Thursday 30 September 2010

I want - this girls 'leg chamber'

Just a brief post. I really want this 'leg chamber'/'thigh garter'. It is just too cool! Found on The Haute Pursuit and from Chains of Love.

Think it might be a bit of a DIY challenge. If I can work out how it stays up? Any ideas? Logically it it was just clipped around like a bracelet it wouldn't stay up, would it? So maybe an elastic garter? Will give it a go.

Daisymay X

p.s. I promise a london post soon

Wednesday 29 September 2010

RIP - Catherine Walker

Legendary British designer Catherine Walker died last week after a long battle with breast cancer, at only 65 years old. She was most famously know as Diana Princess of Wales favourite designer and was said to have made over 1000 outfits for her. She was named Designer of the Year twice, once in 1990 and again in 1991.
I was lucky enough to have seen 2 of her amazing creations in person at the V&A fashion exhibition in London. This was one of them. This was designed for Princess Diana and was called The 'Elvis' Dress. It was so stunning in person! Honest, my photo doesn't do it justice.
Her designs were all so elegant and stylish and her attention to detail was amazing. Always using pearls and diamantes and beautifully expensive fabrics. I feel her designs reflect the more glamourous fashion of the 1950's and old hollywood glamour. And over her career she built up one of Britain's most successful couture evening wear brands ever.

Here are some more of her creations.

You can see her collections here

She is a great loss to British Fashion.

Daisymay X

p.s. I shall do a post on my London trip tomorrow for you all. Not many Beyond Retro photos though sorry, but lots from the V&A Fashion Exhibition!

Monday 27 September 2010

Key Trends - Winter Jackets

As winter is fast approaching I thought it was about time to start looking at the key trends in warm cozy jackets for this season. The 2 most obvious trends for jackets are the Military Coat and the Aviator Jacket.
I have always been a fan of military style coats so am happy to see them back for another season. In the summer they were mostly short cropped jackets but this winter they are a longer knee length.
Here are my favourite ones from the highstreet, all at a reasonable price:

The Military

I'm not a big fan of the aviator but I do think they are a great alternative to the leather biker jackets, which were fashionable in the summer. The added fur collar means they are great for a little more warmth in the winter. I like them most when they are made of a nice brown leather (faux or real) or brown suede, It gives them a more authentic vintage look.
Here are my favourites from the highstreet:
The Aviator

So which do you guys like the most?

Obviously the cape is also really big this season, but I think they deserve a post all of their own, which I shall do later in the week.

Off to London for a day trip in just an hour or so. Shall be visiting Beyond Retro for the first time, shall bring you all some nice pictures tomorrow!

Daisymay X

Friday 24 September 2010

This weeks lusts - cute tee's

I've really been fancying some cute t-shirts recently. But I didn't want any from a high street store as you tend to see loads of people with the same t-shirts on. And I have yet to get the hang of finding retro vintage t-shirts either. So I went on the hunt for some cute t-shirts from more independent designers and sellers. These are my favourites.
Robot Love
A Bicycle Built for Love
Look Ma No Hands
Bunny Invasion
Union Jack Teapot
Fondant Fancy
Bunny Love
David and Goliath Spooning T-shirt
Ok so this one is fairly common, but I still think it's cute! Gotta love David and Goliath!

Sometimes I just don't feel like making the effort to get dressed up properly and thats when cute tee's and jeans come in handy! Do you ever feel like that?
Which one would you get? Do you know of any great t-shirts for sale that aren't on the highstreet?

Daisymay X

Friend Friday: Fashion Do's and Don'ts

It's friday again, yay! And as I am more or less on the ball today, here is this weeks Friend Friday post.

It's a nice easy one on Fashion Do's and Don'ts so it's gonna be a fairly quick post.

1. What do you think are some of the top fashion don’ts? (Things you would never be caught dead in and cringe when other people wear them.)

I don't really believe in do's and don'ts when it comes to fashion as it is all a matter of how the person wears something and how their personality or confidence allows them to carry it off.

For me, personally, I would never wear Harem Pants, Jeggins, Tracksuits or neon colours. But it's just a personal thing really, because they don't suit me at all.

2. What previous fashion don’t do you now wear with pride?

I will happily wear 2 items of denim. The whole double denim look can be done right and I have done posts on it in the past. See here and here. Plus I enjoy mixing patterns as long as they aren't both too bright. Ill also do the whole brown and black thing now (which I wouldn't of in the past) and red and green (which I have always liked!) Nothing really major though I suppose

3. Do you think there is a universal fashion do?

Only that you should wear what makes you happy and what you feel confident in and ignore what anyone else has to say.

4. What items lately, either recently in style or coming in now, do you think should never make it off the retail shelves?

Well as I said I don't think harem pants and jeggings should never have been allowed into stores, they flatter very few people! I'm always amazed that shredded and torn stuff sells or anything lycra and shiny! But apart from that I have yet to see anything I truly hate.

5. In your opinion, is there any blogger, fashion icon, celebrity who some how manages to pull off some fashion don’ts and still look good?

As I don't technically believe in don'ts I can't really really say there is anyone in specific as there are lots of lovely ladies who manage to carry off things that I myself would never go near.

So that's all my answers, like I said short and sweet. What are your opinions of Fashion faux pas? See all the other Friend Friday post here.

I am slowly ticking things off my Day Zero challenge list. So why not check out my progress here.

I shall be doing a charity midnight walk tonight! 7 miles starting at midnight in Swansea, so wish me luck. I'm also off to London on Monday for a day trip with Jon. So I probably won't get to post much till Tuesday.

Daisymay X

Tuesday 21 September 2010

London Fashion Week

Ok so I suppose as a British Fashion Blogger right now I should be all about London Fashion Week. Hmmm, well anyone who really knows me, knows I don't actually care too much about designer fashion. But I supposed I should at least dedicate 1 or 2 posts to it. So this is my quick evaluation of a few of the shows. And my overall view is that I'm not really that impressed! The odd show nailed it but more over than not they were a bit blah!

Christopher Cane
I'm sorry to say but I am highly unimpressed and disappointed by this collection. After the great silhouettes and graphic print fabric he used in his Resort Collection in July I expect more of him. This just feels like dodgy 60's twin sets and unflattering dresses, made with 70's patterned fabric in awful 90's neon colours! Weird and ugly! Sorry but I shant be wearing anything inspired by this stuff.

Nicole Farhi
Alot of this collection was made up of horrible, shiny, cheap looking fabric or what looks like flimsy linens. A few geometric pattern dresses like above and lots of loose baggy items. Its only saving grace is the odd well tailored pair of trousers and jackets. Even the shoes were dull uninspiring sandals.

Julien Macdonald
I really like his almost sportswear jackets and shorts (a hint of nautical but in more sophisticated colours) His chiffon dresses aren't that impressive, but very feminine. He has used mostly neutral colours (a little orange) all the way through until the end where he uses a stunning rich jewel blue fabric. I would love to find a highstreet (read: nicer priced) version of his stripped jackets and shorts as I think they could be a wardrobe staple for next year!

Giles Deacon
Lots of 70's silhouettes and styles in more modern takes of retro fabrics. Fun bright pink and yellow knits as well as warm autumn shades. There are a few ongoing motif/design ideas used in a number of pieces. He also designed 3 awesome 50's silhouetted dresses (one above). Overall I am loving it, and most of it really is wearable.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label
The queen of tailoring strikes again with some beautifully structured pieces. I want these trousers and blouse as they are stunning, so chic and sophisticated. She, as always, uses some interesting fabrics, and manages to produce both masculine and feminine looks. She starts off with the more safe pieces and builds to the more risky and unusual pieces. Great shoes (brogues are still holding strong!) and accessories, all round wonderfullness!! As always!

Betsey Johnson
Think little bowpeep, meets beauty pageant queen, meets roller derby, meets sailors all in all eclectic. Not exactly a cohesive collection but I kinda like most of the individual groups of outfits, but it feels like its been done before, nothing new! Some interesting DIY ideas though. Definitely worth a nose, as it's clearly the most fun collection I have found so far. After reading a bit of blerb about it the show is meant to be a kind of tour from uptown to down town in New York and the kind of designs that are inspired by different areas, a fun idea but as I said it doesn't make for a very cohesive collection.

Ok so thats my overview of 6 of the shows I have checked out so far. I shall comment on some more in my next post.
What are you guys feelings about London Fashion Week and the new designs? Any real loves or hates yet?

All the photos are from

Daisymay X

Hipstamatic fun

Hipstamatic! Yes I have discovered it, and it is fun. Jon has an iphone and got this app and has been playing with it lots. So here are some random shots from an old outfit shoot we did.
H&M Dress
H&M Vest
Peacocks Shoes

H&M Dress
Fashion Union Cardigan
Mustang Shoes (Via TKMaxx)

Fashion Union Cardigan
Dorothy Perkins Dress
NewLook Shoes
This is actual a new outfit. Jon snapped these while we were out taking photos of waterfalls in Gnoll Park.
This jumper was my treat to myself last month. It was only £5 (Originally £25) in the Zara sale. I'm not usually a jumper girl and rarely wear prints like this, but I just fell for this awesome Polar Bear print.
Zara Jumper
Apple Bottom Jeans
Converse Shoes
These 2 aren't hipstamatics obviously.
Daisymay X

Monday 20 September 2010

Etsy Finds - Cute Ability Shop

Hey guys, I'd like to thank you all for your kind messages over the last few days with everything thats happened. I'm still not up to outfit photos so here is a quick look at one of my new fav shops on Etsy. Cute Ability (even the names great). The woman who runs this shop makes some seriously cute pieces and these are my favourites! Most items range from £5 to £20, so it's all very reasonable. Enjoy. And please check out the shop for loads more items.

Daisymay X

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