Tuesday 21 September 2010

London Fashion Week

Ok so I suppose as a British Fashion Blogger right now I should be all about London Fashion Week. Hmmm, well anyone who really knows me, knows I don't actually care too much about designer fashion. But I supposed I should at least dedicate 1 or 2 posts to it. So this is my quick evaluation of a few of the shows. And my overall view is that I'm not really that impressed! The odd show nailed it but more over than not they were a bit blah!

Christopher Cane
I'm sorry to say but I am highly unimpressed and disappointed by this collection. After the great silhouettes and graphic print fabric he used in his Resort Collection in July I expect more of him. This just feels like dodgy 60's twin sets and unflattering dresses, made with 70's patterned fabric in awful 90's neon colours! Weird and ugly! Sorry but I shant be wearing anything inspired by this stuff.

Nicole Farhi
Alot of this collection was made up of horrible, shiny, cheap looking fabric or what looks like flimsy linens. A few geometric pattern dresses like above and lots of loose baggy items. Its only saving grace is the odd well tailored pair of trousers and jackets. Even the shoes were dull uninspiring sandals.

Julien Macdonald
I really like his almost sportswear jackets and shorts (a hint of nautical but in more sophisticated colours) His chiffon dresses aren't that impressive, but very feminine. He has used mostly neutral colours (a little orange) all the way through until the end where he uses a stunning rich jewel blue fabric. I would love to find a highstreet (read: nicer priced) version of his stripped jackets and shorts as I think they could be a wardrobe staple for next year!

Giles Deacon
Lots of 70's silhouettes and styles in more modern takes of retro fabrics. Fun bright pink and yellow knits as well as warm autumn shades. There are a few ongoing motif/design ideas used in a number of pieces. He also designed 3 awesome 50's silhouetted dresses (one above). Overall I am loving it, and most of it really is wearable.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label
The queen of tailoring strikes again with some beautifully structured pieces. I want these trousers and blouse as they are stunning, so chic and sophisticated. She, as always, uses some interesting fabrics, and manages to produce both masculine and feminine looks. She starts off with the more safe pieces and builds to the more risky and unusual pieces. Great shoes (brogues are still holding strong!) and accessories, all round wonderfullness!! As always!

Betsey Johnson
Think little bowpeep, meets beauty pageant queen, meets roller derby, meets sailors all in all eclectic. Not exactly a cohesive collection but I kinda like most of the individual groups of outfits, but it feels like its been done before, nothing new! Some interesting DIY ideas though. Definitely worth a nose, as it's clearly the most fun collection I have found so far. After reading a bit of blerb about it the show is meant to be a kind of tour from uptown to down town in New York and the kind of designs that are inspired by different areas, a fun idea but as I said it doesn't make for a very cohesive collection.

Ok so thats my overview of 6 of the shows I have checked out so far. I shall comment on some more in my next post.
What are you guys feelings about London Fashion Week and the new designs? Any real loves or hates yet?

All the photos are from style.com

Daisymay X

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  1. Oh, I love the second dress! I love its shape, colors, everything!

  2. I'm also diggin' the Julien Macdonald and Giles Deacon looks. While I appreciate designer looks, I certainly don't go out of my way to watch any shows.

  3. Totally agree with you on what you said about Kane and Farhi, those collection were such let downs. I loved Burberry collection this time, it is was so fun and playful.
    Giles D. was pretty fab too if you ask me. :)

  4. I love the macdonald jacket! i think i spelled that wrong. and you were spot on in that first review...what is that green thing?? ugh.

  5. Would happily have the 3rd and 5th outfits in my wardrobe!:)


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