Monday 15 October 2012

Monday Mail - 15th October

Good Morning Ladies!! Can you believe its Monday again (or that its the middle of October for that matter!) So as my brain is probably sleepy, just like the rest of yours, I thought a quick and simple mail post may be in order. I am really enjoying being a member of swap-bot and have received another great selection of postcards and mail this past few weeks. Here are a few of them!
My fav ones have to be the vintage camera and typewriter cards, their just so cool!

Anyone else a big snail mail fan. I think its really nice to receive some proper letters in the post. To get to know other people all over the world. If you a fan too why not sign up to Swap-bot as well.

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  1. these days, the only snail mails i get are BILLS! life of a grown up. thanks for your comments on my blog :)


  2. How cute and fun! I'm following your adorable blog and hope you help me reach my goal of 1000!

  3. There is something about postcards that make me feel so nostalgic.
    I should start collecting them from each places I visit. ;)

    would love it if you could come checkout my blog and follow each other if you'd like!


  4. I love a good post card too--there's nothing lovelier than getting a handwritten one in the mail.

    xo Mary Jo

  5. Wow, how much awesome mail! :P I finally joined Swap-bot and yesterday got my very first swap! :)

    Hope you're having a fun week, sweet Chantele! ;D


  6. This post reminded me of documentary I saw about a postcard photographer. I love postcards - receiving a handwritten post card by mail is the best. I should make use of the postal service more often.


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