Tuesday 30 November 2010

Playing Dress Up with Chic on the Cheap

Say hello to Lydia my 5th guest blogger for 'Playing Dress Up'. I love Lydia's style and she often recreates outfits herself so I thought she would be perfect for my little recreation challenge.
Hello friends of Daisy Dayz! I'm Lydia from Chic on the Cheap and I'm so excited to be guest posting for Chantele while she's off enjoying her honeymoon!

Chantele asked that I create a wearable look for her to try out when she gets home, and I wanted to capture something with all my favorite fall trends and classic fall colors.

At my blog I like to focus on affordability - so every item in the look is $50 and under, and hopefully the star pieces are ones that Chantele (or anyone else) already has in their closet.
The leopard pencil skirt has almost become a neutral in my mind, it is a truly versatile piece and a closet essential. I built the look around it, adding in rich browns, eggplants and golds. I love to mix up textures; suede, knits and faux fur to really step up the level of glamour. This is a look I would probably take to the office (without the fur), or out to dinner, throwing on a classic trench and grabbing a little black chain strap bag.

I hope you've enjoyed my post and will come visit me soon
Chantele, I hope you are a having an amazing trip!

Back to me...What do we think of Lydia's outfit for me? I am loving the little gloves and the booties! I sadly don't own a leopard print skirt though, may have scout one out for this recreation. I think the looks is stylish, practical and cozy.
Please visit Chic on the Cheap as Lydia's looks are so great and her photos are always pretty.

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Daisymay X

China Update: Today is one of the days I am most looking forward to as we are visiting the Panda Reserve in Chengdu.

Monday 29 November 2010

I want - TV inspired T-Shirts

I really want some cool TV inspired T-shirts. Just like these...

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Daisymay X

China Update: First we visit the Grand Buddha of Leshan. Then we return to Chengdu and visit the old town of Huanglongxi.

Sunday 28 November 2010

Sunday Inspiration

I recently re-discovered this photo.
Which led to these inspiration photos.
Think fantasy, fairytales, butterflies and flowers.

Sorry none of the images are referenced I collected these over a while and didn't keep the links. If any of these belong to you, please email me and I shall add your link.

What's your favourite fairytale??

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Daisymay X

China Update: Today we drive to Dazu to visit the Baoding and Beishan Stone Carving then end the night with a Sichuan Banquet.

Friday 26 November 2010

Playing dress up with Mad Dress Game

So today's post is doubly special: I am bringing you all another of my guest posts but this is also part of this weeks FBFF (Fashion, Beauty, Friend Friday) post. For this weeks FBFF post we had to swap posts with another FBFF blogger. So I paired up with the wonderful Frances Joy of Mad Dress Game. We decided to use my 'Playing Dress Up' theme for our posts so you can find my outfit for Frances over on her blog today, and she made a stunning outfit for me too. So over to Frances.
Hello all! This is Frances Joy from Mad Dress Game. For this week's Friend Friday, we've arranged for some guest posts. For today's post, my job was to style an outfit for Chantele. This is a big job, and I hope I did well.
When I think of Chantele's style, I think romantic with a touch of rockstar. I don't know if that's what she's going for, but it's what I'm picking up. And since she's a girl after my own heart when it comes to seeking out bargains, I searched out the cutest bargain pieces I could find.
I started out with a basic, full black skirt and used a violet cloche as my inspiration point. Seriously, she wears hats so well! I tried to remember to add layers to make this appropriate for the season - I love the houndstooth tights peeking out from under that skirt. A ladylike cardigan, some tough booties, and some quirky jewelry finished off the look. Also, how cute is that owl bracelet? It's a little unexpected and so much fun. The beaded bag adds some color and texture and adds a little pizzazz to the outfit. I like to think that this is a look worthy of a night on the town just because of that lovely clutch.

I hope you like this Daisy Dayz inspired look!

Velvet Bow Pocket Cardi
27 GBP - missselfridge.com
Miss selfridge tops »

Bow Trim Felt Cloche
26 GBP - monsoon.co.uk
Monsoon hats »

So what do you ladies think of Frances Joy's outfit for me? And my outfit for her? (go check it out too!!) I love this outfit. I adore cloche hats and this purple one is perfect for me as purple is my fav colour! The shoes match so well too. The tights are so cute and I love the simple elegance of the clothing. This outfit would be great for me to go for a casual meeting over coffee. I love that Frances thinks that my style is romantic rockstar, I kinda like that idea and think she is probably right. I do like to wear feminine romantic clothes but then add edgier accessories (Im a rebel at heart, I'm sure)
Thanks Frances for this outfit and don't forget to visit her blog too
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Daisymay X

China Update: Today we visit the 'Western Hills' in Kunming before travelling onto Chongqing which overlooks the Yangtze River.

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Handbag Fairy Blog Post

Todays post is over on HandbagFairy.com's blog.

Which vintage fabric are you?
Now your wondering what the heck I'm on about, well just click here to find out.

Enjoy the post.

Any ideas for future posts, or comments on this weeks one leave me a comment below.

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Daisymay X

China Update: Today we visit the beautiful Reed Flute Caves then travel on to Kunming to sample the famous 'Across the Bridge Noodles' dish.

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Playing Dress Up with Yes...I'm a Shoe Whore

So here's another instalment of 'Playing Dress Up' this time I'd like to welcome Tiffany from Yes...I'm a Shoe Whore. I love Tiffany's simple everyday looks and her great recipe posts too!
If you know me or have seen my blog you know that I love accessories. You can drastically change any outfit with a cute pin, necklace, or scarf. When I saw this pin the other day I knew that I had to make an outfit around it for you. The pin just oozes Fall and these two colors- plum and forest green-are two of my favorite colors for the fall. I feel like the green and plum are so rich and warm. For the outfit I chose some boot cut jeans, green tank with a blue stripped
button up over top and then a gray boyfriend blazer over top of the shirts. Added some green boots-same color as the top, and a plum lady like bag. (Very in this season). The pin could be attached to the blazer but moved to the tank or shirt later if you get warm.

I think this outfit is a great outfit to spend the day in doing just about anything-meetings, shopping, family gatherings, and then you could wear it out for dinner/drinks by getting rid of the blue shirt and just wearing the blazer over the tank. I feel it's very versatile.
So ladies what do we think of Tiffany's outfit? I think she is totally right that this is very versatile and so far her's is the one outfit I think I can easily pull off when I get home (I don't own green boots though?!?!) I love maple leaf pins and own quiet a few thanks to my aunt living in Canada! The bag is the perfect colour for this season and a really lovely size too. Thanks Tiffany.
Please go visit Tiffany to see her great recipes and simple effortless style, she also takes some really fun photos.

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Daisymay X

China Update: Today we visit Mt Deicai so we can see over the whole of Yangshou. We shall also visit the South China Sea Pearl Exhibition Centre then return to Guilin for the evening to watch the local fishermen fish with trained Cormorants.

Monday 22 November 2010

I want - A pair of Tommy Hilfiger Duck Boots!

Ok a quick update first. It seems that you can't post photos from our holiday destination onto any blog spots, so I apologise to all of you who were hoping to see some photos. I shall post them up onto the Daisy Dayz Facebook page from now on so if you would like to see what we have been up to please go check it out, the link is on the left hand side of the page.

I will get the photos up properly on here on our return. We are having lots of fun and Im doing some lovely shopping! lol.

I love the new Tommy Hilfiger Duck Boots!! They are way out of any price range I may have but I really love them. The look is so funky and cool. Plus they look comfortable and they are practical!
I really like the short ones in the red, but for some reason I can't find them anywhere to buy (not that I would!) The ankle boots are $298 and the long ones are $398. You don't seem to be able to get them in the UK yet either!

Which ones do you like?
Would you wear the 'duck boot'?

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Daisymay X

China Update: Today we are cruising along the Li River to Yangshou. The main attraction in this area is the beautiful scenery of limestones towers which can been seen on both sides of the river.

Sunday 21 November 2010

Sunday Inspiration

Before I left for China I obviously couldn't stop think about travelling to a foreign country. So here you can find some of my exotic and travel inspired photos.

What exotic destination would you like to travel to?

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Daisymay X

China Update: Today we fly to Guilin, re-known for the Ling Canal and it's beautiful mountains.

Friday 19 November 2010

Playing dress up with Miki's Scrapbook

Time for another instalment of 'Playing Dress Up' please say hello to Miki!
Hello, Daisy Dayz readers! This is Miki from Miki’s scrapbook and I’m honoured to be here today contributing with a little something to tide everyone over until Chantele comes back from her lovely honeymoon.

To tell you the truth it was quite challenging to come up with an outfit for her respecting my style. Why? You might ask yourselves; well, mostly because I’m known for being a complete mess when getting dressed; I usually wear different colours, patterns, textures and styles all in one outfit! However, I’ve toned it down a bit this time and I dare say I’ve pulled off an acceptable look for our dear friend.

Without further ado, let me explain why I’ve chosen each piece of clothing. The first thing I should mention is that all of the things you can see here were made by Argentine designers; 50 percent of the bunch by independent designers and the other 50 percent by well-known brands. In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m from Argentina. I choose independent designers because I like wearing clothes that are owned by the fewest people possible, they obviously don’t mass produce and, on top of that, come up with more cutting edge designs than the ones you can see in the shopping malls. The trench coat, the sweater and the bag are the items made by my favorite independent designers. I particularly love the trench coat! I think it stands out, and yet, it is totally wearable. I matched it with a gray short-sleeved sweater which is not very flamboyant, but at least has the detail of the bow on the collar. Something more striking would
have been too much with that trench coat (according to what I’ve been told, hehe). The pants are jeggins; I didn’t choose anything looser because I think Chantele has cute long legs and this kind of trousers would look great on her. As for the accessories, I’ve chosen black and white boots; I know they kind of have a peculiar pattern but I think they don’t overload the outfit. Plus, I have the same ones in green, and let me tell you, they are unbelievably comfy! There’s
not much to say about the bracelet, and about the bag, well, I’ve chosen it because it’s made of leather, a noble material, and because it has three bunnies: one for Miss Tipsy and the other two for the ones Chantele and Jon have just adopted. Pets are a huge part of our lives, so I wanted to include them in her outfit somehow. Last but not least, there’s a hairdo I’d love to see on our friend. I think she’d look super cute with a messy bun and many hairbands at
the same time, don’t you agree?

If you’ve made it this far, thank you all for reading! And a huge thank you to Chantele for having given me the chance to be here in her blog.

Back to me, so what do you ladies think of Miki's outfit for me? I have to be honest and say I love it, but she mentioned a total swear word in my world, 'JEGGINGS' lol. I hate them, but luckily these ones just look like skinny black trousers so I shall let it pass! The bag is awesome as is the coat I would totally own either piece.
Thanks Miki for such a great outfit I shall try my best to recreate it when I get home. Please go visit Miki's blog as she is so funny and sweet.

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Daisymay X

China Update: Today we will be travelling back to Shanghai via Wuzhen a traditional water canal town. We will visit the Taoist Temple and former residence of Mao Dun, a contemporary Chinese author, as well as taking in the beautiful waterways and old wooden waterside houses.

Thursday 18 November 2010

China update!

Ok a quick update. It seems that you can't post photos from here onto any blog spots, so I apologise to all of you who were hoping to see some photos. I shall post them up onto the Daisy Dayz Facebook page from now on so if you would like to see what we have been up to please go check it out, the link is on the left hand side of the page.

I will get the photos up properly on here on our return. We are having lots of fun and Im doing some lovely shopping! lol. We have tons of photos to share too!
Well ladies here is the first of hopefully a few China updates.

So far we have visited the Bund in Shanghai, which is the riverfront, it looks a little like New York. Doesn't the building at the back look like a giant bottle opener.

Introducing Teddy! He is our holiday mascot and shall be having photos everywhere we go if we remember!
The Chinese History museum in Shanghai. Where we saw lots of stone buddha carvings which were amazing!
The Silk museum in Shanghai where we found out how silk was made from scratch. I bought a very nice silk jacket that you shall all be seeing at some point!
We went for a cruise on the Grand Canal in Suzhou
We have visited 'The Garden of the Master of Nets' which is the smallest walled garden in Suzhou City. This is only a tiny part of it, as it is actually quite big?!? with lots of little separate areas.
Tuesday night we went for a walk with 3 other couples to Suzhou old town, which is a river city like venice. It looks so pretty at night with lots of lanterns and lights and a few cute traditional stores down the sides. Everything stays open in China till very late!
The food has been good so far. Served on big round tables for about 10 people and you get lots of dishes to share.
I shall try to update you all again soon, depending on internet access.

Hope you are all entering my giveaway as the prize is gonna be interesting! I promise!

Did you all enjoy my first guest post? I hope so as I have another one tomorrow.


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