Friday 22 November 2013

Music - 5 Tracks I've been listening to this week

I don't usually do music posts, but I have had a bit of a rediscovery of YouTube this week. I've been listening to lots of music videos on there and Radio 1's Live Lounge, so happy to have discovered that as some of them are brilliant as you will see below!
So here are the 5 tracks I have been listening to this week. Please enjoy and let me know what you think?
Little Mix Move. At first I really wasn't sure about this track, but it has been totally drummed into my head, and now I love it! It is really quite catchy without you realising it, and I notice myself humming it all the time.
Miley Cyrus in Radio 1's Live Lounge singing Lana Del Rey's Summertime Sadness. I'm not a massive Miley fan but I think she really shows she can sing on this track, I love her version of it, it has such soul! 
Katy Perry's Roar. I love this track, I especially love to sing it at the top of my voice in the car whilst driving to or from work!

Lorde Royals. Jon hates this track but I have a real soft spot for it. It is another sing along song for when I am driving. This girl has such a great voice, just really rich! And the song is sweet but with a little edge, me likes! Sadly the video is a bit lacking.
James Arthur in the Radio 1's Live Lounge covering the Arctic Monkeys. I am a big James Arthur fan, wanted him to win all the way through the X-Factor. I wasn't sure about his first solo track but even that has grown on me, and I love what he has done with this track!

Have you been listening to anything in particular this week?

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Etsy Finds

Haven't done an Etsy Finds post for a while but I found these and just had to share them. So this post is dedicated to just one Etsy shop called Sapling Press - I am a little in love with all of them!!! Sadly the postage cost is extreme otherwise I would be sending the Dear Mary ones out for Christmas, lol! The cards are around £2.87 so are pretty reasonable if you are in the states. Let me know which is your favourite! You will find the whole collection on the link above, but here are my favourites!

So what do you think, would you send any of these?

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Cross-Jones Photography - Baby Mila

Thought I would share one of our latest shoots with you. This is little Mila, she is 3 months old and absolutely bloody adorable! Please check out the full shoot on our Cross-Jones Photography website! 
Let me know what you think of them?
If you are in the South Wales Area we have a competition running to win a free shoot on Facebook! Check it out and enter for your chance to win.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Oh Vivienne How I Love Thee!

After the Japonesque consult and the St David's Xmas Shopping Event last week I was invited to the Vivienne Westwood new collection showcase. Ah you know how much I love me a bit of Westwood! 
Her new collection is a collaboration with a number of other top british designers.
The jumpers and jacket didn't really win me over but I am a little in love with the 70's style felt brimmed hats (maroon one in hat box above with blue ribbon, navy one in hat box bellow with black ribbon) they were made in collaboration with Lock & Co. Sadly they are £250!
And how amazing are her vintage style suitcases! Made in collaboration with Globe-Trotter they range from £400 for the mini (on shelf below) to £1285 for the larger one (cream one above)
 Then of course I had a good nose around the rest of the shop, it would have been rude not to!
 Loving the heeled bondage boot above! £375
 Oh how I love her bags!!

 I think the above colour collection is my favourite the black has a grey blue pattern to it, that is really beautiful!
And this dress below is my favourite item from the whole store, the whole season in fact. It is just too perfect! At £520 though it is a little more than I can ever afford!
X-rated images below! Please if you are easily offended do not read any further, but if you love a bit of Vivienne's humour and phallic imagery, look away and enjoy!!

Viv we salute you for your genius! 

Fingers crossed one day I will actually manage to afford something of hers. 

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Event - Japonesque Make-up Consult

So last week I got to have my first ever make-up consult, yes first ever! I may be 26, but makeup, as you know, has never been my strong point! So when I was invited to visit the new Japonesque counter in John Lewis to have an entire make over and consult with a makeup artist, I thought I might as well go for it. I had never heard of Japonesque so had no idea what to expect from their products, but I figured it could be a bit of fun.

So introducing the amazing makeup guy, Paul! I was lucky enough to have my consult together with Leanne from A Slice of my Life and Joanna from Just Joanna
 Me getting my makeup done by Paul, he said I have brilliant skin so didn't really need to use foundation, so only spotted it under my eyes and sides of my nose to even my skin tone out. He was really helpful and knowledgable to, so was giving me lots of info and helpful tips on my skin and makeup needs.
 This is the before and after, I was pretty pleased, they only thing he didn't do was my mascara as I already had my benefit one on. I loved the lip colour he used, originally it was a pinky one, but I asked if I could have a darker one instead, and he agreed I could take a bolder look!
So here are the girls getting their consults too!

 Jo's finished look, a bit bolder than mine as she is used to wearing makeup (unlike me)

 And Leanne's finished look with a bright red lip to match her dress!

 The counter looks amazing with all the pretty packaging! (photo borrowed from Leanne!)
 And we were all incredibly lucky to get a goodie bag at the end containing 2 full sized products. We each got the Velvet Touch Finishing Powder Palette which retails at £20. 

 What is cool about all their colour cosmetics range is the packaging is all unique. The place a gel on the surface and drop ink dye on it, then bake it. So every package has a slightly different pattern. They are really beautiful!
Then we each got a separate item - I was lucky enough to get this beautiful Pro Lip Lacquer which retails at £15. In a rich sparkly red colour you can see below! 

Have you heard of Japonesque before? Do you use it? Opinions please ladies!


Monday 11 November 2013

Review and Shopping the new Shoe Zone Winter Collection

I reviewed and styled a pair of the Shoe Zone Sandals in the summer time, so when they launched their new winter collection they got in touch again to ask if I would review a pair of their winter shoes! What girl would turn down shoes!
Anyway, I finally decided on this pair of double buckle knee high black boots, you will have seen them in my John Lewis Christmas PR Event Outfit Post last week, and I have been wearing them quite a lot this past few weeks. I chose the small heel as I find completely flat can often make my feet ache after a while, yet I can deal with bigger heels, plus high heels aren't too practical if it gets icy. The top part is shelrling lined so they fit really snuggly and are nice and cozy, great for keeping me warm in the winter.
I had a tough decision choosing which pair to go with, all I knew was that I wanted a pair of boots that would be good for the winter, but weren't too trend focused so they would last a few years if needed. Here are the other boots that were in the running, you can find them all on the site here, ranging in price from £19.99 to £29.99 they are all very reasonably priced!

Anyone bought a new pair of winter boots for this year?

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