Saturday 31 October 2009

Halloween Costume ideas?

I have had no interesting outfits the past few days, sorry! But I have literally only worn my dressing gown and then my pub uniform (which isn't very exciting, black work shirt and black trousers). All very boring and dull! I thought I would give you all some fun stuff to read/look at for tonight from my archive of photos. But a heads up, tomorrow I'm off to the little vintage shop I found for a mini interview and to take lots of pretty photos!

So although some of you know I'm planning on dressing up as Columbia from 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' tomorrow (today as it's 3am!!) there are a few other options so I thought I would show you the pictures of some of my past fancy dress costumes and see what you all think. So here is Columbia from the original film:
And here is my take on it. Not prefect but its still quite good I think.
Then of course I could go for something sweeter and go as Minnie Mouse!
I did wanna wear my bat costume coz its really cute! But bat wings on a busy bar are a big no no. Think of all the havoc they would cause wacking people!
Then there is my fireman costume which is a little naughty, but completely home made (I'm very proud of it actually!!)
Complete with a 'FIRE' emblazoned bottom! lol!
Or there is the trust naughty school girl to fall back on?
I have a few others but no photos of them, but these are my favourite! So what do you think? Which will be the best? Ive got till about 6pm to properly decide, I will post photos after work so you can see how it went!

Lets see what tomorrow brings
Daisymay XOXO

Thursday 29 October 2009

My apology!

Just a quick post to apologize for my rant early. I take it all back (well almost all of it) as I finally won a scarf. Took 6.5 hours so it had better be worth it now. They are doing it again tomorrow so if you still fancy trying for one see the caramel bunny on facebook. Will do some kinda proper post later tonight after work! I have another film review to do so check out my other blog to read the ones I have done so far. Right been a totally wasted day, just for a scarf and now I have to go work in the pub!! damn! Never mind, maybe I can at least come back with lots of tips to go buy something vintage on saturday!


I am so so infuriated with the bloody Caramel Nibbles Giles Deacon scarf giveaway. I logged onto the facebook page at 11.30 and waited for it to open at 12, as did 100's of others. But they were having technical problems, so there we all sat waiting with baited breath to enter the bloody contest. and finally at 3.30 they opened it. So I raced on over to ASOS and got in the queue in 72nd position. Not to bad I thought as they have 1400 in all to give away 72 on the first shop would be fine, but the site has malfunctioned so many times for many people and kicked us out of the queue. So many of us who have been waiting all bloody day got sent to the back of the queue and people who had just signed in have moved to the front and received the scarves. I am unbelievably seething. I had to register a total of 5 times and Im now in the 1000's so not a bloody chance of getting the scarf now. The shop will shut and move somewhere else and you have to start the process again, so yes I could just be quicker next time, but I have to go to work for 7 so the rest of the evening is out for me, that is why I was counting on this one!! ARGH!!!! Stupid F****** thing! I mean its pretty and everything but not pretty enough to have wasted so much of my bloody time only to be left this annoyed and disappointed!
Did any of you lot get one? Or did anyone have the same trouble as me? I will have to buy one now if I really want one, wish is fine but it's so unfair for all of us who had been glued to our computers all day to get in queue early and have wasted our days. People literally put their lives on hold, not eating, moving, working or going to uni/college! Its so silly that we were all willing to sacrifice so much for a designer scarf isn't it. What some of us will do in the name of fashion. Never Again, I swear!

Cadbury you should sort yourselves out and send a scarf to all of us who got kicked out and rightfully deserve our scarves!

I vow I will never buy Cadbury's Nibbles after this debacle of a competition!

Sorry for the rant but I am so unhappy about this today! Well done if you got one you are so lucky!

Tuesday 27 October 2009

The Vintage dresses first outing (and it went to a Burger restaurant!)

Tonight we went out with two friends to the new 'Gourmet Burger Kitchen' in Cardiff. It wouldn't usually be my thing as I'm not a big burger eater but 'my god' the burgers were amazing, by far the best I have ever eaten. I had the Camembert and Cranberry Chicken Burger and it tasted so good. The chicken was a full breast covered in a light breadcrumb batter. The Other Half had a Barbecue Aberdeen Angus Burger with an extra fried egg on it and he polished it off rather rapidly. Biz and Chris shared their burgers and had one burger the same as mine and then a spicy mexican one with a funny name which they said was so hot they 'couldn't feel their face' lol!! But they still ate it all. The prices are expensive considering it is only for the burger and you have to order any chips or sides at an extra cost. Luckily we had vouchers for 2 Burgers and 1 Fries for £10 so that was good. We ordered a second chips but unfortunately we never received them, even after we asked where they were. But the lady serving apologized at the end and gave me a refund for them. So I'd give the food a 9 out of 10 and the service a 7 out of 10. Here are some fun pics we took of the burgers but my other half didn't let me take one of him!

Ok so on to the outfit. As you can see from my burger pic and the title of this blog I wore my 1940's vintage dress I bought last week. Sorry for the multitude of photos I just couldn't decided which shot was best so thought 'bugger it' and uploaded a few. I went all out vintage inspired for this outfit. I was thinking 1940's dinner dance date outfit.
I paired the dress with a long suit jacket that was my mothers and a wrap around leather waist belt that came with another dress from Matalan. It helped give me a bit more shape.

I accessorized with a Chanel inspired bag that was a gift from my aunt, which I love!
A vintage westie brooch that was also my mothers on my jackets lapel.
Vintage looking floral print tights and black Mary Jane shoes both from TKMaxx (can't remember the brand of either)
And finally my cute little white lace fingerless gloves from Claire's Accessories
I also had on a thin black bow hair band and a flat white gold necklace.

What do you think, did I get the vintage look (with a little modern hint here and there) right?

Let's see what tomorrow brings (think I might be taking my mum to the vintage shop I found, see old post here)
Daisymay XOXO

Bluefly's most fashionable blogger

Im voting Trang coz she is awsome and her blog is great (see it here), who do you think should win the Boyfriend Blazer Challenge!

The Jacket's first outing!

My little vintage Jacket got its first outing today when me and the Other Half went to the cinema to see Triangle (kinda jumpy and scary but not that great, will be posting a review on my other blog (here) soon if you wanna know more). Here are my outfit pics from today. Not a very exciting setting as we were in the city center at midnight but at least you can see what I was wearing (excuse the messy hair need my fridge trimmed major time, and couldn't be bothered to straighten it just for cinema!)

So I'm wearing my new vintage jacket, Dress by Lipsy received through Big Wardrobe (I love that site!!), Leggings (They are rouched at the bottom but you can't really see in these pics) and Shoes: Primark, Top necklace is handmade but don't know who by, Hair clip (I love it so much) and bottom necklace are vintage off my wonderful aunt.

Well that was today's outfit!!

I was also nosing through the November Vogue today, I did mention a few days ago that it was a 'Mend and Make Do' issue. Well, they took 3 incredible couture designers, Shona Heath, William Tempest and Peter Jensen and challenged them to make outfits from household objects with the aid of sticky tape, scissors and PVA glue. Some of them were a bit silly and not even remotely wearable but I was pleasantly surprised to see that some of the designs were really nice and something could really be worn if they were made with a proper fabric. So here are my favorites:

The Paper Doily Dress by Shona Heath
Inspired by Chloe
Total Cost: £26.95
I adore the huge almost victorian looking collar that could be made out of beautiful fine lace. I also love the teacup ear muffs!!! I know they aren't wearable really but they just look so cute and girly a really ingenious use of a household item!

The Pick-and-Mix Suit
Cardboard hat made by Rike Feurstein
Total Cost: £69.80
This suit fits like an amazingly well tailored suit! This must have been so time consuming to fold and stick all the edges so perfectly. Obviously made out of paper its very delicate but you could just see it being made of light weight cotton for the perfect summer outfit. I really like the paper bag pockets! Such a clever little touch that gives the jacket a little extra something.

Tea Towel Corset by William Tempest
Stitched from 9 Tea Towels in this seasons check print
Total Cost: £5.97
This is the most stunningly constructed item. He managed to make a sexy piece of clothing from tea towels, which is absolutely amazing. I love the unusual shape with almost a tulip shape at the hips and repeated up the corset, ending with the fitted ruffles at the top. You wouldn't think it was Tea Towels if you didn't know, it could easily be a normal fabric material. The pattern of this would look perfect in so many fabrics if it was to really be made for stores.

The model is also fabulous. She is Malgosia Bela and she manages to rock all of the outfits even the more ludicrous ones (Teletubby looking outfit made entirely of cotton wool buds and toilet paper, not at all sexy!) The photographs are by Tim Walker and are all stunning!

Thats all for tonight folks
Let's see what tomorrow brings!
Daisymay XOXO

Saturday 24 October 2009

Frolics in the park! And checking out St Davids 2

Well somebody left me a message a few days ago saying I should show my face in the photos, so today I have finally gotten up the courage to get my sis to take some nicer shots of me and my outfit for today. And you can see my face! I had originally wanted this to be an anonymous blog in case I wanted to bitch about something but after seeing so many of your lovely photos I thought I should change my ways. I had a lovely day out shopping with my little sis who has just moved into halls in cardiff, and I bet I shall be seeing alot more of her now. (She can be my mini photographer when she is about, lol) Other than shopping I have had a rather manic shift in the pub tonight but luckily managed to go the whole shift without any accident to myself or others.

Top is actually a dress from H&M, Skirt is by Tommy Hilfigure, Tights: Primark, Belt and Boots: small shop back home, Cardigan: New Look, Purple gloves: Tesco, Necklace: Shop in one of the many cardiff arcades.

I have realised you can't really see my necklace that well (or my gloves!) so will take a better pic of it another time coz I really do like it. Had it off my parents last christmas and it is just so cute. So that was me, you can (almost) put a face to this rambling blog!

Anyway whilst out in cardiff we had to check out the new St Davids 2 Mall. And its really not bad. I thought it would be bigger considering all the fuss they have made about it, I mean its only a fraction of the size of The Mall in Bristol or Blue Water, so in that respect it was a little disappointing. But it has a great variety of new shops (some are still not open though!) none of which I can afford at the moment but I thought I would take a few pics to show you some of them.

Prize for the cutest dressed shop goes to Butterfly. Although I'm not a fan of the colour pink this little shop is just adorable! Selling really cute little dresses and some stunning bags, at an almost reasonable price for tight purse strings (fingers crossed for awsome after xmas sales!)

Prize for funkiest clothing display goes to CULT, a store which seems to just stock Superdry clothing (so why they didn't just call it that I don't know). I'm loving the industrial warehouse feel to this place, and the ton of hanging lights is funky as hell. Prices are a little steep, but in line with most high street stores

Prize for most simple and effective store front goes to the apple shop, what more did they need other than one bloody huge, lit up apple! No-one could possibly miss it (even if they wanted to, like me who will have to literally drag my other half past).

And finally I just wanted to show you this one - Paperchase only because I love the huge striped wall! And believe me it really is massive! It is really pretty and colourful and just awesome, makes you wanna go in and spend a fortune on note-lets and cards just so you can stare at that wall for a little longer!

Right so thats all for tonight folks seeing as its 4am! I shall go take more photos of St Davids 2 tomorrow maybe! If you are living somewhere round here it is defiantly worth a gander (but I do warn you its busy at the mo!) So let's see what tomorrow brings.
Daisymay XOXO

Friday 23 October 2009

Worst Kept Secret, my best find ever!

Today has been an incredibly productive day, which is a very rare thing for me. Im one of those people who make a plan for the next day with this huge list of things, but then when the day comes out of sheer laziness I only get half the list done. But today was different, I made my list and did it all, Yay, go me! So this is how my day went and how I came to find my best find ever. My rents came to pick up their sat nav at 9.30. So that was the first good thing for me. I never get up early if I don't need to be in work, I'm a get up after midday kinda girl. So after a nice early wake up call I did a quick bit of amending to my CV and wrote a quick cover letter for a christmas job in a cute shop I'm applying for (I'm fed up at the pub!! Late nights are killing me!) I then got dressed and left the flat to hop on the bus. I got into town and popped into the shop to drop in my CV then off to the cinema (on my own, during the day, terrible I know) to see Coco before Chanel. I missed it the first time it screened so was glad when they decided to do a one off re-screening (see my review of it here on my new blog) Actually I have a funny little story to ad in here quickly. I found the times online so just went down a got my ticket as usual, only to find out when I got up there it was a senior screening (meaning over 60's), the guy at the desk hadn't said anything when he gave me my ticket, but there I was sitting in the cinema surrounded by a sea or bald greying hair and blue rinses, lol well almost! It was quite fun though seeing all these people and hearing them say things like 'I had one like that' to some of the vintage items. Anyway... It was truly amazing and the fashion in it just made me wanna go vintage shop. Luckily that had been my plan anyway, so off I wandered to Jacobs Market. It an antique center just by Cardiff Train Station in a run down old warehouse type building. I usually go to just pick up beads, necklaces or the odd brooch. A lot of the stuff is over priced but today wasn't a complete disaster and I found this cute 1960's shell necklace. It has a broken clasp so only cost £2 but I'm actually gonna sew it onto a V-neck T-shirt so don't want the clasp anyway.

Whilst there I overheard some of the venders talking about the antique shop in the arcade. So I thought I might walk over to take a peek, and boy am I glad I did. I knew where it was but had never ventured in, but today I sucked up my silly nervousness and walked straight in. Upstairs was a vintage clothing store which I had been told was a bit crap and really overpriced but to my suprise I found to lovely gay guys sitting up there and was totally in awe of the rails of stunning vintage wear from every era imaginable! It was a vintage heaven! First I feel in love with the guys running it, they were amazing pulling out all the
stuff they thought would suit me and fit me, then getting me to try a load of it on. I was a bit apprehensive that the prices were gonna be like other vintage stores and out of my none existent budget but it was total music to my ears when he started telling me the incredibly low prices. So after much 'Ohhhing' and 'Ahhhing' over gorgeous pieces and much laughing and me wriggling in and out of dresses I left there with my little treasures. A genuine 1940's black polka dot day dress and a 1960's military style dark grey cropped jacket and all for the amazing price of £20 (I got £5 off the jacket coz I had bought the dress). I am so happy you would not believe!! They have also said they will keep an eye out for a Charlotte esque houndstooth cape for me, from my previous post. So this little shop, although it has no sign to tell you its name is called 'Worst Kept Secret' so the lovely men told me. Temporarily situated about Cardiff Antiques Center it will soon be moving to its new home in one of the other arcades. But if you are Cardiff based it is so worth a little look. If you do go tell them
Chantele sent you.

Here is the dress it doesn't look much on the hanger but is so cute when it is on and fits me perfectly. (Will post pics when I wear it next)

And here is the jacket. Its a dark grey wool blend material, with military buttons and velvet lapels and collar.

So there you have my little finds for the day! I will be going back to the shop in a week or so to take pics and have a little informal interview with the guys (my first interview, yay, go me!) I shall have to try not to buy anything as I have no more money!!

Lets see what tomorrow brings
Daisymay XOXO

p.s I also saw Surrogates today aswell, really enjoyed it. Worth a see.

Wednesday 21 October 2009


Ok just a quick post from me tonight coz I'm tired, will do a better one tomorrow (promise!) Tonight I decided to watch The Boat That Rocked again. I had forgotten how much I totally loved the 60's fashion they have in it. I seriously want this dress!!! The print is just so cute and the style is the perfect 60's style that will transcend to modern day fashion. I intend to try and replicate it after Christmas with my new sewing machine (top of the xmas list, hopefully rents took the hint!!) Will have to keep an eye out for a good pattern and that amazing fabric. Unless anyone knows where I can buy it, haven't found it yet!! Gosh then I might just have to buy a new pair of shoes to go with it too. lol!
But it isn't just this dress that I really love. I want Rhys Ifans hat, I know its a mans hat but I think I could carry it off!!. Maybe another DIY job for me. Plus I love his scarf in this scene and the broaches he's wearing on that jacket. Any ideas where I could get ones similar??

Last of all I love Charlotte's (Emma Thompson) Houndstooth cape!! It's so cute and sexy and would be great to wrap up in in the winter. Problem is I can't find a picture of it to show you all, so unless you have seen it you won't know what I'm talking about (If you haven't seen it yet you really should it's awesome). But I think it may be another project for when I get a sewing machine.
Anyway's thats all for tonight. Gonna watch the final episode of True Blood (God I love that show)
Let's see what tomorrow brings
Daisymay XOXO

Monday 19 October 2009

Another awsome little give away or two!!

Almost forgot I found this little giveaway that I thought some of you might be interested in. So here is the link to the cute blog called Notes from the Toothfairy. And below is the pictures of some of the prizes. Good luck!!

Also try Anna Cleos blog here for a cute pink giveaway.
Fancy some free Mac make up, I know I do, I love their eyeshadows. Than try here at the
Or maybe you would rather some lipstick in which case try here, at Every Girl's Little Addiction. As she is offering an NYX lipstick!!

Fancy winning a cute initial keyrings. Then try for this little prize and many others.

Sunday 18 October 2009

Cinematic Comfiness!

Today's outfit was more about comfort than anything else, I decided to walk into town to meet my other half for the cinema. We went to see 'The Invention of Lying' which should be renamed 'The Invention of Boredom' it was so bad. But on the outfit front I wanted to be comfy for the cinema so here it is:

Blazer: Vintage
Waistcoat: Primark
Top: Old Navy
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Primark
Comfy Boots: Some random independent shoe shop
Necklace and Ring: Vintage
Bracelet: Gift from years ago

I shall post a proper post tomorrow as its very late and I'm tired. Plus I have two painfully cut and bandaged up fingers, due to broken glasses in work last night, so typing is difficult, slow and painful. Off to submerge myself in this months Vogue magazine which I picked up today with last nights tips!! Im quite excited as its a 'More Dash Than Cash' issue so has lots of style on the cheap tips and some great DIY stuff which I shall defiantly be trying out.

Night all
Let's see what tomorrow brings!
Daisymay XOXO

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