Friday 24 September 2010

This weeks lusts - cute tee's

I've really been fancying some cute t-shirts recently. But I didn't want any from a high street store as you tend to see loads of people with the same t-shirts on. And I have yet to get the hang of finding retro vintage t-shirts either. So I went on the hunt for some cute t-shirts from more independent designers and sellers. These are my favourites.
Robot Love
A Bicycle Built for Love
Look Ma No Hands
Bunny Invasion
Union Jack Teapot
Fondant Fancy
Bunny Love
David and Goliath Spooning T-shirt
Ok so this one is fairly common, but I still think it's cute! Gotta love David and Goliath!

Sometimes I just don't feel like making the effort to get dressed up properly and thats when cute tee's and jeans come in handy! Do you ever feel like that?
Which one would you get? Do you know of any great t-shirts for sale that aren't on the highstreet?

Daisymay X

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  1. Ooh these tees are so cute!


  2. I love David and Goliath! A few of us ordered their PJ bottoms when I was in hospital...great till they all shrunk in the wash (well, I did tell them not to put me in charge of washing!)

  3. i live in tees, but usually plain ones with nothing on them. i know, boring.

  4. I do love t-shirts with fun prints,

    Victoria x

  5. Oh, I love the one with the teapot with the Union Jack and the last one, haha! You should get them all, Chantele! =P I love vintage looking tees, too; but I don't think I look ok in them. Well, in jeans and wahtever I put on on top =(.

    Hope you're having a great Sunday!

  6. What a clever collection! Love the robots!


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