Thursday, 11 April 2013

Event - Red Hot World Buffet Chef's Table

I was really lucky to have been invited to the Red Hot Buffet Chef's Table PR Event in the Cardiff a few weeks ago, where me and Jon got treated to a rather awesome 7 course banquet dinner. The event was to get some feedback on the restaurant and get the word out about the upcoming changes with brand. They will still be a buffet restaurant but they will be expanding and pushing their tailor made sections. You will be able to customise more of your food, and have such made exactly to your specification. This change will be made over the next year, so keep your eyes out for it at your local Red Hot Buffet.

So here is all the yummy food we had. With me being unable to eat spice and Jon disliking fish, we managed to eat everything between the 2 of us, lol, which is quite a common thing for us!
 Their new signature Red Hot Buffet Cocktail. I can't remember all the ingredients but it included fresh plum, archers, cointreau, grenadine and a few other things. It was really yummy, not to alcoholic tasting, but quite sweet.  
 SUCHI!!!!! You know I love it, so sushi was awesome! Nothing special but pretty good.
 This was Indian Street Food - I have no idea what was in it, but it was a fried patty type thing, topped with crispy shredded veg, raita and mango chutney. It had a little too much spice for me so I only had a few mouthfuls, but Jon loved it lots so finished both off. As did all the other dinner guests
 The fish course was a Risotto - This was mine which had prawns in it, and Jon had the veggie one but it was full of mushrooms, so I ate his too! They were both really good, lots of flavour and really well cooked.
 The meat course was Teppanyaki Beef Stir Fry in Chinese sauce. This smelt amazing!! Of soy and something sweet. Sadly again this was way too spicy for me as it had been made with chilli oil but again Jon found it really yummy so wolfed down both portions of it. Everyone on the table said it was really yummy and quite unusual as it had mandarines in it, but crispy noodles on top. Wish I could have eaten it as the smell was so good! 
We had a nice little Lemon-cello pallet cleanser after all the aromatic and spiced food.  

We had 2 lots of dessert: A yummy mini pancake stack which was lovely, 2 fluffy mini pancakes topped with a vanilla whipped cream, fruit sauce and fruit and white chocolate flakes! Devine!

Then this little dessert trio which included a chocolate brownie, creme brûlée and passionfruit cheesecake. They were all really great, and as they were tiny portions you didn't feel too stuffed to eat them.  
Overall the experience was great. We had visited there a few times before but never had food as quite as good as this, we tend to use it as a convenience restaurant if we are going to the cinema and don't have much time, we wouldn't have gone there for a really good meal. But if this is the calibre of food they will be serving when they make the change over to more bespoke dishes then I think we may be using it more often.

Has anyone else been to a Red Hot Buffet restaurant? What did you think of it?

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  1. All of the food looks delicious!

  2. Yummy this all looks delicious, gutted I missed it! Xx

  3. This looks amazing. I love red hot buffe. Especially the dessert! M xx


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