Thursday 2 June 2011

Naked Delivery!

Just a quick post ladies as I'm really busy at the moment. I promise to do a proper post soon and get you all up to date on everything. But just thought I would share my awesome delivery that arrived this morning. Thanks to Groupon (if your not a member yet join up asap!) I was able to do a massive shop and get a major discount on Naked Beauty Products. All their products are 97% Natural, not tested on animals and really good for your skin or hair. I love this stuff but don't usually get to buy it. When I saw the Groupon offering £20 worth of products for £8 I jumped at the offer and got 2 vouchers.

This is my haul that arrived this morning.
left to right - back row to front row
>Minty Menthol Body Wash
>Chicory and Wheat Protein Boby Building Shampoo
>Coco de mer Body Wash
>Coco de mer Bath Foam
>Honey and Mallow Hydrating Shampoo
>Buttermilk and Green Tea Hydrating Conditioner
>Starflower Liquid Hand Wash
>Extra Shine Finishing Serum
>Thirst Aid 12 Hour Moisturiser
>Coco de mer Body Butter
>Coconut and Shea Glossing Hair Treatment

I cannot wait to start using these (the Coco de mer Body Butter smells amazing!) so expect some reviews very soon, when I have tested them all out.
My skin is gonna be so soft and my hair sooo shiny! Yay!

Daisymay X

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  1. Oooh! I'm intrigued. I'm always looking for natural hair care products and these look fabulous. I hope to hear how they work out.

  2. I am so jealous of this fabulous purchase, i want to try those! must investigate further..

  3. Wow, so many beauty products! ;D We've joined Groupon recently; it's very convenient.

    Have a great weekend! ;)


  4. Hee hee - your title make me giggle!
    You are going to be one sweet smelling lady :)


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