Saturday, 13 April 2013

Event - New Hair and Beauty Panel at Belle Toujours

I shall keep you in suspense for just a little longer on the new hair cut as I want to tell you about the beautiful salon I went to to have my hair cut. I was very lucky to be asked to be part of a beauty panel at the stunning Belle Toujours salon in Pontcanna one evening last week. I was one of 4 Cardiff blogging girls at the event, I was joined by Charli of Charli Dot Dot Dot, Mia of By Mimi and Louise of Lou Lou Muses.

First of all the outside of the salon is quite understate but it is in one of the impressive Cathedral Road buildings. Once you step inside though it is a different matter. The decor is stunning, it has been given such attention to detail, with a beautiful black and white pallet in the main salon, nails room and barber, but a great rich decadent gold and purple style in the spa rooms.

 The spa room has 2 beds so can be used by 2 girls having a bit of a ladies pamper session or a couple wanting a romantic relaxing massage together.
The whole of the interior has such a high end feel to it, but the staff are so lovely and inviting that general public (like me!) don't feel out of place, plus the prices were no higher than my local salons which are no where near as beautiful as this place.
 The beautiful Mia with her freshly facialed (new word there!) face and styled hair

We were then taken to a private room at Jolyons to discuss what we thought about the salon/spa and the treatments we had received. Of course we gave glowing reviews as we were all incredibly pleased with the beautiful salon and the even better treatments we had all received. 
 (How awesome are those chairs!)
 We had a bit of anti-pasti too!

So finally ladies, if you haven't spotted it on Facebook yet, here is the new hair!
 Yep it's lots shorter, but after all the bleaching and dying on my tips I thought it would just be better to cut it all off and start again.
First I had a K-Pak treatment, which I had never heard of before but I swear is the best thing that has happened to my hair in years! It is so light and silky smooth, it is glowing I swear! I then had it cut and styled by the lovely and friendly Lauren one of the stylist at Belle Toujours. I had already told the PR girl Shakira that I wanted a change of look and Lauren made me feel quite comfortable and happy with letting her lop off around 6 inches of it! She did a great job and now it is all sleek and shiny!
I want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Belle Toujours as I had an amazing night and I really love my new look! I really would advise anyone local to Cardiff to try out this salon for any of your beauty treatments, men included as the barbers area as just as impressive. I'm tempted to go back for my nails at some point in the future too!

Outfit made up of:
Dress: Primark
Jeans: Warehouse
Cardigan: Vintage

So what do you think of my new do? Think the shorter hair suits me, be honest?
Has anyone else tried Belle Toujours yet? 

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  1. I love you new hair, it really suits you.

  2. Oh wow love your slightly shorter hair :) Looks like you had an AMAZING time with some very yummy food and good company!

    Laura x

  3. Ohh I love this type of hair style :)

    Relay I like your blog. Thanks for sharing..


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