Sunday 28 February 2010

Vintage Fair finds

Yesterday was Cardiff's Blind Lemon Vintage Fair which is always good. But as I am lacking in money and on a kinda shopping ban I wasn't able to buy all the yummy items I liked (of which there were loads! lol!) But my mother kindly bought me this adorably cute playsuit! At £15 it was quite a good find. And it fits so well. I will probably change the belt though!
I bought myself some funky bangle and 2 necklaces. Plus some beads and crafty bits for making some new stuff.
I did spend a little money though, as I had saved some from my tips this weekend (thanks to the rugby!) I got this cute little outfit! Both items from Select.
I also won these patterns a few weeks ago and they arrived Saturday. I can't wait to finally have some time to get to grips with my sewing machine so I can try them out.
Anyone else in the UK been to a Blind Lemon Event? They are really good, they do the big clothes swaps as well.

Don't forget this weeks giveaway ends tonight!
Right I am off to make some food! Starving, been in work all day! Interview for new job tomorrow morning, fingers crossed eh?

Daisymay X

Saturday 27 February 2010

Feathered delight!

At the moment I am in love with alot of the Feather, Leaf and Winged Jewellery I am notice some bloggers wearing. I was sent a Winged ring by Patty Anne and have since bought a vintage mother of pearl feather necklace and a vintage gold Leaf shape brooch off etsy (look out for them in future outfit posts). But I am actually seeing very little of this trend in the highstreet so I went on the hunt for some 'Budget' and 'Breaking the Bank' feather/leaf/wing shaped jewellery to inspire you all.

The Budget Beautiful Collection

The Breaking the Bank Collection

Don't forget this weeks giveaway

Daisymay X

p.s. I am thinking of doing regular 'Budget' and 'Breaking the Bank' features. Probably once a week or so. What do you think?

Friday 26 February 2010

Purely Fashion! Just Cavalli Fall 2010

I feel like recently I have drifted away from proper fashion blog posts, and I'm kinda sorry about that. So here is my little over view of my favourite pieces from Just Cavalli's Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection. I will say I loved quite a lot of the collection and it all seemed to flow so well together. His pieces seemed to progress through logical thought, even with the mens wear pieces in-between the womens. (all photos via
I would die for one of these 2 jackets they are both stunning. The blue especially is such a beautiful colour (like my new shoes). The silhouette is so simple, fitted with slightly pointed shoulders (this style ain't going away yet it seems!), a kick flair at the hips and those 2 simple belt fasteners finish it off beautifully. Plus loving the complimenting fur collars! Yummy!
The tailoring on this jacket is amazing and so intricately done! Think how long that must have taken to make all the folds and pleats. But it is stunning, although the model looks as if she can't move in it. The styling of the whole outfit is so understated and elegant (considering its a leather item which doesn't lend itself easily to elegant looks).
This aviator bomber jacket is so cwtchy looking. The huge pale fur collar is such a statement piece, just wish the sleeves weren't furry too, the different coloured furs don't quite work for me, and I think it would have been better with leather sleeves. But it is still beautifully designed.
Usually I wouldn't be attracted to a look with such loud tights (although I love coloured, I don't like animal print too much) But this outfit is chic perfection, for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd. The simple pleated black school skirt is a basic ever young woman should have. The vintage looking ruffle cream blouse is simply beautiful. So why not pair a simple and otherwise plain outfit with bright loud tight. It works so well!
Plaid shirts and leather and staying for a little longer it seems. (Is it just me or does this model have strange legs? They are far too thin and her left leg is bending! Not a good look!)
Love the cute flirtyness of this little outfit. Girly vintage print blazer with off white mini dress is a stunning look! Lose the fur and slightly tacky gold necklace though!
If this dress ended at the cream fabric I thick it would be perfect. Love the lace bib panel, so vintage! But I just don't get that little red leopard print trim, it's so contrasting, but not in a good way! The leggings would look awesome with one of the plain black school mini's though!
Hate the fabric, hate the colour, lose the leggings aswell. But I kinda like the shape of the dress, I love tulips and layered/tiered skirts and think the lace panel evens up the heavy look of the skirt!
Lastly as I said yesterday I'm not a fan of this nude look that is literally everywhere at the moment! And I don't get the weird bumps at the hips of this dress! It looks badly fitted. But that said I love the torso part of this look. The heavily sculpted breast area is contrasted and compliment with the soft flowing black chiffon sleeves and collar and I think this looks beautiful. I could see this transferring to the high street easily. Fitted corset/basque tops with thin blouse collars and sleeves attached, in contrasting colours would be so cute!!

So that was my quick reviews of what I liked and disliked about the show. What do you think about this collection? I think the way-out leggings and tights will definitely make an aperance on the high street soon although mostly teamed with simpler dresses and skirts.

Don't forget this weeks giveaway here.

Daisymay X

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Shoes and Bags

Mid week already, how fast that has gone. So I said last week that the wonderful Rowena of Red Ruby Rose sent me my very own clutch as a Thank You for hosting her giveaway. Here is the beautiful beautiful clutch she sent me. Aptly named 'Neon, Neon'. I think it looks like a picture taken in a subway whilst a train is passing don't you? I love it, just need to find a good reason to use it now!
It even has stunning gold shot silk lining!! Its so yummy!
On to my little buy for this month (remember I'm on a shopping ban!). I needed some lovely bright shoes to go with that black vintage dress I bought for my ball next month. After looking for ages and only finding black, grey and nude shoes (yes I know that nude is this seasons big colour, but I'm really not that keen! Sorry) I eventually wandered into Dorothy Perkins new shoe zone in the Cardiff Store. I was instantly drawn to these amazingly bright and cute blue shoes!
They are a soft suede material and such a rich yummy colour. They were perfect and only £22 (I managed to get a 20% discount on top of that too so only £17.60! Woop!)
And of course a new matching bag was called for. Off to Primark! £3 in the sale, BARGAIN!

Don't forget my new giveaway here.

Daisymay X

Monday 22 February 2010

Carols Crafts Giveaway

Hey all. I appologise profusely for being a bad blogger. I said I was back and then I didn't really come back. But this time I am definitely back, I promise. I didn't manage to post last time when I said I would because I got a really nasty cut in the palm of my right hand that night at work when a glass expolded (they really do that!). I realised how difficult and ridiculously slow it was to try typing a post with just my left hand, so I gave up. But now my hand is all healed and I have some normal evening shifts in work so can blog during the day. To hail my return to the blogging world I am having another giveaway! Yay! This time the sponsor is Carols Crafts Etsy Store. She has kindly given me 3 prizes for this weeks winner. You will receive a pair or earrings, a hat pin and a keyring from her store.

Here is the mini interview she agreed to do with me so we can all get to know her a little better. Please visit her store as she has some beautiful and unusual piece for sale, as you can see in the photos below.

What's your name and where do you come from? My name is Carol Capaldi and I was born in a wee town called Dingwall in the north of scotland.

(I adore this set!!)

How long have you been making your designs? I have been making things since I was a little girl but things took of when I moved to Orkney for 4 and a half years. I started to do craft fairs then with my glass painting. I've always loved the idea of making jewellery and started that about 8 years ago. It was then I got married to a lovely Italian man and moved to Edinburgh. Edinburgh was a great place to expand my crafts and I still supply a shop in Leith and a shop in North Berwick.

Why did you name your shop 'Carols Crafts'? I call my shop 'carols crafts' because basically that is what they are! I like to do so many things that was the best name for it!

Whats your favourite materials to work with? I think polymer clay (fimo) is my favourite material to work with. Its like playing with plastercine all day!!

Of your items which is your favourite? This is a tough one but I think its my polymer clay necklaces and earrings. I make them to sell but end up wearing them myself!

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs and also their names? I get alot of inspiration from other crafters through the photograph web site flikr. I am amazed at the skill and variety. I have specific methods I use to create the cane and beads but I am often suprised how well things turn out.

Do you have any formal training or did this start as a hobby? Due to family circumstances I left school with no qualifications to speak of and went straight into work so all my crafting was a hobby to begin with. I learn how to do the fimo cane work and beading through tutorials on you tube! I also read books and used the Internet to get alot of information.

Do you have any favourite etsy shops which you buy from? Im a bit of an etsy virgin at the moment. I love the shops that sell handmade soaps etc. A lovely shop called cosy moments looks very scrummy!!

Whats your dream for 2010? My dreams for 2010 is to start my own jewellery classes and fimo work from home. I have 4 different classes on offer so I am quite excited about that. I also have been doing tutorials for a UK based magazine called 'Making gifts' that was launched in November.

Whats you favourite flower? My favourite flower is an iris.

Onto the giveaway bit!
The same rules apply as before.
  • You must be a follower (please tell me how you are following so I can check)
  • You must visit Carols Crafts and comment on here as to what is your favourite item
Extra entries may be gained by
  • Hearting your favourite item (1 entry)
  • Adding Carols Crafts to your favourite etsy sellers (1 entry)
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Please provide links to your blog/twitter/facebook. And supply your etsy username.

You must post a separate comment for each one you qualify for so I can assign numbers to each comment, or they will not be counted as separate entries.

This competition will end at midnight GBT on St Davids Day!! 1st March!

Good luck

I also got a phone call this morning to go for an interview for one of the jobs I applied for a while ago so, I am in a very good mood today. It is for the Assistant Manager of a British Heart Foundation Store in the city. Interviews not till next week but fingers crossed I get it. I can finally get out of the pub and start working more normal hours. Pity its not great pay though! Never mind!

Daisymay X

Thursday 18 February 2010

And the Winner is...

Hello all I am back from my little break and hopefully back on track for some daily blogging again. So I have finally got around to choosing the winner of the Gossimar Wings giveaway.

And the Winner is ... Bella's Bowtique. Congrats. I have passed your email address onto the designer and she should contact you soon to get your choice of necklace.

I shall be posting a new giveaway tomorrow, and this time its something a bit different. So check back then.

Right have to rush off to work now, but have a post and some pics of our weekend away coming up later tonight. And will be trying to catch up on all your lovely blogs!!


Friday 12 February 2010

Just A Quick One

Ok so this is just a really brief post as I am only on my break from work. Ridiculously long shifts for the next 2 days due to a Wales/Scotland match tomorrow.
So I just want to say a massive THANK YOU (again!) to Rowena from Red Ruby Rose. In this mornings post I received the most amazingly beautiful neon coloured clutch from her store, as a 'Thanks You' to me for hosting her giveaway. I shall get a pic of it up as soon as I can for you all to see. Its so so lovely!

And on to my even more exciting news!! Jon (the other half) booked our honeymoon earlier today, YAY!!! Very very excited. We are going on a 27 day tour of china in november! Yay! You can see it here. We have been hoping to plan it for a few months now but he finally booked us on today. So that kinda makes working these silly shifts just a little more bearable, as I know the extra money is going towards that.

I probably wont be able to post for the next few days as I am working all day tomorrow and then I am away for 3 days on a short romantic break to Hampshire for Valentines/me and Jon being together 5 years! So I shall announce the Gossimar Wings winner later in the week and see you all soon.

Daisymay XOXO

Thursday 11 February 2010

Goodbye McQueen

The amazingly talented and successful Alexander McQueen has died at his London home this morning. Sadly it is reported he took his own life. The fashion world will feel his loss hugely and we shall miss out on this creative talent on our future fashion shows.
His 2009 collection
Hiss 2008 collection
Click here to see the Sky News report.
His fashion show for tonight in New York has been cancelled but it is unsure as to wether his other upcoming shows will continue.
RIP McQueen!

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Eyeko review!

Ok first I just wanna say a quick thanks to Lauren over at Lauren Loves for featuring me on her blog. See her mini interview with me here!
Now on to todays post. As promised a review of some of the Eyeko products. Im not going to do them all in one go as that would probably lead to a totally make-up overload, and I need to ease myself in gently, as I'm not a big make-up girl, lol. So last night I tried out quite a few of the items. The Pop Star Eyes and the Super Star Eyes Line and Shines. The Magic Mascara and the Raspberry Fat Balm. (Click the product for a link to the Eyeko Store).
But for today I am just going to do a quick review on the Super Star Eyes Line and Shine Eyeshadow/Eyeliner Pencil.
The Super Star Eyes is on my top lids. I used the Plum to cover my whole lid then the Electric Purple on my lid edge. These are kinda funny to use as it feels a bit like you are colouring in, with crayons! They are a little waxy and don't tend to smudge or blend that well. But they are so bright and pigmented that they really make your eyes pop. I don't use anything as a base but found that they creased really fast. I shall have to try them with some kind of base next time in the hope they won't crease that way. Overall I love the colours but will have to practice with the application to get used to the colouring in technique needed. I do love it as a liner though, I think the Pop Star worked awesome as a liner under my eye so will be using them mostly as liners I think.

So if you wanna try out some of the Eyeko products just click here. And remember to put my ambassador code (E7812) in at the check out for free delivery and a free gift! I got the awesome limited edition silver glitter eyeliner with my order.

Dont forget to enter this weeks giveaway, just click here.

Daisymay XOXO

Monday 8 February 2010

Lovely Parcels

This morning I got a lovely parcel full of all my Eyeko beauty products I ordered. Yay! So I bought the following.

The Pop Star and Super Star Eyes.
All 3 as they were on offer. And I got the glitter eyeliner as a free gift!

I also managed to pick up this cute nail colour at Superdrug last week for just £1, as my store is discontinuing the range.
So expect some reviews in the next few days ladies. I know I always say I'm not into make-up but I love the look of this brand on so many other bloggers so thought I would try it out.

Don't forget to enter this weeks giveaway here.

Daisymay X

Sunday 7 February 2010

Gossimar Wings Giveaway... And Red Ruby Rose Winner

Firstly I would like to say a massive congratulations to Laura of A Daisy Chain Dream as you are now the proud new owner of the Red Rose Ruby Clutch! Hope it brings you much happiness! If you email me your address I shall pass it on to Red Ruby Rose and she shall ship it out to you.

Now onto this weeks giveaway and it is something just as stunning as the last one. This time the winner will have the choice of any of the following items from Gossimar Wings Etsy Store. The designer will give one lucky winner the chance to own one of her amazing wooden butterfly necklaces. The choice is yours!
She has also kindly answer my mini interview questions so we can get a little insight into her life.
1. Whats your name and where do you come from?
My Name is Tara Collins and I come from East Kilbride in Scotland
2. How long have you been making your designs?
I have been making my designs since august when I decided to set up my etsy shop
3. Why did you name your shop It's 'gossimar wings''?
I have always been facinated with butterflies at a young age, their pretty colours and shapes, so I wanted to incorperate that into my shop name and gossimar I decided sounded very boho and whimsical, so I put the two together and came up with Gossimarwings
4. Whats your favourite materials to work with?
I trained using silver and I love all types of metal, but I also love non-precious materials such as wood, ribbon and sequins.
5. Of your items which is your favourite?
It has to be my wooden butterflies and my peacock silver pendant which I just sold
6. Where do you get your inspiration for your designs and also their names?
I use nature as my reference point,I am constantly drawing and taking photo's of anything that inspires me. I find the names of my creations usually come to me at the end of the design process, after spending so much time studying them the tend to stand out and I usually go with my gut instinct.
7. Do you have any formal training or did this start as a hobby?
Yeah I went to college and studied Jewellery Design.
8. Do you have any favourite etsy shops which you buy from?
I got a gorgeous bag from Saveourhome, which stock the most amazing handmade bags and clutches. I really should spend more time on etsy looking and discovering new and exciting stores.
9. Whats your dream for 2010?
To make Gossimarwings a success and to bring a little bit of happiness to all my customers.
10. Whats you favourite flower?
Ah can I have 2 ? My favourite flowers are orchids and thistles. I love the different colours and shapes of the orchids and thistles remind me of Scotland and I love my country.
Onto the giveaway bit!
The same rules apply as before.
  • You must be a follower (please tell me how you are following so I can check)
  • You must visit Gossimar Wings and comment on here as to what is your favourite item
Extra entries may be gained by
  • Hearting your favourite item (1 entry)
  • Adding Gossimar Wings to your favourite etsy sellers (1 entry)
  • Blogging/Twittering/Facebooking this giveaway (1 entry each)
  • Following Gossimar Wings on Twitter (1 entry)
  • Become a follower of Gossimar Wings blog (2 entries)
  • Buying something from Gossimar Wings (5 entries)
Please provide links to your blog/twitter/facebook. And supply your etsy username.

You must post a separate comment for each one you qualify for so I can assign numbers to each comment, or they will not be counted as separate entries.

This competition will end at midnight GBT on the 13th February!

Good luck

Daisymay X

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