The Wardrobe!
I have decided to take a leaf out of Elaine from Clothed Much's book and catalogue my wardrobe. So I shall be adding items to the list as and when I wear them. You shall be able to see how I have restyled each piece by clicking on it, which will bring up all previous outfits containing it. My wardrobe is embarrassingly extensive and I hope this will help me to re-work items and re-discover ones I had forgotten. This isn't quite upto date yet as I have a years worth of posts to sort, so it will take a while.

Short Sleeve Tops
Ruffle Sleeve Black T-Shirt - Bianca Nigard, Gift from Aunty Mags
Black Vest - Matalan £1.50
Blue Vest Top - George at ASDA £2
Studded Shoulder Top - Easel via TKMaxx £3
Beige Lace T-Shirt - Rodart for Target, swap with Patty Ann
Mixed Blue Pattern Top - Nomads, Gift from Parents
Butterfly Back Vest Top - Primark £3
Blue Vest Top - Matalan £2.50
Teal Bib Top - Sans Souchi, Gift from Tia
Grey Vest Top - F+F Tesco £2.50
Bow Vest Top - Fishbone, swap with Krystal
Pale Blue Sleeveless Blouse - Tommy Hilfiger
Florence and the Machines T-Shirt - Florence Gig £24
Long Black batwing top - Bianca Nygard, Gift from Aunty Mags
Neon Top - Miss Selfridge via Ebay £4.50
Beige Hilfiger Logo Top - Tommy Hilfiger £12
Tribal Coloured Top - Dimri, swap with Tia
Black Ruched Sleeve Top - I.N.C via Sears
Teal Blouse - Miss Selfridge via British Heart Foundation Charity Shop £4
Nygard Collection Beaded Top - Nygard Collection, Gift from Aunty Mags
White Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt - Tommy Hilfiger, Gift from my Aunty Mags
Lock Top - Zara Basics, FREE
Pink Shirt - Dorothy Perkins (Challenge item from Heather)
White Ruffle Tank Top - Primark £2
Leopard Print Poloneck - New Look, Borrowed from Heather

Long Sleeve Tops
Doodle Top - Old Navy
Black Hilfiger Top - Tommy Hilfiger, Gift from my Aunty
Teal Silk Blouse - Primark £4
Black Top with Crotchet Back - Zara, Hand-me-down from Mum
Chevron Top - Select £9
Green Check Shirt - TKMaxx (mens department) £20, Gift from Jon
Blue Hippy Tunic Top - Nomads, Gift from Parents
Beige Boyfriend Shirt - H&M, swap with Krystal
Red Silk Blouse - Primark £4
Beige Cashmere Top - M&S £15 (given to my grandmother but she didn't like it)
Black Nygard top - Nygard Collection, gift from my aunty mags
Pink Shirt - Dorothy Perkins, Borrowed from Heather
Anthropologie Floral Top - Anthropology £88, won via The Shopping Forecast
Vintage Beige Blouse - Vintage Unbranded £1, via Ty Hafan Charity Shop
Vintage Gold Blouse - Modern Classics £1 via PDSA Charity Shop
Leopard Print Pussy Bow Blouse - George, Hand me down
Bird Jumper - Joules £6 via Charity Shop
Black Lace Shirt - Bella Moda, hand me down

Wrap Over Retro Print Dress - Zara Basics via Cardiff Clothes Swap FREE
1940's Vintage Polka Dot Dress - Cardiff Antique Centre £10
Retro Pale Tunic Dress - Lipsy via Big Wardrobe FREE
Purple and Black Stripped Dress - George at ASDA via Scope Charity Shop £5
Grey and Black Tulip Dress - Miss Selfridge, Gift from Parents
Vintage Hippy Dress - Cross Roads via Ebay £12
Black and White Stripped Dress - George at ASDA via Cardiff Clothes Swap FREE
Teal Handkerchief Dress - Primark, Gift from Parents
Heart Print Baby Doll Dress - Topshop, Gift from Parents
Stripped Skirt Dress - Missimo Supply Co, swap with Patty Ann
Denim Look Dress - Converse, swap with Patty Ann
Silk Tunic Dress - George at ASDA via Ebay
Grey 60's Tunic Dress - Matthew Williamson via Ebay £12
50's Style Polka Dot Dress - Matalan £16, Gift from Jon
Blue Chambray Dress - H&M £14
Lace and Stripped Dress - Dorothy Perkins £15, Gift from Jon
Green Polka Dot Dress - George at ASDA via Scope Charity Shop £6.50, Gift from Jon
Floral Dress - POP via PDSA Charity Shop £2.50
Bow Pattern Dress - Primark £5
Black Lace Dress - TKMaxx, Gift from Parents
Green Patterned Wrap Dress - New Look via Cardiff Clothes Swap
Grey Dress - Jane Norman, £15 Gift from my Mum
Blue Flower Dress - H&M, Borrowed from Heather
Navy and Lace Dress - Primark £10
Blue Floral Maxi - Primark £12
Tonga Dress - c/o Fever London
Bluebird Dress - c/o Fever London
Yellow Seagull Dress - c/o Fearne Cotton at Very.com
Blue Lace Dress - Fashion Union, gift from my parents
Cezanne Sweetheart Dress - Fever London, gift from a friend
Black Dorothy Perkins Dress - Dorothy Perkins, gift from Mum
Orange 60's Dress - Primark £14
Newspaper Print Dress - Heine c/o Kaleidoscope
Turquoise Tulip Dress - Lipsy, gift from my parents
Blue Bird Dress - Dorothy Perkins £32
Mustard Polka Dot Dress - Everything5pounds.com £5
Darling Dress - Darling via Looby Loos, £15 gift from Jon
Geometric Print Dress - Everything5pounds.com £5

Vintage Stripped Skirt - Saphia via Ebay £10
Orange Floral Skirt - H&M via Ebay
Knee Length Denim Skirt - Tommy Hilfiger
Blue Floral Skirt - Esprit £10
Black Suede Skirt - Peacocks £5
Denim Mini Skirt - TKMaxx £15
Daisy Skirt - I.N.C via Sears £50
Tartan Tulip Skirt - Primark £5
Red Check Skirt - Peacocks £2
White A-Line Skirt - Cherokee at Tesco, Gift from Parents
B&W Stripped Skirt - Next via PDSA Charity Shop £4
Purple Zebra Skirt - Peacocks £2
Brown Floral Skirt - Forever 21, swap with Tia
White Tulle Skirt - Primark £9
Polka Dot Tulip Skirt - Matalan £3.70
White and Green Floral Skirt - Zara via Ebay £5
Silk Floral Skirt - Wallis, Gift from Parents
Grey Pencil Skirt - APT9 Swap with Francis Joy
Check Granny Skirt - Jacqman, £2.99 via Charity Shop
Bright Floral Skirt - Amari £14.99
Blue Floral Skirt - TKMaxx £24.99, gift from parents
Black Crinoline - Queen of Holloway £19.99, via ebay
Mustard Skirt - Peacocks £7
Green Tartan Skirt - Next £3 via Charity Shop
Monochrome Pattern Skirt - Matalan £16

Gold Apple Bottoms - Gift from Aunty
High Waist Black Trousers - Principles, Gift from Parents
White Linen Trousers - Principles, Gift from Parents
Tweed Cutoffs - New Look via Clothes Swap
Green Trousers - Tommy Hilfiger $32
Simple Bootcut Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Black Wide Leg Trousers - Debenhams Collection, Gift from Parents
Denim Co Jeans - Primark

Vintage polka dot Playsuit - M&S via Bling Lemon Vintage Fair £15
Grey Tweed Shorts - Primark £6
Chambray shorts - Be Bop, swap with Tia

Leggings/Socks etc
Grey Rouched Leggings - Primark £5
Sequin Edged Leggings - Primark £4
Black Knee High Socks - Primark £2

Pinstripe Blazer - Vintage via PDSA Charity Shop £4
1960's Grey Military Jacket - Cardiff Antique Centre £10
Long Purple Jacket - George at ASDA, Gift from Jon
Black Afghan Coat - Kit Company, Gift from Parents
Mid length Purple Jacket - Topshop via Milgi Carboutique £1
Black Leather Jacket - Dorothy Perkins £20, Gift from Mum
Denim Look Jacket - Mac and Jac via Sears
Tartan Jacket - Dorothy Perkins, Gift from Parents
Silk Jacket - China Silk Factory Shanghai, £56
Embroidered Wool Coat - Disigua £220, won via The Shopping Forecast
Full Length Wool Coat - Debenhams Collection, gift from parents
Black Blazer - River Island, Hand-me-down from my Aunty Elaine
White Lace Jacket - Vintage
Tartan Cape - Fearne Cotton c/o Very.com
Orange Vintage Blazer - Wallis via PDSA Charity Shop £3.50
Purple Vintage Jacket - Vintage £6 via Kidney Research Charity Shop

Black Cropped Sleeve Cardigan - Newlook (lost and found) FREE
Blue Cawl Neck Jumper - Esprit £20
Purple Sparkly Polo-neck Jumper - Primark, Gift from parents
Cream Chunky Knit Jumper - Per Una from M&S, hand-me-down from Mum
Thin Purple Polo Neck - Primark, Gift from Parents
Grey Cashmere Jumper - Tesco, Gift from In-Laws
Pastel Floral Cardigan - George at ASDA via Charity Shop
Bow Shoulder Dress - Pink Soda via TKMaxx, Gift from Parents
Polar Bear Jumper - Zara £5.99
Red Floral Cardigan - Fashion Union, Gift from Parents
Red Cardigan - Topshop
Breton Cardigan - Fashion Union, Gift from Parents
Cream Jumper - Primark £4
Yellow Rose Cardigan - F+F Tesco, £8
Stripped Zip Up Cardigan - Fashion Union, Gift from Parent
Velvet Fur Trimmed Cardigan - Vintage hand me down from my Mum
Vintage Black Cardigan - Vintage via Charity Shop £3
Gold Cardigan - George, hand me down

Black Waistcoat - Primark £9
Crotchet Back Vest - TKMaxx £3
Black Fringe Vest - H&M £9
Beige Knitted Tank - Zebra, swap with Krystal
Denim Studded Vest - George at ASDA via Red Cross Charity Shop £1, DIY Studded by me
Navy Waistcoat - H&M £5

Strawberry Pumps - Office £30
Gold Pumps - Primark £4
Black and Red Mary Janes - TKMaxx £20
Grey Ankle Boots - George at ASDA, Gift from parents
Purple Heels - Gift from parents
Silver Pumps - Primark £4
Black Pointy Boots - Unbranded
B&W Heeled Brogues - Newlook £10
Black Studded Pumps - J by Jasper Conran, Gift from Parents
Grey T-Bar Heels - George at ASDA £15, Gift from Parents
Pointy Red Boots - Unbranded
Blue Suede Shoes - Dorothy Perkins £17.60
Blue Studded Sandals - Peacocks £12
Gold and Silver Heels - George at ASDA, Gift from Parents
Purple Floral Converse - Converse via Office £25
Polka Dot Wedges - Mustang via TKMaxx £10
Red Sandals - Peacocks £12
Black Court Shoes - George at ASDA
Pointy Brown Heels - Unbranded
Brown Fur Boots - South, Gift from parents, £15
Black Buckle Boots - Unknown Brand
Black Jewelled Pumps - George at ASDA, gift from parents
Aubergine Heels - Primark £4
Denim Hightop Boots - Unbranded £10
Pink Silk Indian Flats - Gift from India
Black Bow Pumps - Peacocks gift from my Mum
Dimante Jelly shoes - Primark £8
Mustard Mary Janes - ASOS £5
Firetrap Brown Boots - Firetrap via TKMaxx £49.99, gift from Jon
Red Mary Janes - Faith £37.50, gift from Jon
Silver and Grey Court Shoes - Unbranded hand me downs from mum
Floral Brogues - Dorothy Perkins £10
Ruched Taupe Boots - Everything5pounds.com £5
Chained Ankle Boots - Everything5pounds.com £5
Green Lace Up Hushpuppy Boots - Hush Puppies gift from Jon
Chained Sandals - Deichmann, from my sister
Black Sandals - M&S £16

Eiffel Tower Handbag - Lunacy Boutique £50
Black Baguette Bag - 'Chanel Inspired' Canadian Flee Market £15
Purple Leather Bag - Unbranded, Gift from Parents
Bright Blue Clutch - Primark £3
Neon Neon Clutch - Courtesy of Red Ruby Rose
Beige Butterfly Bag - Matthew Williamson, Gift from Godmother
Vintage Wicker Bag - Etsy, Gift from Parents
Leather Etched Bag - Primark £2
Brown Fur Bag - George at ASDA via PDSA £2.49
Embroidered China Bag - China Market £1.50
Apple Handbag - Ollie and Nic £40, gift from Jon

Cream Corduroy Trilby - TKMaxx £10
B&W Check Trilby - Primark £9
Red Polka dot Gloves - Steil-eto £13, Gift from my Mum
Long Purple Leather Gloves - Gift from parents
Burgundy Trilby - Oasis
Vintage Red Beret - Vintage, Swap with Tia
Floral Sunglasses - ASOS £10
Grey Cloche Hat - TKMaxx, Gift from Jon
Khaki Kangol Hat - Vintage from Bernardo's Charity Shop, £1.50
Floral Snood - Republic, £16.99 won from The Shopping Forecast
Leather Wrap Belt - Matalan
Purple Stretch Belt - Peacocks £8, Gift from Parents
Navy and Gold Scarf - Vintage £1 via Carboutique
Green Felt Floppy Hat - Primark £1.50
Baci Purple Lashes - Baci £3.50
Vintage Mink Kangol Hat - Kangol via a Charity Shop £1.50

Wedding Dress - Handmade by Julie Myers


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