Thursday 29 November 2012

Beauty and Accessories - New Hair and

Well I have 2 things to show you today, obviously the first is my new hair! Ok it's a little bit brighter than I had intended it to be, was kinda thinking christmas tree green, but couldn't get the right dye. I still think I like this bright colour, but it'll take a bit of getting used to. What do you think?
 The second thing is my new sunglasses courtesy of Sunglasses They are the one stop for all your designer sunglasses needs. The ones I chose are from Polaroid and have a totally retro, 60's vibe about them. Of course I love them. I like a nice large shape for the eye pieces and something interesting on the arms. 
 These ones have a little silver semi-circle with a few diamante studs on the edge of the arm, which just glints a little from the side of my hair when I wear them. Very cute and simple, but really pretty and eye-catching without being too showy.
 You may think winter is the wrong time of year for wearing sunglasses but you would be wrong, especially if you are a driver. Winter is the worst time of year for getting sun glare off the road and any metallic surface. Driving can be so dangerous at this time of year because the sun is lower in the sky, wet and frosted surfaces reflect the light a lot more too. So sunglasses are actual great for the winter season. They will keep you looking stylish all the time and keep you from crashing your car! lol! also have a whole selection of other designers to chose from, why not check out their awesome range of Oakley Sunglasses or Ray-Ban Sunglasses.

Do you wear sunglasses in winter?

Monday 26 November 2012

Beauty - Mani of the Week

Here is the mani I have been sporting the last few days! I love a bit of polka dots, so polka dot nails seemed like a good idea. I hadn't tried doing spots before so it was a bit of trial and error to see what worked for me. I know you can buy dotting tolls now, but I wasn't going to spend money if I could manage it another way for free. I ended up using the back of an old makeup brush 

Now I'm no nail varnish snob and like my cheap and cheerful Collection 2000 Hot Looks varnish personally. I usually only wear varnish for 2-3 days at a time (unless they have mega staying power, which is rare!) so lasting power isn't really much of an issue. I find you do need 2 coats with most of their colours, but I have never hand an issue applying it, and I love the fun selection of colours and the cheap £1.79 price!

Both the varnishes I used for this mani are Collection 2000, I actually bought them together last year, specifically to wear them together like this, which I have done a number of times. I don't think either are still available for sale in store, as the range changes so quickly, but you may be able to find them or similar online, if you wanted too.
Base Colour: Colection 2000 Mint Mojo 
Spots: Collection 2000 Ninja
I hope you like. What other colour combo would you suggest for polka dots? As I think I like spotty nails!

Saturday 24 November 2012

Outfit Post - My Kaleidoscope Newspaper Print Dress

So for the John Lewis event I wore my nice warm and cozy Kaleidoscope Newspaper Print Dress. The event wasn't overly dressy so I didn't want to wear some sort of party dress but I still wanted to look a little dressy and a bit smart. I love this dress as it is so different and it is nice and warm for this time of year!
Dress: c/o Kaleidoscope
Boots: Random Shop at home
Tights: Primark
Necklace: Vintage
Bangle: Both gifts
 Hope you like!
And I hope your all having a nice week!

Friday 23 November 2012

Beauty - Makeup look for John Lewis Press Event

So I never do makeup posts of what I wear usually, as I actually wear very little to be honest. But some of you have asked about my make up on certain outfit post, or what I wear day to day, so I thought I would maybe start bringing you a little beauty, now and again. 
I'm not used to close up photos of my face like this, but here goes!

So here is the face - see not too much make-up going on there!

 Here is what I used:
A very old Tu Shades Eyeshadow #1714 Gunmetal Grey

So there you have it! My face up scarily close, and my makeup use - excuse my untidy eyebrows! Waiting to find time to get them threaded again, and you never usually get to see them thanks to my fringe!

So ladies do we want to see beauty posts from me or should I stick to fashion and life style!
Would love to hear some opinions ladies?

Thursday 22 November 2012

Help Needed - Damsel in a Dress decision

Hello all, after yesterdays sad post, todays is quite a bit more happy and upbeat. The lovely ladies from Damsel in a Dress recently got in contact with me and offered me an item from their collection to review. Problem is I have no idea what item to chose. So I have gotten it down to a few choice and figured I would turn the decision over to you lovely ladies, so I would like to know your opinion on the following pieces. Which item would you chose?

So which would you chose?

Wednesday 21 November 2012

We'll miss you ....

Today's post is a bit of a hard one. Yesterday I got a phone call off my mum to tell me, our little Alfie, our family Westie had had to be put down. He had been a little under the weather for the last few months, although he hadn't really been in pain, he had stopped being able to eat properly, he couldn't climb the stairs or jump onto the bed or sofa, and his hearing was pretty bad. So when he started to have trouble walking yesterday my parents took him to the vets where they said his nervous system was starting to fail and it would be kinder to let him go.

  He has been our family pet since I was 11, so even though I have lived away from home for the past 6 years, I still consider him my dog. He was the sweetest, cutest, funniest animal I have ever meet. He was 14 and had had an amazing life, being totally adored and spoilt by our entire family, neighbours and friends - who all loved him as much as we did. He had mannerisms that were almost human, and little character quirks that made him so comical and gave him such a distinctive personality. If you had ever meet him I assure you you would have loved him and remember him.

He was such a huge part of all our lives, and loved nothing more than to have a cwtch on the sofa (although if my dad was home the rest of us didn't get a look in usually). Walkies were a massive thing, every evening at 9:50pm, if dad was home, Alf would get up (some cases wake up, even) and start pestering dad, climbing all over him, nuzzling him, getting all excited. If dad said ok or got up Alf would dash to the living room door and sit there, or bounce around until some one opened the door and opened the bottom draw of the telephone table. He would then get his own lead out and put it at one of our feet to put it on, then sit at the front door with it in his mouth until Dad was ready to walk him. This became a little trick when we had guests.

We are all going to miss him hugely, but here are a few photos to show off just how pretty and cute he was.
 He even dressed up for out wedding, and my family photos in the morning
 He liked to sleep on the sofa
 But kept a lookout on the garden incase of invading birds, cats or squirrels 
 He liked blankies and sleeping on my sisters bed.
 Or under blankies on the sofa. He could often be found like this in the evening
 Or like this!
When he got older he got carried about, a lot! He wash't a fan of the snow. He spent a lot of time in my sisters arms.
 He wasn't actually to pleased with this christmas bandana
 He was a bit of a poser! And loved the camera.

 But most of all he loved to be comfy and cozy!

We'll miss you Alf and we'll never forget you. Love you always!

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Beauty - Mani of the Week

Seeing as my little Beauty Guest Post from Makeup Pixie went down so well last week I thought I could bring your a few more beauty posts. Today is a quick mani of the week. I wore it for the John Lewis Press Event. I'm not usually a pink person, but I do like a pop of pink on my nails sometimes!
 Here is the base colour I applied - Nails Inc Eccleston Mews #509
 And then I applied a smash glaze effect on top
 Collection 2000 - Nail Smash in White Smash #2
I still really like the cracked effect that was so popular this summer. Although I rather the black version I had from Barry M it dried up within a month, even though it was properly sealed. This white from Collection 2000 on the other hand has been used so many time this summer and is still perfectly fine. Shows that expensive polish is no better than cheap sometimes!

What polish are you into at the moment?

Monday 19 November 2012

Monday Mail and ATC's - 19th November

Been lucky enough to have some great mail again this week. They are all from swaps over on Swap-bot! If you love snail mail or being creative you should join up. It is such fun and I have made some great penpal friends already. 

This time I joined a 'green christmas postcard' swap, where you recycle old christmas cards into postcards by cutting the fronts off. Here the cards I have received as part of this swap so far.
Just a quick look at where they are all coming from
Starting with the dog card going clockwise.
1. Nebraska 2. South Georgia 3.Nottingham, UK 4. Uk again cant see where 5. Arizona 

I also hosted another ATC swap for sparkly items and joined a few others. These are what I have received so far.
These 3 are: 1. Canada 2. Washington and 3. Utah

I also got these from other swaps.
1. Nebraska and 2. California obviously 
 I also got all this fun crafty stuff with my ATC's

These are 3 of the ATC's I have sent out this week for the 'Sparkly' swap

Anyone else in ATC's or snail mail? I'd love to see you collections or what you got in the post this week too!

Sunday 18 November 2012

Sunday Catchup - 18th November

Gosh another week has gone by, which ultimately brings us 1 week closer to Christmas! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Are you one of the super organised (like me!) or are you a last minute shopper? Luckily I'm an organised girl and am pretty much sorted, just gotta wrap everything and write and post the cards really. 

As it's sunday it's time for a quick catchup post. Again not been great on the old instagram this week but I have a few shots for you, so here is my week via instagram!

Even my food isn't exciting this week sorry
Thursdays food offer in the Green Room at the WMC was sausage roll, beans and chips! I felt like a kid eating this - although I would never have actually eaten this as a child! And would never make it for dinner myself, but for £2.75 it seemed like a good plan!
We went to Red Hot Buffet, the foods not amazing but it's decent for the price. Click the link for my honest review and pictures of what I ate there!
Christmas has properly arrived in Cardiff Bay - the Bay Christmas tree is up and the WMC have pretty trees everywhere!

What we have been watching!
A bit of Dolly and Burt Reynolds, such a ridiculous film but I love it. And some Gavin and Stacy!
 DISPICABLE ME!!! 'It's so fluffy!!!!'
Need I say more - if you haven't seen it you should, I swear its meant for adults!
 Started another Stephen Kings book, Firstarter this time. It's kinda huge so may take me a little while.
 We went to pick up my gift to Jon for Christmas in Bristol and stopped for petrol on the way back, love the name of this service station!
 And been sorting xmas gifts for family and friends! Cookie Mix in a jar!

Links and Love
1. I wrote some reviews! This time for Can Zaman and Zio Pin restaurants in Cardiff, both are great check out my review and pictures!
2. Jon reviewed his amazing anti theft camera bag - Lowepro Flipside 400. Check it out if your into your photography, looking for a great camera bag for yourself or as a gift, or if your into travelling.
3. Beef Stew Recipe! It is insanely yummy for the winter.
4. I did a guest post this week over on the Makeup Pixie. My top key items for this winter, go check it out if you haven't yet!
5. Now they have show jumper for horses and obstacle course time trials for dogs, but what about Bunnies! Check this event out it is too cute, pity mine would just look at it stupid and probably run the other way!

If you love writing informative articles or want to start building yourself a published portfolio and don't know where to start take a look at Hubpages. Easy to sign up to and build articles in your own account. Plus earn a little along the way. It's so simple honest and it's a great community of creative people. Earning money online isn't get rich quick but you'll enjoy doing it along the way.

That's all from me this week folks.

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