Friday 20 May 2011

Friend Friday: Blog Pet Peeves!

It's Friday again! Sadly it is also a majorly busy weekend for me as the Heineken Cup final is on on Saturday and all the Irish will be down as of today, so I shall be busy busy busy and very tired by the end of it.

But I will tell you now, hopefully next week I shall have some big news for you, if everything goes to plan.

So on to todays Friend Friday post. This weeks topic is Blog Pet Peeves (how fun!). As always find everyone else's post over on Modly Chic.
I am going to make this quick and brief as I would like to get to bed so I can be up early in the morn for a long days work (I write my posts the night before just so you know)

So my 5 top blog pet peeves:

1. Music!! - My God I hate it. If you want to put music on your blog do not have it on auto play it drives most people mad! And it often makes me jump out of my skin as I am not expecting it.

2. Blogs that take ages to load because the writer has a fussy background and a million widgets (half of which are un-needed). I just wont bother waiting for it and I'll click off them. Oh and on the same thread I hate blogs that have silly fonts or silly colours, which are hard to read or even see. There is one in particular (I shall not name) that has a funny squiggly font and in an almost neon pink colour. I swear my eyes blur over just trying to read one line.

3. Random google ads all over the place. If you have genuine sponsors that is awesome, but I hate google ads which just advertise random things. Plus some blogs have them across the top, down the side and in between each post, it's just silly.

4. Blogs that just post a load of picture editorials or catwalk images in every post. That is interesting every now and again (I do it sometimes!) but if that is all you post, it gets boring and it's totally uncreative! Get some decent content and write something interesting.

5. Writers that steal other peoples content - DONT DO IT!! It's wrong, it's plagiarism, it's stealing! Most bloggers are happy to allow use of pictures and even certain content if you just ask permission!

I've realised that I could probably list another 5 peeves if I was allowed to ("follow me" comments!! Argh!!!), as this has kinda started some burning vent inside me, lol. But I shall be nice!

What are your pet peeves?
Actually is there anything up with my blog that annoys you, or that I could change to make it better?

Daisymay X

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  1. i share some of your pet peeves too! although i have to say i don't mind image heavy blogs, i see a blog as a scrap book and it is nice to find new ideas and links. i tend to read a mix of picture heavy and word heavy blogs and it works for me :)


  2. yup yup yup! does anyone do music any more? surely the message that it is not a good idea is out now!

  3. I cannot stand when blogs have tons and tons of editorial and catwalk photos! It actually makes me not want to read it or visit it...and the music thing? I would have to agree with what Franca said. Completely!

  4. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. I've noticed that their are a LOT of similar responses this week. Someone should compile all of the answers to this week's FBFF and create a "Blogging for Dummies" book out of it!

  5. Music is seriously THE biggest turn off.

  6. I can't stand when people write a freakin' book as one post. It's like get to the point! I don't have 30 minutes to read one post.

  7. Hahaha! I hate exactly the same things! And it also annoys me to find a million pictures that look alike (in fashion blogs). I understand these girls want to show all the details in their outfit, but sometimes there're lots of pictures that are unnecessary. I usually feel like telling them, "I get it! You're cute and have a sense of style, but enough! I don't need to see you pigeon toed and then the same shot but winking, and then another one flipping your hair ...". Haha!

    Hope the customers tonight give you a break! Have fun!

  8. I swear I could've listed 10 more as well! And I wished I would've put the plagiarism thing as well, that's just WRONG!

    And you're right, TOO many pictures is super annoying. I already feel self-conscious putting 5 or so pics of myself in a post, but seriously, some people must be obsessed with themselves! Otherwise, why did you just post the same pic, times 20?!?!

  9. Oh how I hate it when someone takes their blog private and then stops updating regularly.

    It's also horrible when people don't use the spell-check and never make paragraph breaks in their giant long rambling post.

    I also hate the cutesy fonts people use, especially against crazy busy backgrounds. Simple is better!

  10. Ditto! I also hate when there are blogs with huge, giant photos that take forever to load. I don't really have the patience for them and tend to just skip them.

    I also don't like the spam prevention word check thing (hope you don't have it as I'm typing this lol). Do bots really spam blogs?? In any case, though it's not really controllable by the user, at least have words/phrases that are actually decipherable. I hate spending the extra time trying to figure out what certain things are supposed to be.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :o)


  11. Music & 'OH MY GODZ LUV YO BLOG FOLLOW ME' comments are the worst. I love your blog layout, it's easy to work out. x hivenn

  12. thanks for sharing. i'm totally with you!

  13. Great post!! I actually share every single one of your pet peeves, although plagiarism is more than a peeve for me, it really really annoys my socks off!

  14. i'm generally not a fan of music on blogs, but there is one blog i'll visit to see what's playing :) i really don't like the 'follow me' comments. if someone leaves a genuine comment, i'll be more inclined to go find out who they are and follow them!

  15. Could not agree more with #4. I do like seeing catwalk/fashion posts, but if thats the whole blog I can't connect, I like blogs that have real people sharing parts of themselves with the world.

    It gets boring and its pretty impersonal.

    ~ Em K

    oh and #1. music means I don't bother looking at the blog.

  16. I'm sitting here nodding along as they're my peevs too! I think the rule of actual blog pages/layout/whatever should be 'keep it simple, stupid'. Music, widgets, ads and the like are just distracting. I mean, what's the actual point of the blog - so people read it.

  17. Hahahaha!! This is pretty funny. but spot on! I hate the music. I also hate the word verification stuff - it wastes time. I hate follow me comments and I hate blogs that host a giveaway every other day. Once in a while is great. Anything more than that is annoying :)

  18. Haha so true xD (your post just made me want to go like "heey <3 Lovely blog follow meee plz") xD
    Awesome. And I do agree : music is the worst. I love listening to music, but that awful auto-play always makes me jump off my seat >.<

  19. I really hate music too,

    and captchas! oh if captchas would just go away

  20. the thing about sites taking a long time to load really resonates with me.... but i think that's cuz my computer is overloaded and about ready to peter out. ps- i LOVE that road sign!! oh my. too funny. i'd be instantly cheered if i saw that. <3

  21. I'm not a huge fan of the auto play music either.

  22. I haven't come across too many blogs with music but I'm definitely not a fan. I almost added music to my blog at one point and then I thought....nah, what if my readers don't like the same music OR what if they are at work when reading (like me). I will persuade anyone not to do it!!


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