Sunday 18 March 2012

Sunday Catch up - 18th March

Here's a week on instagram
Some of the food I ate:
1. The boys made dinner! Meatball Pasta Bake, Garlic Bread and Salad
2. I tried the Ham in Coke Recipe! It was Yum! With wedges and veggies
3 + 4. I discovered Pasta Pot! And it is great. Feta and Pesto and Chicken with Dill Mayo
1+2. Nails of the week. Grey with Orange spots. Irish Flag for Paddy's Day
3. Magazine Reading for this month
4. I watch Burlesque - I liked it!! Hehe!
1. Delilah have catch's with her daddy
2. My little Jasper
3. Counting money at work, lots of it!
4. Busy day at work
1+2. O'Neills had a Irish Jig and the girls did great!
3+4. Spent most of my week in work in the bay, but we got hit bad with the fog again.
1. My colleague Rhys at work (Captain Glasswash!)
2. The new Nissan Micra
3. Organising my office shelve, lots of fashion mags and books!
4. A rediscovered vintage brooch I was bought last year (and weirdly it glows in the dark!!)

Well today is a very good day! Wales won the Grand Slam!! We beat the French and took the title! Our boys did good. So that means I am in a super good mood, but v.tired as not only was it a match day in Cardiff yesterday it was also St Paddy's Day and I work in an Irish pub! You do the math!!

So today will be spent chilling and starting the task of re organising my wardrobe! I am determined to do it as it is just too full and I have so much stuff I just don't like or wear anymore. So there will be a blog closet sale on here at some point soon.

Have a good Sunday

Daisymay X

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  1. good lord, I can only imagine how busy you were yesterday! lots of tea, food and magazine reading today to make up for it and relax xx

  2. Hello Daisymay, apologies for the delay in replying to your comment! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love this post- your week looks great fun! The rabbits are sooooooo cute! You#ve also reminded me by the food,that I haven't eaten lunch yet-ahrgh!
    Nice to meet you! :-)

  3. Do you do Irish dancing by the way?When you referred to 'the girls' I wasn't sure if this included you!!!

  4. I walked past O'Neills yesterday and the queue was huge! We ended up going home after the stadium because we're just too old to be queueing to get in pubs now haha! We went into a local old man's club and were some of the only people in there, it was great!
    Food looks good :) x

  5. i think you have enjoy the weekend id good

  6. Congrats to the Welsh rugby team! ;P

    And it's so cool to get to see bits and pieces of your life ;).


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