Sunday 31 October 2010

Sunday Inspiration

So obviously this weeks inspiration is Halloween! Enjoy.

So what are you guys dressing up as? And what you doing? We are just having a scary film night with some friends and pizza!!

Have a Happy Halloween ladies

Daisymay X

Saturday 30 October 2010

Music and more

As one is still all crappy today I am bringing you a very brief post.
One of my friends has started a great band so please go and have a listen to their work. They are called Not so Fireproof. I love the tracks they have laid down so far so please tell me what you think of them.

Secondly you can see another of my posts up on This time it's a theme I have covered before on my blog Berrylicious Dresses. Please nip on over and tell me what you think.

That's all! I am going back under my warm duvet till this cold goes away!

Daisymay X

Friday 29 October 2010

Friend Friday: 10 Random Facts

This weeks Friend Friday post is a little different as we are not tackling a specific subject, instead we are all posting 10 random facts about ourselves that people might not know. But with this post I am going to kill two birds with one stone as I also got tagged this week by Miki with the Happy 101 tag and need to share 10 things that make me happy. So I shall be tackling both of these things in this post.

10 things you might not know about me

1. I live in Wales, ok so most of you know this, but lots of people don't actually know anything about Wales. It is a small country attached to England and part of the UK, but it IS a COUNTRY in it's own right, not part of England! The number of people who think it is a state or county in England is unbelievable. Although I live in Wales I do not speak Welsh, sadly.
2. I like to try out new foods. I am always happy to try something once, just incase I like it and just to be able to say I have. I don't think there is much I would actually turn down. I have tried Kangaroo, Ostrich, Pigeon, Guinea Fowl, Wild Boar and lots more. China should be interesting as I am gonna have fun trying lots of things!! hehe!!

3. I swam competitively between the ages of 8 and 13. And once swam for Wales in the junior team. I was a backstroker! But since giving up swimming when I was 13 I have only been back in a pool about a dozen times. I finished for a few reasons. It was taking over my life (try training 5 times a week and competing once week at the age of 10!) and it also made me ill for a while. So it took up dancing instead.

4. Whilst in school I joined the athletic team. Ok not that unusual, but I was a discuss thrower! Which considering home skinny I was back then always shocked/annoyed the people I competed against!

5. I would really like to get a tattoo but I am a complete chicken and totally needle-phobic. But I did watch Jon getting his done. I'm sure I will bite the bullet one day!

6. I love churches, yes its odd but I think they are really interesting and beautiful buildings. My dream home, for when I properly grow up, is a converted church. I have it perfectly built in my head, now I just need to find the church and the money!

7. I got together with Jon when I was 17 and got engaged in Florence, Kentucky when I was only 18. We agreed to wait till after I finished Uni to get married though. So as you will nearly all know we finally tied the knot in May this Year. Leading on from that. We will be off on our honeymoon in just 2 weeks. We are going to China for a month. We wanted to go somewhere a bit different, and we don't really like beaches!

8. I hate the sound of my own voice! I will never Karaoke in public! I have been on the radio a few times in my life but cannot ever listen to the recordings myself, nor do I like being in front of the camera so don't allow video cameras near me! My vlog posts on here are a big thing as it takes a lot for me to do them. Once they are sorted I never re watch them as I just cringe too much!

9. I'm a Guide! As in the girl guides! I have been involved since I was 5 and have helped run Brownie packs all my life. I am without a pack since finishing uni but hope to get into it again once I get out of working in the pub.

10. I like lots of random music! I have seen Meatloaf, Tom Jones, Dolly Parton, Jethro Tull and Rammestein in concert. All of which are totally different from each other, I'm just very eclectic! I love modern music to, just haven't had the opportunity to go to many shows.
See all the other FBFF ladies here

10 things that make me Happy!

1. My honey, Jon. Yes it's mushy, but I am usually happiest when I am with him.

2. Cwtches!! (it's a term we use for cuddles in wales) I love cwtches, usually with Jon but I'll take them with anyone really, hehe!

3. Being with my Best Friend, Heather. We don't get to see each other often as she lives in Sheffield but when we do it's like we haven't been apart at all. We always have a great time together!
4. Bunnies!! I love bunnies!! I miss my baby lots. But we are thinking about getting another after our trip.

5. Films. I love a good film. Me and Jon recently stuck all our old film stubs in an album and found out we saw 52 films in the cinema last year! Thats pretty impressive I feel. Plus we have a ridiculously big film collection.
6. A freshly made bed. I love getting under a quilt of a freshly made bed when it's nice and cool.

7. Hats! I have a small obsession with hats. And for a number of years in my teens I didn't leave the house without one, no matter where I was going.

8. Vintage! Photos, fashion, cars or home decor I love everything with a bit of age.
9. Crafting. Whether it be paper craft, sewing or just general creativeness, it always puts a smile on my face.

10. Blogging. Honest, blogging and writing in general makes me happy. I want to get into the situation where I can give up the day job and just write for a living!

Now I am meant to pass this onto 10 other bloggers. But I think lots of people have already done this. So if your reading this and haven't done it please feel free to take the tag.

I am now not only battling my bad back, but also a crappy cold, thanks to my honey! So feeling very rubbish and uninspired sorry!

Daisymay X

Thursday 28 October 2010

This weeks Links a la Mode!

I am very excited to again be able to say I made this weeks Links A La Mode list. This time for my post about the local exhibition I went to a few weeks ago. The 2 artists made headdresses inspired by women in the Welsh legends of the Mabinogion. As always check out the others on the list as there are lots of fun things this week thanks to halloween coming soon. Plus a special congrats to Closet Confections and Cute and Little One for getting the Friends Friday posts in the list again!

Costume Drama: A Break From All Things Outfit

Edited by: Holier than Now

It's the Halloween season, when some of us choose to experience the thrill (or horror) of looking nothing like ourselves for a night. For those of you who blog or socially post your outfits, perhaps it's a chance to take a break from the judgmental eye of the spotlight (consider Love Brown Sugar and One More's pieces on the subject) - one night where you turn in "looking good" for looking scary, time period-accurate, or just ... a little sexier than usual. Inspired? Find last minute costume inspiration from Tickle Me Chic and more.

And for those of us who don't celebrate the witching hour, there's still a chance to step away from the closet and remind ourselves that great lingerie, shoes, bags, and jewels can make even a white tee and jeans look scary good.

Links à la Mode: October 28th

  • A La Modest:7 Common Reactions to Style
  • Best of Bklyn: In Favor of Knickknacks - How to Personalize Your House Into A Home
  • Boheme Noir: The definitive IN/OUT list for Fall 2010 bags
  • Closet Confections: Fashion Bloggers Take On Product Placement:A Video Response
  • Cute and Little One: Product placement and blogger responsibility: a blogger's role in influencing product advertising.
  • Daisy Dayz: Inspiring locally-designed headwear
  • Fashion Cents: 3 Tips to Consider for Open-Toe Boots/Shoes for Fall
  • Fête à Fête: YSL's new Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks
  • Holier than Now: 11 Great Jewelry Sites You Might Not Know About
  • Hunting and Gathering: Why Classic Jewelry Never Goes out of Style
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Want to be a professional blogger?
  • Interrobangs Anonymous: On going grey in your twenties
  • Love Brown Sugar: Why Don't You Love Me? A curvy girl's ode to outfit posting on fashion communities
  • Miss Viki: AND_i captivating jewelry show coverage, with video
  • OK, Bowtie: Underneath: why everyone needs pretty underwear
  • One More: Does a bloggers dress size affect readership and is the blogging community becoming divided over it?
  • Ruby-Eyed Okapi: A Modest Approach to Halloween Costumes
  • Style Every Day: How to change that horrible mess of jewelry on your dresser to supreme organization
  • The Lingerie Addict: How to Buy Vintage Lingerie for the Perfect Pin-up Figure
  • Tickle Me Chic: Fashion-inspired Halloween Costumes
  • Vogue Mornings: Ten Tips for Achieving Work/Life Balance

    Daisymay X

    Fancy winning £40,000??

    Hello ladies. As you can tell by the title of todays post I am going to tell you how to Win £40000 courtesy of Paypal. And the best thing is you don't have to do anything you aren't already doing.

    The majority of us shop online and with Christmas coming the likely hood is you are shopping just a little bit more than usual. Plus most of us will use Paypal to pay for some of our online shopping. Well between now and 5th December Paypal will be giving away £40,000 every week to one lucky customer. And all you have to do is use your Paypal account when shopping online. Every time you pay for something online between now and 5th December you will be entered into the prize draw. The more times you use your account the more times you will be entered, it's as easy as that!

    So what would you do with £40,000? Me - I would use £20,000 as a down payment on a flat/house for me and Jon. £5,000 to pay off overdrafts and stuff. £5,000 for my parents to pay off things too. £2,000 to my sister to help get her through the last 2 years of uni. Leaving £8,000 for a holiday and a bit of spending!

    So on the spending front - as this is primarily a fashion blog I should really show you some stunning little buys you could buy with the £40,000 or you can buy with paypal to help you win the £40,000. And as Zara has just opened its doors to online shopping I thought I should look there. So here are my top 5 buys from the site:



    If you want to Find out more or read any of the Terms and Conditions just click

    Good luck ladies!

    Daisymay X
    This is a Sponsored Post by Paypal

    Wikio Shopping

    Wikipedia but for shopping? Want discounts and to know where to get the best bargains?
    Well watch the video to find out all about Wikio Shopping!

    Daisymay X

    Sponsored post

    Wednesday 27 October 2010

    What I WOULD wear today and Discount codes

    Hello ladies, I have been signed off work sick again thanks to my back problem. Which has gotten worse again! So I fear there won't be any interesting outfit posts for a few days. Getting dressed is just too much effort when I am not leaving the house. So this post is what I would wear if I were to bother getting dressed (and was able to buy a whole new outfit)
    I am loving neutral trends, although have very few in my wardrobe at the moment.

    Coast £180
    Plus enter grazia348 for 25% off all full priced items. (ends 29/10/2010 so get spending quick)

    Would look great on the jacket above.

    Enter LOVEBRANDS at the checkout at get 10% off your order (ends 30.11.2010)
    To add a nice bright bit of colour to the outfit!
    Trend whammy! Fur, Satchel and Olive (military!)

    I also have a voucher code for Newlook ladies. Just enter NLHALFTERM for 20% off all Menswear, Teens and Kids ranges. Why not get the man in your life something stylish, or treat your little sister, niece or daughter to something super cute. Offer ends 31/10/2010 so be quick.

    Which items do you like? What colour trend shall you be following this winter?

    Daisymay X

    Monday 25 October 2010

    Military Trends Article on Handbag Fairy

    My Military Trends Article is now up on

    I shall be posting my 'budget vs breaking the bank' posts once a week, each on a different trend.
    This week is the ever growing Military Trend.

    Take a look for some great military inspired items: dresses, jackets, skirts, shorts and shoes.

    I would be interested in your feedback or ideas for future posts. Leave me a comment here or on and I shall try my best to post about it.

    My first piece for The Agenda is now up too.

    Find out all about the 'Save the Arts Campaign' which is trying to tackle the governments proposal to cut the arts budget in the UK. The government has since chosen to cut it by 30% against the advice of people within the arts.


    Daisymay X

    I want - Furry lined cloggy ankle boots!

    This weekend I went out with my bestie for her 24th Birthday. She was wearing the cutest little booties that her other half had bought her for her birthday. They were a bit like clogs, with the studs at the front and a wooden look base and heel, and were a mix of suede, leather and fur, in a pale creamy beige colour. So super cute. I totally forgot to ask where they were from (idiot!). So when I got home I tried to look for a pair for myself. I don't mind wearing the same shoes as my bestie as she lives in Sheffield and I in Cardiff, so it's not like we are gonna be seen wearing them together (which I would seriously hate! I have an individual look thing, slight mental problem, lol!) Anyway I managed to find these which are very similar and just as cute, pity they are so pricy!
    And whilst trawling for those, I found these, which are far more affordable. Have to start saving some tips! I need a new pair of winter boots, mine are all starting to look a bit worn.

    Which would you buy, if the price wasn't an issue?

    I have decided to make Mondays my 'I want' day, as I have done it like this for the last 2 weeks. So a wish list of sorts, just a single (or 2) item(s) which I have found that week that I would really like.
    I am slowly trying to give my blog some structure. I tried before but was a bit adventurous and tried structuring my whole week, which didn't work at all. So sundays are inspiration days and mondays are wish list days. The rest of the week will just have to go with the flow.

    Daisymay X

    TPA Big Ben Video

    A random little video, by TPA the Time Proof Association. They believe that time is precious and they are against fads that pass us by in the blink of an eye. So they filmed this stunt at Big Ben in London.

    This is a sponsored post, but the video is kinda mad! I am unsure as to whether it is a genuine stunt or a hoax. Just watch and tell me what you think?

    Daisymay x

    Sunday 24 October 2010

    Sunday Inspiration

    This week I have been loving lots of red! Red shoes, Red coats, Red dresses and Red skirts. I just love RED! So here are some pretty and beautiful red inspired photos.
    Vogue China Oct 2009 via

    I hope you like. Is red a colour you like to wear? It seems to be kinda big this year!
    Daisysmay X

    Saturday 23 October 2010

    Links A La Mode!!

    As the title suggests I have made this weeks Links A La Mode list! Yay. This is the first time for me to be chosen, although only the 2nd time I have tried. Our Friend Friday posts seem to be very popular as at least one has been chosen by IFB every week recently. So I am sharing this for all the wonderful FBFF ladies! Go us!

    links a la mode

    The Blogging Diaries- Introspects, insights, and inspirations

    Edited by: Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista

    As bloggers, we often find ourselves looking to other blogs for inspiration. Sometimes we look to our closets, magazines, or in the mirror. This week's roundup fashions some of the most introspective and insightful posts from bloggers who reach across the blogosphere as they look for ways to build upon, contribute to, and pull inspiration for and from the fashion world.

    • 365 Fashion Rehab: Lessons from a (Reformed) Shopaholic: A beautiful handbag repaired (for free!). One more reason to buy quality over quantity.
    • Boheme Noir: The first ladies of Vogue - a closer look at the most important editors in chief.
    • Daisy Dayz: Friend Friday: How to learn from your mistakes and let your blog grow
    • Devilishly Pleasurable: Reflecting on the evolution of my blog and tips for better blogging!
    • Fish Monkey: The notion of flattering dressing is oppressive and unnecessary. Rather than conforming, why not chose a different shape?
    • Hazel Eye Personality: Who has what it takes to be the next big and game changing designer? It takes a lot of time, passion and sanity to make it in the fashion world.
    • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Work Smarter, Not Harder–3 Ways to Massively (and Permanently) Increase Your Traffic.
    • Miss Viki: "Love Me" and what is wrong with our beauty ideals, if anything?
    • No Guilt Fashion: I put on my game face and tried out my biggest fashion trend fear
    • Passionista Place: qvc, hsn...oh my! find out why home shopping networks have become a bit of an addiction for a modern passionista like me.
    • Seamstress Stories: Reflections on the role that mirrors play for our body image and self-perception.
    • Showcase Edge: Indie Fashion Goes Back to the future. A look at designers who hand-make clothing inspired by times of the past
    • Sidewalk Chalk: I'm a poser, baby: 7 steps for posing naturally in outfit photos
    • Stylish White Female: Transitioning from vegetarian to vegan: Some things are hard to give up. Fur is not.
    • Taxonomy of my Wardrobe: Shopping the Wardrobe. My version of this month's Harper's Bazaar Buy Now wear Forever list selected from my own wardrobe.
    • The Coveted: Three Way With a Long Chiffon Skirt
    • The Curvy Fashionista: Nordstrom reaches out to plus size fashion bloggers to collaborate on its newest plus size endeavor- Sejour
    • The Demoiselles: She is not a fashion blogger. She's just a woman, sitting in her bathtub.
    • The Simply Luxurious Life: In a world that seems to be changing quicker than the seasons, what does it mean to be a lady?
    • The Wondergirl: retail-me-not: waxing poetic on two interesting happenings of late in the world of specialty retailing.
    • Vogue Mornings:How not to lose motivation when blogging, a few quick solutions to the problem many bloggers face.
    • SPONSOR:

      Check out all the other posts this week, there are some really great ones in there.
      Daisymay X

      Friday 22 October 2010

      Friend Friday: Product Placement

      Well ladies its Friday again so it's time for another Friend Friday post. And this weeks topic was sparked by a discussion in our FBFF forum about the Oakley product placement at the Chilean Miner Rescue. This is all about marketing, and reviewing products, something us bloggers often do. So here are my answers to this weeks questions.

      1. As we watched the Chilean Miners being rescued last week, there were many things to take note of - the amazing faith of these people, the joy of life, love and family, and - interestingly enough - product placement. As you watched the rescue efforts did you notice the products? What were your thoughts?
      In all honesty the first time I saw the clips on the news I don't think I was paying that much attention, but on subsequent viewings I did notice all the sunglasses. As I know little about Oakley glasses I didn't recognise them from the clip, so initially didn't realise it was product placement. After being a media and film student at university I often notice product placement as I studied it for a while. So films are kinda ruined sometimes with advertising overload, lol. But I almost admire the Oakley marketing team for seeing a placement opportunity in this situation. After being told of this placement by someone in the FBFF group I did a quick bit of googling to find some info on the topic and after reading this article I am less impressed as it seems that Oakley did not come up with this placement themselves. But that aside, the company saw a gap that they could fill and that would be beneficial to both parties so good for them!

      2. Product placement is all around us today, what do you think makes it such a marketing gold mine?
      Connotations is often a big factor. Now I don't wanna get all theoretical on you but let me explain (I hope that doesn't sound condescending, I don't mean it to) Lets think about Apple, one of the major companies who partake in product placement. These laptops are so recognisable thanks to their light up apple logo on the case meaning whenever we see them we automatically know they are Apple. So we decide we want to be like Carrie Bradshaw for instance, we see her with an Apple laptop on the show, therefor we want an Apple laptop because we think it will make us like her. We see all the cool kids in a film with ipods, we want ipods so we can be cool too. You get the idea. It is a form of marketing that firstly is usually visible to more people and secondly works on a deeper subconscious level in our minds, sometimes without us even knowing. We see the same things over and over again on a show and they become engrained in our brain without us noticing. Thats why it's a gold mine.

      3. On your blog, either now or in the future, what is/will be your stance on highlighting specific products?
      I am more than happy to highlight products that I have tested or like. And if I am ever asked to review a product I will always do it honestly, whether that be good or bad.

      4. If the opportunity arose would you give a bad review of a product?
      Yes I believe in honesty every time. I am not going to lie about a product and I will never endorse a product I do not believe in, or I would not buy myself. If I was to do a review that was going to be negative I would aim to highlight some positive attributes as well. Something can't be completely negative!

      5. Do you view your blog as a product? Where have you or do you hope to place it?
      I'm not sure on this one. I use it as a product in as far as it is an extension of me, and I am currently trying to get myself writing jobs and use my blog as a space to show my work. So a product I am using to sell me. I am happy with how my blog is at the moment. Granted I would love for it to become popular enough to allow me to work on it full time, to be able to monetize it properly. Although that is not why I started blogging or why I keep blogging, it would just be a nice bonus.

      See Modly Chic for all the other ladies posts.

      So what are your opinion on product placements?
      Would you ever give a negative review? Or post about an item you haven't actually tried?

      Daisymay X

      Thursday 21 October 2010

      London Day Trip Part 3

      I never really finished off the photos for our London trip, and I'm at a loss as to what to post about today so I thought I should finish off the photos of our trip. Sorry this is very uninspiring and totally not fashion focused, but I hope you like!
      We saw quiet a few of these young swans.

      And lots of these cheeky little squirrels! I have like 50 photos just of squirrels!
      There were also lots of Geese, munching on grass!
      Plus I managed to catch this lone Heron stalking across the lake.
      Me on the fountain outside the palace
      Jon outside the Palace!

      All the rest of the photos are ones Jon took of Tower Bridge and the Wharf. He is getting really good with the camera and I love all of these shots. What do you guys think?

      Have you been on any interesting day trips recently?

      I shall very soon be off on my honeymoon, to China, for a whole month!! But fear not I shall not be leaving your without any posts while I am gone, I shall hopefully be having some lovely guest bloggers. I shall also be able to bring you some amazing (fingers crossed) photos on my return. Although staying stylish out there will be a bit difficult. I am there for 27 days! And only have limited room to pack. There will be sun and snow all in 4 weeks and I need evening wear, everyday wear for the tours and even stuff for hill walking? So ladies my question is what key items would make up your capsule wardrobe for a trip like this? I need tips!

      Daisymay X

      p.s. my article on the 'Save the Arts Campaign' is now up on Read The Agenda.
      I would be interested in any feedback ladies.

       photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg
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