Saturday 31 July 2010

Oh My Darlings Penpals and my lovely dress!!

The lovely Melissa over at Oh, My Darling is hosting another great swap. This time it's penpals. This is definitely a dying form of communication, and thats kinda sad. I used to have a penpal when I was younger but we met and became friends through comp so stopped sending letters. So now I am all grown up and would like some new adult penpals. This is why Melissa's swap is so great, you sign up and Melissa will group you with three other bloggers as a Dear Darling group, and you all become penpals. So if you fancy sending and receiving some letters and getting to know some new blog friends why not sign up too.

So now that I have my 3 lovely new penpals I need some fun stationary. So I thought I would do a quick etsy search for some Daisy Inspired stationary.
These are my favourites:
I love these simple cards by Monkey Mind Design 09.
These Lucky Bee Press card's are simplistically beautiful
These Apple Made cards are at the top of my list of ones to buy at the mo. I love the 'just saying hi' bit, it's so sweet.
Lastly how totally totally cute is this little card. I would love to receive a card like this for my birthday, it's such fun. Get them from Pango 78

So last night was my Mum's birthday night out and we went to a local tiny italian restaurant, which we all love. And I wore my new dress, my beautiful dress that made me break my 30 for 30 no shopping rule. It was well worth it though.
Isn't it pretty!?!? I don't mean to brag but I am rather chuffed with my £15 bargain!
Dress: Oasis
Shoes: George
Necklace and Bracelet: Gift from my Aunt
Back to my 30 for 30 pictures tomorrow (hopefully!)

Daisymay X

30 for 30 challenge - Day 12 & 13 And the Wow Festival

Hello Ladies first I wanna say Happy Birthday to my Mum!! We are taking her out for a nice meal tonight and I shall be wearing the new dress I bought (here). This is the only day I have not worn my 30 for 30 items!

Here are the photos I promised from the Wow Festival in Cardiff Bay. It was an aerial acrobatic performance by Grupo Puja from Argentina. This is just a few of the many photos we have to give you a taste of what it was like. This was all performed hanging off a crane about 70foot in the air. It was amazing!
So now onto the outfits!
Day 12's outfit was for a second BBQ.
Outfit made up of 14+22+28
14. Dorothy Perkins
22. Apple Bottoms
28. Mustang
Miss Selfridge Bow headband
Hand Made Bracelet
Vintage Brooch
Vintage Rose Ring

Day 13's outfit was for a meeting. So needed to be smart-ish but still cool as this day was boiling hot!
Outfit made up of 2+18+26
2. Tommy Hilfiger
18. Next
26. George
Ice Necklace (via secret sales)
Turquoise Bracelet from Jackie

Both fairly simple outfits. I still have lots of options at the mo, so am not finding it too hard. When I hit 20 or so then it might get a little difficult!

How are you all doing in the challenge? Anyone finding it hard yet?

Daisymay X

Friday 30 July 2010

30 for 30 challenge - Day 10 & 11

On we go with the 30 for 30 challenge. Day 10's outfit was for a BBQ at a friends.
Outfit made up of 6+10+18+29
6. Florence and the Machines
10. H&M
18. Next
29. NewLook
Primark Bracelets
Primark Tights

Day 11's outfit was for the Wow Festival in Cardiff Bay (photos tomorrow I promise).
Outfits made up of 4+10+21+30
4. Bianca Nygard
10. H&M
21. Peacocks
30. Jasper Conran (I clearly wear these too much!)
Hand Made Necklaces
Oasis Hat
Vintage Necklace as bracelet
Primark Tights
Boot necklace is made from a vintage monopoly piece. The next necklace is up cycled from a broken vintage necklace. And the longest one I made from some bits of left over black chain, a broken bracelet and a few random beads.

I decided to get a little technical with my challenge and look at what my most versatile pieces are and which I gravitate towards more. And to possibly try and stop wearing the same items so much. So I made a little graph! Yay! This is the number of times each item has been worn up to day 11, so just over a third of the way into the challenge.

Sorry the text is small but it is the only way I could get it all to fit. The items run as they are numbered from left to right. (graph made here)

So that is my geekiness out of the way for now. I shall do another graph at Day 20, to see how things have changed.

New Pretty Reckless song out!! Hope you like!

Daisymay X

Thursday 29 July 2010

30 for 30 challenge - Day 8 & 9

Well girls Im sorry for being so useless these past 2 weeks, just really hectic here. So here are Day 8 and 9 of my 30 for 30 challenge. I shall be posting 2 outfit days for a few days to catch up. There are also some pictures of my yucky allergic reaction, as a few of you guys clearly have a morbid curiosity about how I react. They aren't that gross really, but if your squeamish stop scrolling after the outfits! lol!

So Day 8's outfit is what I wore to Alton Towers so the main thing it needed to be was comfy.
Outfit made up of 3+4+22+30
3. Miss Selfridge
4. Bianca Nygard
22. Apple Bottoms
30. Jasper Conran

No accessories at all as I wanted the outfit to be simple and comfy for all the rides. I did wear my leather jacket a bit when it rained.

Day 9's outfit had no particular reason as far as I remember.
Outfit made up of 2+20+26
2. Tommy Hilfiger
20. Tommy Hilfiger
26. George at ASDA
Flower necklace from Silk
Turquoise Bracelets gift from Jackie

Ok next comes my yucky leg so stop scrolling now if your squeamish.
I have a slightly strange allergy and I tend to even baffle doctors, who are adamant that it isn't an insect bite when I show them what happens. But I was diagnosed when I was little so I am used to it and know what it is. Strangely I thought I had grown out of it, as for 4 or 5 years I didnt have any trouble at all, but it came back! There is nothing really they can do about it, just antihistamines to stop the itching and antibiotics in case it gets infected, which it never has.

So first it swells like this. This took around 5 hours to rise. And it rose a few millimetres more before it hurt so much I had to pop it with a pin. That kinda is gross! It hurts rather than itches at this point.
Then when I pop it it goes like this. Although I did have to drain it about 5 times with a pin as it just kept swelling back up. It itches for about a day after popping. Now it doesn't itch or hurt really, but it does weep now and then so I have to tape bandages to it.
I also have a little one at the top of my leg. which only swelled a tiny, bit but the poison spread more in this one (see the red patch) so it itches like hell, and is raised and kinda hard.
So there ends my medical lesson for today, hope I haven't grossed you all out too much. Hopefully if any of you have a similar problem in the future you will now know what it is. Does anyone else have a weird allergy or reaction to things. I am allergic to quite a few other things but they just cause sneezing or a bad stomach (or a rash if its on my skin in some cases).

No more gross stuff from now on I promise.
More outfits tomorrow and some shots of the Cardiff Bay Wow Festival which was amazing!

Loving this guys voice and sound at the mo. Heard him for the first time yesterday on the radio.

Daisymay X

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Newport State of Mind!

Ok I've had a long, tiring day. And an allergic reaction to some insect bites, which are now swelling like water blisters on my leg (quite gross really but I'm used to it, they hurt like hell though) So in other words I'm too tired to post anything logical or inspiring so I shall instead post something funny. If your from Wales or even just the UK this will be funnier than it is for my international readers.

Newport State Of Mind!
Classic, Hilarious and So So True, lol! Enjoy!

Sunday 25 July 2010

Race for Life - Cancer Research Update

Hello ladies, sorry for my absence this week but I have been mega busy, but not doing anything interesting worse luck. I have been keeping to my 30 for 30 items though and I shall do a bumper catch up this week for you all.
First of all though I'd like to show you the cute colour swap parcel I got off Laurie, thank you so much Laurie I love my funky purple pens and my sweeties! And I would like to thank Nicole for setting up the great colour swap, it was great fun.
Now for a Race for Life update. You all know by now that I am running (read walking!) the Race for Life for Cancer Research, well just to let you all know I have now done the Race for Life, YAY!!! I did the 5k in 41mins so feeling kinda happy about that. I also did it in Fancy dress! Looking like this...
Oh yes! Minnie Mouse! It was on my friend Rachels orders that I compete in Fancy dress or she wasn't paying me my sponsorship money! Meanie!
It actually turned out to be great fun running (I actually speed walk quite fast! i.e. faster than most joggers jog!) in a costume as I got lots of comments and encouragement from the crowd. As well as my own bit of commentary on the tannoy system, which was also being aired live on the radio. lol! The DJ announced Minnie Mouse crossing the Start line, the 2k mark and eventually the Finish line, it was really funny. I had to wave at all the press cameras (and random people cameras) as I crossed the finish line so I'm kinda expecting to be in the local paper this week. (If you see me let me know!) There were very few people in full fancy dress this year but lots in pink stuff, tutus, cowboys hats, pink wigs, fairy wings and bras outside their tops.
I wanna say congrats to everyone who took part in Swansea and in all the other events across the UK!
My dedications.
There is still time to sponsor me. If you could just spare £1 it really will make a difference. Go to my sponsorship page to donate online, its safe and easy!

Hopefully a 30 for 30 update tomorrow as well as some great pictures of the Wow Festival down the bay.
Daisymay X

Tuesday 20 July 2010

30 for 30 challenge - Day 7

Here is my little outfit from day 7. 1 week down, kinda please with my progress so far. Im actually behind at posting outfits as have another 3 already done, may post them in one big post tomorrow. See how I feel and how much time I have. How are you other ladies enjoying doing this, or just seeing this challenge?
So Day 7/Night 7 as you can see
Outfit made up of 13+17+26
13. Dorothy Perkins
17. H&M
26. George at Asda
Peacocks Belt
Vintage Pearls (my bridal ones!)
Dorothy Perkins Earrings (£1 in sale a few weeks ago!)
Armwarmers (can't remember where they are from)
A simple outfit made a little edgier with my leather jacket, which I love!
A few people asked about my denim vest after my last post. I said it was DIY studded although you couldn't see that in the pics, so here is a close up on my DIYing. It isn't finished yet, it's a work in progress.
Some studding on the shoulder.
And some star studs on the front. I still have a plan to eyelet 2 rows up the back and then lace them with ribbon, like a faux corset. I was also gonna dip bleach it so it has a faded gradient colour, but I'm not so sure on that bit at the mo.

Here are my fav few remixers from yesterday
I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw this dress, is it not totally amazing? Like seriously? The colour, the flowing fabric, just everything about it is perfect! I want it, please!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway ladies. I have some Lancome, Nars and Eyeko products up for grabs.

Please vote for my outfit on Weardrobe, here, here or here. I would love to win some modcloth stuff!

I would also like to ask every one again if they could possibly sponsor me for the Race For Life. Just read my post here to see what I am on about. I shall be running on sunday and am miles away from my £100 target at only £22, which is clearly awful! If everyone of my readers just sponsored my £1 I would hit that £100 in no time at all. I don't like to beg but this is for a really good cause!

Daisymay X

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