Friday 30 September 2011

Corazon Latino

So I found this great new online shop a few weeks ago. Corazon Latino. I was looking for a special piece of jewellery for a friends birthday and stumbled upon these in a search engine. They do mostly stirling silver items but they have a really different but classic look to them. You will have seen me wearing a piece the gifted me from their 'Chiming Pendants' collection on my trip to London.

These are my favourite items!
(This is the one I have)
(Too cute!)

(Loving this too!)

Which is your favourite?

Daisymay X

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Presenting South Wales Bloggers Meet

Hello Ladies I am here today to announce the South Wales Bloggers Meet!! Yay!! I have been talking about it for a few weeks now on Twitter but we have launched the sign up for tickets today (it's free!!) And they are disappearing like hotcakes so if you want to attend you better be quick. You can sign up here.

But I suppose you want to know a bit about the event first. Yes? Well me and Gemma of Fat Frocks are hosting it but the event is being sponsored by at held at St David's

The meet up will be on the 12th October in Cardiff.

The general plan is to meet up in the afternoon around 3pm to go for a coffee and have a good chat. We can then hit the shops in Cardiff, taking a look at the unique arcades and the new St David's centre.
At around 6pm we will head to the management suite in St David's for some drinks and a preview of what St David's has on offer for the festive period. There will be gift bags, opportunity to get your p
hoto taken and more time to chat with all the lovely bloggers who attend the event.

Plus after todays meeting with Gemma and the St David's PR team we have also confirmed you will be able to get a mini make over from the Kamigata team and there will be the chance to have some food after the event.

If you are unable to attend the day time (or night time) no worries you can just come to one or the other. Plus we are happy for other bloggers from outside South Wales to attend to, the more the merrier!

We hope to see a few of you there!

Daisymay x

Monday 26 September 2011

Recipe - My Mum's Parker's Beef Stew

When me and Jon were at home last week my mum made this great Beef stew. I'm not sure which recipe book she got the recipe from but it was a Parker's Beef Stew and it was yummy. So I thought I would share the recipe she used.

2.5lbs steak (cut in to chunks)
1 bottle red wine
1tspn lazy garlic (3 crushed cloves)
3 bay leaves
Fresh Rosemary (3/4 sprigs)
5 ounces baco (chopped)
2 cups all purpose flour
2 onions (chopped)
olive oil
1.5lbs carrots (chopped)
1.5lbs potatoes (chopped)
14.5 ounces beef stock
1 small jar sun-dried tomatoes in oil (chopped or a tin of tomatoes if you prefer)
2tbsp Worcestershire sauce
10 ounce frozen peas
salt and pepper

1. Place beef, garlic. bay leaves and red wine in a covered bowl. Chill overnight or for a minimum of 4 hours.
2. After that brown bacon in olive oil in frying pan. When browned place in a large casserole.
3. In a bowl mix flour and a little salt and pepper. Take steak out of bowl and cover in flour mix until well coated. Discard bay leaves.
4. In frying pan add a little more oil and fry the steak in batches until golden (but not completely cooked) then add to casserole.
5. Pre-heat oven to 160 (or equivalent). Fry onions, carrots and potatoes in oil for around 10 minutes on a medium heat stirring well, place in casserole
6. Add the wine mixture (from bowl), beef stock, tomatoes and rosemary to frying pan (scraping any segments from the bottom into the juice, to add to the taste) Bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer for 3-4mins.
7. Pour over the casserole and mix. Cook in oven for 2 hours, stir once or twice during cooking.
8. When cooked mix 2 ladles of juice from casserole with 2tbsp of flour then mix back in to stew. Add peas and cook for a further 5mins. Add s&p to taste and serve.

Hope you enjoy it!

Daisymay x

Thursday 22 September 2011

London Trip

Well our trip to London was great. We had a lovely time visiting galleries and touristy places, then saw We Will Rock You in the evening! It was amazing!
Here is a little trailer of the show

And here is what I wore: (warning image heavy post!)
Jacket: Desigual
Top: Bianca Nygard
Skirt: Topshop
Tights: Can't remember
Shoes: Peacocks
Necklace: c/o Corazon Latino
Belt: Newlook
What do you think of my new necklace? I was gifted it by Corazon Latino a great jewellery site which stocks beautiful and unusual jewellery. This is a chiming pendant which gives off a very faint chiming noise, it is beautiful. Or I can remove the bell and the necklace looks completely different.
I'm actually clashing with the dodgy carpet and curtains of our hotel room, lol.
My hubs on Carnaby Street

FEVER LONDON!!! Yay I actually got to the store, and it is amazing. Just drooled over the dresses for half an hour!
The show! It was truly brilliant.

China town, as we had yet to make it there. We went back at night as we thought all the lanterns would light up, sadly they didn't just the big ones!

These were both part of the 'Power of Making' exhibition in the V&A. We also saw the 'House of Annie Lennox' exhibition which was brilliant, but you couldn't take any photos!

These were all in the Tate Modern.

Anyone else been on a little trip lately?

Daisymay x

p.s. I am wanting a blog overhaul and redesign, any one able to do that for me, or know of someone who could?

Monday 19 September 2011

Mr & Mrs Thomas's Wedding

This weekend I was at the wedding of a very dear friend Lindsey to her beloved Philip!
Here are Jon's photos of the day.

Phil is in the RAF!

Me, My sis (Briony) and Linds
Dad, me, Bri and Jon

Isn't she a beautiful bride?

We are off to London for the night today. To see We Will Rock You! Very excited! Jon has never seen a West End show before so I can't wait to take him.

Lots of photos when we get back!

Daisymay X

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Some blatant Self Promotion

Ok Ladies, well today I am going to do some blatant self promotion, if you don't mind!

A few of you may have noticed when I am commenting on your blogs that I have 2 new links under my comments, well these links are my 2 new blogs! Yep 2 new blogs!

The first one is my group blog with my housemates, Biz and Chris, and my husband, Jon.
Collectively we are - The Penthouse Clan
Please swing by and check out our blog for some great recipes, film, music and book reviews, local company and restaurant reviews and a few fun things too!

I also started - The Daily Swoon
This is my place to post all the fun, cute, beautiful, hot and swoonful stuff I find online. Swing by and see what I found today, I post very brief daily post so it would be a great thing to peek at first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Why not try following me on my Facebook or Twitter accounts to make it easier to keep up with all my post too.

And finally I would love it if a few of you would vote for me in the UK Cosmo blogger of the year competition. Just use the link below and click the 'Established Fashion Blogger' category and add my url. Thank you in advance to anyone who does this for me, it will mean a lot.


Thanks for making all the way through the post (those of you who did)

Hope you don;t mind me bombarding you with self promotion stuff but I just wanted to get the new blogs out there as we have been working on them a while and would love some new readers/followers

Daisymay X

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Outfit Post - Everybody Everywear - Coloured Pants

Well I thought I could get in on this months Everybody Everywear challenge as I have missed a few recently. This months challenge was possibly one of the biggest trends from this season, coloured trousers (or pants to you American's)! Luckily I already have a pair of colour pants that I bought a few years back while I was in Canada so it was nice and easy.
Trousers - Tommy Hilfiger
Shirt - H&M (swap from Krystal)
Vest top - Tesco
Boots - Borrowed from my housemate Biz
Necklaces - Vintage
Ring - Topshop
Bangle - Bought in China
Belt - Borrowed from Biz
I decided to dress them quite casually with this great shirt I got in a swap from Krystal of Village Blog and accessoried with these Tan boots and belt borrowed off my housemate, and gold jewellery.

What do you think? Do you own coloured trousers? Or are you looking to get a pair? What colour would you go for?
How else would you style these trousers? I have worn them on the blog before and you can see the posts here

Colored Pants | Everybody, Everywear

Daisymay X

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