Thursday 16 June 2011

60's Themed Fancy Dress

It was my mother-in-law to be's hen do on the weekend and it was 60's theme fancy dress so I figured I would show you my make shift outfit.
Dress: Primark
Waistcoat: H&M
Tights: Vintage Mary Quant
Shoes: ASOS
Necklace: Vintage
Bangles: via Ebay
Hairband: Random
Belt: Random
Eyelashes: Girls Aloud Kimberly
We decided to go with the hippy 60's theme rather than the mod (twiggy-esque) theme. Thank god as I had nothing to wear! This dress was a last minute find at Primark (fancy dress is exempt from my shopping ban if there is a theme I can't do from my current wardrobe)
This was actually the first time every for me to apply false eyelashes. Although I didn't get them perfect (they need to be a little closer to my lashes) I was pretty happy with them and I was majorly happy with how cool they looked and I got lots of comments. The little red gems were added later as one of the party brought them along to make flowers on our cheeks, but I thought just the 2 red dots were better.
What do you think? Does anyone have any tips for applying false lashes?
These were a total bargain, they only cost me 99p at Home Bargains and I got the Nicola pair too, they have little tiny silver butterflies on them, so will have to try those next time.

Daisymay X

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  1. this is absolutely hippy happy cool! Love the lashes and little gems. Great outfit. I love theme parties, so fun!


  2. Great outfit! Totally 60's!

  3. Oh my gosh, so cute!! You look amazing!!! I love the little gems by your eyes, and your tights!!! (this comment NEEDED a lot of exclamation points, in case you were wondering).


  4. I think you did a fantastic job! And I love them tights and lashes!!!! I never worn false ones myself, so no tips here, but they add so much drama to the look. Good choice.

  5. Great outfit - loving the tights!

  6. Soo cute. I'm crazy about '60s style...I think I would wear something very similar to this on a regular day!

  7. Great job on the 60's style. The dress and hair band is perfect. Also really love your make up.

  8. amazing eye-lashes. perfect to wear with a sixties style dress... i love this outfit.

  9. OMG amazing lashes!! Says a lot that I knew immediately that it was a 60s look before I even read the subject :)

  10. OMG you totally captured the 60s style!! Love it. Love theme parties!!


  11. This is cute! Very groovy :) I used to have a few dresses that could work for something like this. Im going to have look for them now!

  12. you look adorable
    i love the eye bling
    you really pulled this one off!


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