Friday 3 December 2010

Playing Dress Up with Village

Todays post is coming from guest blogger Krystal of Village. Krystal doesn't post outfits but does feature some stunning on trend items. So I thought she would be able to make me a bang on trend outfit with some of this seasons key items.
Dearest Chantele and her readers. Here is my outfit idea for you. I'm wondering if you are down with mixing browns and blacks? I sure am! I chose these items because they seem to be a mix of things I'm in to right now - a big warm sweater (with a must have print of the season), a vintage looking purse and some relaxed black boots to make the outfit look not so polished. You'll never find me without a scarf so i had to throw one in there. Also, red nails are my go to right now. I think this outfit would be perfect for your next trip to London for Christmas shopping ;) Love, Krystal

So what do you ladies think of this outfit? I think I would definitely wear this, especially as the weather in Wales is getting very cold.

Please visit Krystal at her blog for a hit of some pretty stuff, as always.

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Daisymay X

China Update: Today we visit another of the places I am most excited about. The amazing Terracotta Warriors!!! In the evening we get to enjoy a Shui Jiao Dumpling Banquet.

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  1. I love the sweater and the boots :).

  2. Loving Krystal's outfit idea! What a cozy-lookin' sweater.


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