Saturday 15 December 2012

Shopping - Just a little arm candy

Sorry for the total lack of post in the last two weeks, I've just managed to be super busy with work and Christmas stuff, so literally haven't had a spare moment to write anything - at all!

You all know I don't actually shop that much, it's surprising I know! I usually just buy second hand and online these days as money is pretty tight. And apart from the jumper last week I hand't bought anything in months. I just wasn't seeing much stuff I actually liked in the shops.

But I managed to have a nice tax rebate with my last pay so Jon said I should treat myself to a few little things. I'm still not hugely keen on many things on the high street in all honest, so I thought I could just pick up a few little accessories instead of something big.

 I really like the simple leather/suede bangles with the charms in the centre that I keep seeing in the likes of Topshop and Urban Outfitters (and on a few of my fav bloggers) but as I'm still trying not to spend too much money (we started saving for a house deposit!) I went online and found a few on etsy instead!
 So here are the ones I have bought that have arrived so far - I think I still have 2 to come, one with a cross and one with an infinity sign.
The anchor and Deathly Hallows are from a shop called Firegarden, (as is the bull necklace below). They were 63p each and £1.28 postage each - so pretty cheap!

 This LOVE and Heart were from a shop called 99CARAT they were £5.56 including postage for the 2 of them

 I also got this little bull skeleton head necklace from Firegarden as well, it was just really cool!

 I'd been fancying a cute owl bag for ages! So for the little price of £5.83 and free postage I got myself one from this shop on ebay
I'm really lacking in winter jumpers too this year so I got the one above in the beige from this shop on ebay for £10.99. I wanted it baggy and oversized so I could put it over dresses and stuff.

 Now I didn't buy these beauties myself but I did receive them as courtesy of Barretts! Expect to see them in an outfit post or 2 over the next week or so!

So there you have it my little haul from the past few weeks. Have you bought anything fun or interesting recently. I suppose most people are buying party outfits for xmas do's? Have fun!

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  1. LOVE the deathly hallows one! xx

  2. oh my gosh, the deathly hollows bracelet is so cute!!! i want one. LOL. i also really like those boots.


  3. Beautiful bracelets!

  4. The owl bag gave me a bit of a chuckle... how fun!


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