Monday, 19 August 2013

Outfit Post - Patterned Monochrome

When I bought my new Favourite Skirt in Matalan I also picked up this awesome Black and White one, it is high waisted too, so is really really long! I just loved the pattern so much, it is bold and striking even though it's only in black and white and it was only £16 I think, pretty good! For it's first outing I paired it with a simple black tee, black lace effect blouse and some black strappy sandals, figured I may as well keep the monochrome look going. We went to a Jazz Cafe/Bar for some drinks and Tapas for my Dad's birthday.  
 Skirt: Matalan
Vest Top: Matalan
Shirt: Bella Moda
Hairband: Claire's
Necklace: Vintage 
Bangle: Gift from my Aunty Elaine from a craft fair

 The pattern in all it's glory!

Had forgotten about my fork bangle, so thought it would go well with the outfit.
What do you think of the skirt? Anyone else really love monochrome looks?

I've decided to dedicate all this week to monochrome, so expect to see other bloggers takes on the monochrome look on Wednesday and lots of beautiful monochrome items from the high street you can buy on Friday! 

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