Tuesday 7 September 2010

Style Sample Magazine - Claudia Susana Interview

The new issue of Style Sample Magazine is out today and you can see my interview with the amazingly talented photographer Claudia Susana on pages 25-27, please check it out!
These are just some of her beautiful photos.

Thanks guys.

If anyone else would like an article written or an interview conducted please feel free to contact me on my email daisydayz25@googlemail.com

Daisymay X

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. Hi, Chantele! That is a great magazine! I'd never seen it before. Congrats for the interview =); her pictures a very beautiful.

    So, my envelope hasn't arrived there yet, huh? =( I sent it together with two other envelopes, the one to Spain arrived last Tuesday! I hope it didn't get lost or anything.

    Hope you've started the week with a smile!



  2. I LOVE that first pic, and the second to last wintry photo! So lovely!

  3. how cool, girl!!! I'm still up for a drink or something. We are actually leaving Monday afternoon now. When will you be there again?

  4. I'm so glad it arrived! That chicken is for the teapot hanger, hehe, so that you don't get burnt when you take it off the cooker. I'm sure you can get your balloons filled with helium in any ... oh, my! How do you call in English the store where you buy things for parties, such as balloons, piñatas, confetti??!! In Spanish, that's "cotillón". Well, I'm sure they'll fill your balloons with helium there for a low price :).

    Congrats for the interview and hope you get lots more!!! =D

  5. Thanks for being a part of the issue!


  6. Wow! These are beautiful pictures. I especially like the last two pictures best.

  7. i've just checked out the interview you did !
    it was really awesome !
    many people think interviews are easy to do, but it really is not in order to make the article interesting.

    glistersandblisters dot com


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