Monday 12 December 2011

And Little Mix take the XFactor Title!!

Well Little Mix took the XFactor title last night, and with it broke the curse of bands on the XFactor!! I do like them but personally they weren't my fav act, but I wish them the best of luck, I think they will be great!
And this was probably my favourite performance of theirs! And it's from the final!
Little Mix performing Don't Let Go! They do nail this song!

So that means Marcus came in second. I think certain songs suited his voice so well and he was amazing! Then other times he didn't quite live up to the song. Now my favourite performance of his was "She's so Fine" but sadly I can't show you that video on here as XFactor You Tube has disabled the embed code (click here to see it) but here is my second fav of his performances.
Marcus Collins sings Higher and Higher

Amelia Lily sadly took 3rd place although she was incredibly gracious about it all! I was backing her to win so was a little gutted when she went out, but I think there may have been many screams of a fix if she had won, due to her coming back and HMV pre sale slip ups! But ah well! I think (and hope) she will still score a nice recording contract next year and we won't see the end of her (or marcus! Oh or Misha B!!)
But personally I think this was the best, most professional and flawless performance of the whole season (and it's one of my fav songs ever!).
Kelly and Amelia Lily sing River Deep, Mountain High - Enjoy!

So who were you backing to win the XFactor?
Are you happy Little Mix won? Will you be buying the single?

Now just see the XFactor US final! Gutted Drew is gone!! And the beautiful Leroy! (60 and still hot ladies!) Think it's gonna be Melanie and Josh for the final, love them both!
Anyone else a US XFactor fan too??

Daisymay X

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