Wednesday 19 June 2013

Show Us Your Favourite...with Missy In The Mirror

I hope you have all been enjoying my guest bloggers this last few weeks. Don't worry I still have a few more to come and then I will be back in July! Today's post is another beauty based one for all you beauty lovers out there. Say a big Hi to Shruti from Missy In The Mirror Blog!
Hi everyone! 
I am Shruti from Missy In The Mirror and Chantele was nice enough to allow me to be a guest author on this amazing blog.
Drugstore mascaras are great but sometimes it’s fun to try out new products and there are some cracking high end mascaras out there. These are my 3 favourites. 

The first is the Diorshow Extase – it’s fabulous mascara with a wand that is fat with teeth in a circular spiral. It’s the one all-rounder mascara that I have found. It volumises and lengthens. I love it. You can find it here for $28.58 or here for £23
The second is the Estee Lauder Sumptious Bold Volume Lifting mascara – it’s a great mascara which really separates your lashes. It NEVER clumps! Amazing. You can buy it here for $22.00 or here for £20
The last but certainly not the least is everyone’s favourite Benefit they’re Real mascara – this mascara has thin fibers that make lashes look so long you wouldn’t believe it! If you can only get one, get this one. You can buy it here for $23.00 or here for £19.50
Which are you favourite mascaras? What do you guys think about coloured mascaras (non-black) – Yay or nay?
Thanks for reading!! 
Shruti x
Thank you Shruti for the great post. I know a lot of the South Wales girls have the Benefit Mascara thanks to Benefit donating them to the last bloggers meet goodie bags and I must be honest I really like it too!

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