Wednesday 26 May 2010

Birthday Outfit

Here is a quick pic of my birthday outfit I promised yesterday. We went to a lovely indian restaurant called the Juboraj in Cardiff.
My new Primark dress.
Blue Primark tights.
New Look Shoes
And my fav birthday present my 1960's straw bag from Etsy!! Thank you mummy and daddy!!
Bracelet from Internacionale
Hairclip from Primark

Off out for another set of birthday drinks with some friends.
Daisymay X

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Tis my birthday!!

Today I am 23!!
Happy Birthday me!!
Birthday's always seem a good time to look back and see what the past year has been like.
So this is what I looked like when I turned 22!!
Well my appearance hasn't changed all that much!

But I am no longer a Miss Cross and am now a Mrs Cross-Jones. So I suppose thats kinda a huge change! Although I don't really feel any different, I think when you have been living together for as long as we have, actually getting married doesn't really change anything in your everyday life.

What else. I was a student last year and now I am not, which is actually a little miserable because I have to live in the real world and get a real job (although that still hasn't really happened) And I liked being a student. I feel like as soon as you graduate you lose contact with a lot of people that for 3 years you had called friends. And thats kinda sad! I know you never lose the good friends but all the others just drift away. Plus I have friends who are still students and not being a student means I often feel out of the loop.

But I did start this blog and gain some fab new friends. I think I can truly call some of you that even though we have never meet.

Gosh did I just get a little to heavy! Sorry about that.

So what is gonna happen in the next year. Well I have no idea actually. I know I get to go on an amazing honeymoon with my wonderful husband and spend our first christmas as a married couple but other than that the future is a mystery. Hopefully I will land that perfect job or maybe make my own perfect job.

Anyway enough of all the mush. I will bring you 1 of my birthday outfits tomorrow as I am wearing it this evening for dinner with the family.

Thanks to everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday!

Mrs Cross-Jones x

Sunday 23 May 2010

Boohoo sale!

I love to browse the Boohoo sale section because stuff always seems to be ridiculously cheap. So as I am feeling so uninspired to do a decent blog post at the mo and I have to leave for work in an hour and still have wet hair wrapped in a towel on my head, I thought I would bring you my fav items for the Boohoo sale.
Ah well fingers crossed for some birthday money I can spend on something cute! Although I already bought a few cute items yesterday in Primark for my 2 birthday nights out. One official one with Family on my birthday tuesday and one for my friends party night on sunday. Shall make sure I get nice pics for you! If anyone is in Cardiff sat and fancies coming I shall be in Soda bar! Party, party, party!!

Mrs Cross-Jones x

Friday 21 May 2010

Outfit post - polka dot skirt!

A nice simple outfit post for you ladies today. I'm hoping to try get back on track with my scheduled posting next week, but I just don't seem to be able to get my thoughts in order at the mo. My energy levels seem to be constantly drained, even on my days off, and the days seem to be whizzing past at such high speed I'm going to get whip lash! Do you ever feel like your in a total rut, in life as well as blogging. I have no drive at the moment, and it makes me miserable!
Anyway enough moaning here are some nice pictures which I altered a little on Dr Pic after finding it through Yes...Im A shoe whore. Hope you like.
Skirt: Matalan
Tights: H&M
Shoes: George
Long Necklace: Rossiters
Diamond Necklace: Vintage
Hair Clips: Primark

And a picture of my cute daisy hair clips.
Love to you all
Mrs Cross-Jones x

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Some web competitions.

Ok so I usually just bring you normal fashion blog stuff but today I thought I would bring you some of my best giveaway finds this week. So you guys can get in on some action too.

This stunning key necklace from A.Co Est 1984 reminds me of the stunning tiffany key nacklaces. So click here to enter. But you will have to be quick on this one as it finishes Thrusday.

And how about 6 My Lip Stuff balms (yes 6!!)? I know we would all love them. So why not click here to enter.

A girl can never have too many handbags. This is technically a purse but could double as a cute clutch. This lovely is from Urban Outfitters and you can click here to enter.
Next up this darling little skirt by Thongbai Tatong. So if you love it as much as I do just click here to enter.

Ok so the season of scarfs has passed for most of us but this one is beautiful! So if you don't care that the winter has passed just click here to enter to win this scarf.

Now on to some glamour. How about a Dior Addict Nail Polish? I know there are quite a few beauty fans out there who would love to win this, so just click here.

I know so many of us have been lusting after the new Alice in Wonderland OPI collection so how would you like to win them, plus some lush yummy, yummy, yummy shower cream, a bath bomb, a flower pin and 2 Barry M lipgloss. I know amazing prize! So just click here to enter!
So there you have it my fav giveaways for the week. More outfit and fashion posts tomorrow.

If you are hosting a great giveaway you would like me to add to my giveaway box in the side bar just leave me a message.

Plus I have decided I will bring you all my next giveaway when I reach 300 followers, so almost there. And I promise this one will be great as I already have a few things ready for it!

Mrs Cross-Jones x

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Photo shoot pictures

Sorry for no post again over the last few days but I've been a busy bee with work and a very exciting little project. I had a shoot with a great local photographer called Steve Rees on Sunday. He took some amazing urban photos and some beautiful shots in the grounds of a local manor house. The last few shots feel very Alice in Wonderland to me. So I thought for todays post I would bring you an outfit post in the form of some beautiful professional photos.
Top (underneath): I.N.C international
Shoes: New Look

So ladies, I'm thinking of using one of these as my new banner picture.
Which is your favourite?
Are you a fan of the Urban Photography, or do you rather the prettier manor grounds shots?

Mrs Cross-Jones X

Saturday 15 May 2010

Outfit post - polka dot dress

I thought you might all be totally fed up with wedding photos so, I thought I should bring you a nice normal outfit post. This is from my pre-wedding party, held by my in-laws because we never had an engagement party.
This is my new bargain dress. Only £16 from Matalan and it's so cute! I love the 1950's silhouette with the fitted top and the flared skirt, and you all know I love polka dots!
Teamed with a bright red cardigan to add that bit of colour. Plus my new pocket watch necklace!

Dress: Matalan
Cardigan: Top shop
Shoes: George
Necklace: Aimi Boutique
Hair clip: Primark
Brooch and Bangles: Random

I have been cooking lots this week. Which is lovely, coz I love to cook and Jon loves to eat so I'm always happy when I can cook for him. I've made minted pork with smashed potatoes and peas and put my favourite wedding present, a bread maker, to good use already. I have made a lovely white bloomer and a chocolate and raison cake (which I shall be blogging tomorrow, as Jon helped with that and took photos of everything, literally everything, so I could blog the whole recipe, lol) Plus whilst typing this I am multi tasking and making a impromptu Shepard's Pie for dinner tomorrow. So I should go before I burn it!
Mrs Cross-Jones x

Wednesday 12 May 2010

More wedding photos

Hello again ladies, I still have no time for a proper post so thought I could just bring you a few more photos. And I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sent us messages of congratulations.

So if anyone needs a wedding planning I am available as a Wedding Planner!
Thanks again!
Mrs Cross-Jones x

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