Monday 10 January 2011

China Honeymoon Part 1

Hello everyone, I am glad to be back to blogging. Quite a few of you messaged and email me while I was away, and since I have been back, asking to see some photos of our trip. So this is the first post of our China holiday photos. I think there will be quite a few posts over the next few weeks as we were out there for a month and saw lots and lots of things.

It is such a beautiful country when you get out of the cities (the cities are nice, just very crowded and often quite dirty and smoggy). And the culture is so different from anything I have experienced before, it was amazing.

So here are some photos from our visit to Shanghai (I have night time photos as well but will save them for another day)

Carved jade jewellery
Bronze handle on wine vessel
Ancient Bronze wine vessel
Our first chinese snack. The cake is just a walnut brownie thing. The drinks were fruit and veg drinks, but they contained loads of veg I would never usually want to drink. Aubergine, cabbage, parsnip, sprouts, and a million other things. They weren't totally awful though, lol
This is me trying out stretching silk cocoons. That is just 1 cocoon I am pulling! They use 400 to make a silk quilt, in tiny thin layers.
A silk embroidered Kimono, that was made for an emperor in ancient china

Some stone buddha carvings
Ted! Sitting on the Bund
Us on our first day, Ted took the picture, lol.
The Bund is the river bank overlooking the Shanghai financial district.

So that's your first China hit, there will be lots more as Jon took over 2000 pictures! lol, I shant bore you with them all.

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  1. Yay, China shots! :) Lovely ones. I'd never seen a sil cocoon before! Can't believe they're so big and so many are needed to mae just one piece of clothing. No wonder why such clothes are pricy!

    Have a great week, Chantele! And best luck with the job! ;)

  2. They are so good!!! I think my favorite is that last one :)

  3. Great photos :) China is lovely place! And thank you!

  4. Great photos! Looks like a great time you had doll ;) xo

  5. aww looks like you had a good time,sigh even I've never been to china, but I sure plan to someday!

  6. What a coincidence. I was in Asia in December traveling for about a month in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.

    I love that jade sculpture picture you took.

    Thank you for visiting!

  7. WOW
    CHINA ! that is FARRRRR and away.
    Your pictures are fabulous and I am wondering what those drinks tasted like with all those veggies.
    I have so say I have never been to China and it makes me curious....

  8. Amazing! I'm so envious. Can't wait to see more of your photos

  9. Haha, I completely believe you took 2000 photos - a month is a long trip!
    I'm sure you've got hundreds of great photos and even better memories.

  10. Wow, looks like you had lots of great adventures!


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