful dress, that would help you stay cool in a stylish way.
 Not so much a trend this time but they will also be showing Coast's new wedding dress collection on the catwalks this weekend.
This beautiful grecian style gown is one of the ones on show!


The accessories are pretty much the same as the trends. Either bold and bright, pastel or floral! But the most important thing is just to have fun!

Hair Trends
Messy buns and plats all the way. But have fun with your hair - like this zigzag plat and don't worry about it all being smooth and tidy.
 One of my fellow bloggers played model to the stylist and had heidi-esq style plats done.

So is anyone going to be attending the catwalk shows this weekend? They will be running 11- 4 Saturday and 12 - 4 Sunday, inside and outside St David's. You can find more details on the site here.

Will you be wearing these trends?

Have a nice weekend!
Daisymay X

p.s. Is anyone else peeved with the new blogger interface! Mine got changed this week and I hate it. Lining up images on either side of the page causes all sorts of chaos! Very annoying!

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Pyjama Party

Most of us would love to spend a day in our pyjamas, but we usually see ourselves slouched in front of the TV or catching up on some house work, you don't tend to see yourself going out shopping or in a bar. Until now! The pyjama trend was all over the catwalk for this season, with Stella McCartney, Jil Sanders and Jonathan Saunders all jumping on this comfortable band wagon. Think soft slouchy tailoring in stunning bold print silks and soft pastel cottons. Lots of matching button up shirts and PJ style bottoms.

 So how do you wear this bold out-there trend in the real world?
  • For a feminine and sophisticated look team silk pyjama trousers with matching button-front tops, keep a look out for the soft tailoring though. Trousers should be slouchy but still well fitted and tops should come past the trouser top (but could be tucked in too).
 South Geo Pyjama Trousers £29 and Kimono Jacket £29
  • If PJ's isn't really your style but you like the idea then take inspiration from the soft tailored shapes and simple aesthetic. Pair slouchy peg-leg trousers with a simple button-up shirt.
  • Maybe a silk Kimono, smoking jacket or dressing gown is more your style. Soft, silk or velvet dressing gowns are feminine and work perfectly with skinny trousers and heels. Smoking jackets are more masculine and give a more androgynous look so team with trousers and a pair of brogues to really nail the look.
Sorbet Velvet Devore Robe £40 
  • Part of the pyjama trends appeal is simplicity, so don’t over-accessorise. Choose your shoes carefully: heels stop wide-leg pyjama bottoms looking frumpy, whilst flats are perfect for petite ladies and fitted, structured styles
You can see Stella McCartney’s strong pyjama-inspired looks from her S/S 2012 Collection here

So will you be trying out this trend this season?
I'm not sure its really me, but I may keep my eyes peeled for a smoking jacket as they are beautiful!

Daisymay X

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Sunday 22 April 2012

Sunday Catch up - 22nd April

Gosh has it been another week already? My doesn't time fly when your having fun! And to be honest I've had quite a bit of fun this week, even though I've been in work lots! And I mean lots! Like 6 days and 6 days again this week (ok so that doesn't sound very fun)
Ok so enough rambling here is my week, first up instagram - I haven't taken many this week but here's what I did take.

Oh but first this I found on Pintrest, hehehehehehe!
Ok enough giggling!
Where I've been and what I've seen this week
1. Cardiff Bay in the sun
2. Cardiff Bay Water Tower
3. The TIC (Tourist Information Centre) where I work, its pretty much this quiet 75% of the time.
1. I finish my book Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth
2. Started a new book Birthmarked by Caragh O'Brien - Loving it so far!
3. I think I may be buying these shoes - so cute! From Peacocks £14
4. And of course my new dress from Hell Bunny at Blue Banana
Whats a wee of my instagram without some foodporn!
1. Lunch at Milgi - Halloumi cheese, Roasted Pepper and Pesto Baguette - Yummy!
2. Salmon and Aspragus Fishcake, Baked Beans, 5 bean salad and salad!
3. Tesco tomato and mozzarella pasta salad
4. More Fishcakes, Salad and 5 bean couscous
This may had been the fun I was on about! Girls afternoon out!
1. Collins! Yummy! Mine was Candy (with the sweet) strawberry and cherry! And the other is Biz's which was a ginger infused one.
2+3. One major Fruit Salad FIsh Bowl!

Links and Love
1. Found this insane Pizza Sleeping bag, pity its $250
2. Majorly crushing on some chain jewellery on Etsy, this necklace, this bracelet, this leg garter and this shoulder garter
3. I Hubbed a great Rocky Road Recipe, and a Lamb Tagine one
4. Jon took some great photos so please please check out his blog and follow him if you want.
5. I really want these shoes or a pair like them

So how has your week been? Done anything fun, bought anything nice?
Got any plans for the coming week?

I have exciting news actually! Me and Jon are off to Paris for a few days at the start of May, I'm so excited as I have never really been to Paris. So it will be totally new to both of us! Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triumph, Notre Dame...I can't wait!

Daisymay X

Friday 20 April 2012

Outfit Post - The New Dress

So after I mentioned a few times how amazing my hubby is, and how he got a promotion so bought me a dress (I know AMAZING!) quite a few of you have asked to see the new dress. I did wear it out to the theatre last week so here is a quick outfit post to show you it, although I am looking very tired in the pictures as its about 11:30pm, after the show!! I promise to bring you some more fun interesting pictures of the new dress soon - I found out I can wear my crinoline under it, which is awesome, so expect to see a big dress shoot soon!
But for now these will have to do!
Dress: Hell Bunny via Blue Banana
Shoes: India - A gift from a friend
Necklace: Canada
Earrings: Claire's Accessories
And my newly purpled hair although its a little fade already in this shot.
Also sporting my new lipstick - Maybelline Colour Sensation in Fatal Red, I love it!!

So there is my new dress. What do you think?
I can't believe its Hell Bunny personally. Its nothing like their last few collection of dresses, much more girly. I liked a lot of their darker dresses too, but this 50's style with the ditsy print just screamed out to me, and I had to have it! They have a few others in our local shop too, that might be finding they're way onto my birthday wish list - 25 on the 25th May!! Ahhhh!

Anyone else bought a great dress for summer yet?

Daisymay X

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Outfit Post - Wearing 2 skirts!

An outfit from a few weeks ago...I know I should have posted it up before, but I'm useless you know that. I wore it to the St David's Ladies Night to do a bit of shopping.
It is actually a dress with a lace skirt over it because the skirt of the dress was a bit to short to wear to the event. But I wanted to make it a bit more modern so paired knee high socks and a sheer blouse.
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: Primark
Socks: Primark
Shoes: New Look
Earrings: Handmade
Bangles and Brooch: Vintage
Green Bangle: China

So there you go another outfit post. What do you think? Did the socks work or not? I'm still not sure how I feel about them.

Hope your all having a good week so far!

Daisymay X

Sunday 15 April 2012

Sunday Catch up - 15th April

Here's my week on instagram - been a bit rubbish this week actually and have taken very few photos, but here is what I have taken!
Food: We had dinner at Cosmo's this is what I ate! Yum!
1+2 Are the easter gifts our boss bought us to work.
3. My salmon, broccoli and sweetcorn pasta
4. Quiche and sweet potato mash!
1. I been a'sortin! That is a pile of clothes for ebay/to put away for the winter
2. I made more fruit juices with the blender! This is Raspberry, Strawberry and Mango
3. Craft fair number 2!
4. A cuppa at the craft fair, best way to start the day!
1. The sun has been shining down the bay this week and we got the merry-go round back
2. Blue Skies over the Pier Head Building
3. I had blue cider! Blueberry flavour, twas yummy!
4. And awesome photo Jon took of our friend Ben Skating. See more here

Links and Love

1. I wrote another Hubpage - this time a recipe, check it out, its yummy! And a theatre review for Cirkus Cirkor's "Wear it like a Crown" show.
2. I joined HelloCotton! Who else is on it? Come join me. Which lead me to this new blogger - I love her style!
3. I need to try this beautiful dress DIY and this Ombre Man
4. This Pin is so funny!
5. I found these great photographers that take beautiful pictures, and finally discovered Smitten Kitchen

Oh and I wrote the Fashion A-Z in this months Vale Life Magazine, check it out! I'm so proud!

Hope you all had a good week!
Daisymay X

Saturday 14 April 2012

Outfit Post - Fancy Dress - Gogo from Kill Bill

I've had this outfit sitting in my photo folder for a while now (hence the old blue hair!) but had totally forgotten to post it up. So here is a quick post of my fancy dress costume worn for a staff party on Quentin Tarantino's birthday a few weeks back. I figured the best (and probably easiest) character for me to go as was Gogo, as the costume is fairly simple and I have long straight dark hair, easy. So here she is:
And here I am! I think I did fairly decently, it just a pity I couldn't get my hands on a pretend mace, and I simply didn't have the time to make one! But I'm happy with what I had, and at least people knew who I was and seemed to like my efforts!
And me pratting about! Lol!
Hope you like my costume!
Pretty much all from Primark except Jacket which is actually from work!

Oh and come find me on Hello Cotton if your on it!

Daisymay X

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