Friday 29 June 2012

BassBuds In-Ear Headphones - Polyvore Matching Outfits

Like most of you I have an iPod, I tend to keep it with me when I am travelling to and from work on the bus as I would rather listen to my music than mothers shouting at kids, chavs playing drum and bass off their phones or old women discussing their piles!

But I have had my little pink apple earphones since I had my iPod 5 years ago and they are starting to get a bit grubby and worn. So as we are off on holiday to Barcelona in a few weeks I thought I may treat myself to a new pair for the flights over and back. I was contacted by a brand called BassBuds that produce great quality in-earphones with some wicked colours, and they all have little swarovski crystals in the end so they are pretty and fashionable!

To help me decide which colour I should get I put together a few polyvores of outfits that could go with the different coloured earphones.

Outfit to go with BassBuds Yellow

Outfit to go with Bass Buds Nu Skool Ear phones

Outfit to go with Bass Buds Envy Earphones

Do you have coloured or cute ear phones? Which ones would you go with?
I like the yellow as they are pretty and summery - but will I get bored? Then the Nu Skool are great - very british! But the Envy are very different - don't think I have ever seen that colour combo anywhere else.

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Thursday 28 June 2012

Outfit Post - My sisters 21st

We had a surprise 21st birthday party for my sister a few weeks ago, here are a few of the pictures, and my outfit of course!
 My little Sis about to blow out her cake! Wearing the new dress we bought her - Closet from Rare in Debenhams
 She may be a girly girly but she loves F1, especially Lewis Hamilton for Maclaren. So we were lucky enough to have an old school teacher who now makes cakes and she made this F1 replica for us.
 Our fellow surprise party organisers with the birthday girly: Becca, Bekki, Bri and Rachel
 Having a boogie to the band - Smoking Aces
 Party People, Hey!
 The girlies

Ok and my outfit for the night.
 Dress: Primark £17 bargain!
Shoes: Ruby Shoo from AGMeek - another birthday gift off the hubby
Daisy Chain: Primark
Ring: Random gift from friend
Earrings: Gift from my sister
Bracelet: Gift from my Aunt

 How pretty are my new shoes!!
Have you ever had a surprise party? Throwing them can be difficult! Luckily she didn't suspect a thing! We had lots of happy tears though!

Oh and do you like my new signature? Jon made it for me last week

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Hello all! I know a few of you are getting married this year or next year and I know that many of you are in love, obsessed and addicted to pintrest (hands up ladies??) Im sure you ladies getting married have boards on wedding design, bridesmaid dresses, table plans, etc and some of you may even have gift list boards - if not maybe you should!! Well I have found a site that will make your love of pintrest seem even better (no longer just a way to procrastinate but a helpful wedding tool!!) has just launched its amazing new feature where you can automatically turn a pintrest board into an online gift list or automatically add pins off pintrest to a gift list on their site! How super is that? Its really easy too. Make an account (or maybe you already have one) then either import a pinboard you already have of perfect wedding gifts or download the pintrest add on which will allow you to click 'add to my registry' when you are looking at pins on pintrest.
It will be so easy for you to find the perfect items to add to your gift list, and no need to stick to one store you can add any item on the web to the gift list and make it easier for your guest to find what you would like and purchase you the perfect gift. automatically manages the transactions and keeps your lists up to date. Making everyone happy.

Happy pinning

Monday 25 June 2012

Outfit Post - Red stripes and daisy chains

Another late outfit post, this one has been sitting on the computer since a few days after the last one. As you can see I still have the sun burn, but is well gone since then, luckily.
This drew was another gift off Jon - not for my birthday but for when he got his promotion. It is a Motel dress that we picked up at TKMaxx for £15! Bargain!
 Dress: Motel via TKMaxx
Shoes: TKMaxx
Cardigan: F+F TESCO
Belt: Vintage via eBay
Daisy Chain: Primark
Necklace: Miso from Outfit
Earrings: Random gift from Little Kate in work
Bangles: Primark

 Anyone else found any bargains recently?

Sunday 24 June 2012

Snap of the Day

Now I have no doubt you have all heard of Groupon and some of the similar sites KGB, Living Social, Achica and Secret Escape, but have you heard about yet?

It is a similar site to the ones already out there but it is specifically for a bargain item of the day - plain and simple, nice and easy. Each day they release a 'snap' of the day which lasts a given amount of time or until they run out, then a new snap begins. No vouchers or discounts for services, just bargain items - ranging from coffee makers and lamps to hair dryers and board games. 

They also have mini snaps (usually 8 at a given time) which are discounted items but with a much smaller discount compared to the 'snap of the day'!

Plus I have a discount code especially for my readers so you can get an even bigger discount - if you order any 'snap' before the 31st July you can get 20% off with the discount code : blog20

Here are some of the previous 'Snaps' you could have gotten your hands on.

Lloytron 8" 40w "Romany" Ceramic Table Lamp, Come In 4 Colours RRP £15.99

Eddingtons Coloured Egg Boiler Set for only £1.40 RRP £6.99

Mizuki Bowl Set for only £25.00 RRP £40

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo KP100640 Coffee Machine, Red for only £40.00 RRP £89.95

SanDisk 8GB MP3 Player with Radio and Expandable MicroSD/S £23.80 RRP £119.83

Eddingtons Giant Cupcake Pan for £6.99 RRP £13.99

 Why not go see what todays 'Snap' is?

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