Sunday 23 January 2011

Sunday Inspiration

All I want this week is a simple organised and tidy closet, so here is some inspiration to get clearing!!

Don't they all look wonderful and I bet we all aspire to having something equally organised. Well over the next few weeks I shall be decluttering and organising my closet, this is a very slow and arduous task! The main problems being: 1)I hate throwing anything out! 2)I am physically out of any more space to keep clothes 3)I do not actually own a proper closet!
We have only 1 small fitted wardrobe in the bed room and 1 in the study. The study one is full of outerwear (mainly my coats and jackets). The bedroom one is half full of my dresses and half jons suits and shirts. The rest of our clothes are crammed in 3 huge chest of draws, 2 plastic stackable boxes and 5 under-bed draws, yet that is still not enough, which is totally ridiculous so I think it is about time I got ruthless with my closet and got rid of lots of it, because I clearly can't wear it all.
I started small with my underwear draws, and even that shocked me when I managed to throw a whole carrier bag full out!! Then my shoes, which wasn't too bad just 2 pairs of scruffy pumps and a few sandals that I never wear coz they hurt my feet (why do we hang onto these if we know they hurt us, it's silly). But next I shall be tackling my jumper box. I know there are about 10 hoodies in there which I haven't worn since I finished uni so I think most of them will be on ebay next week, lol.

Hope this inspires you to have a clear out too

Daisymay X

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  1. Oh my goodness! Those first two closets are amazing!
    My closet has been frustrating me lately. I can't find anything. I wish going through everything just took one day, but its more like 2 months! Good luck with yours!

  2. SWOON! My closet space is so teeny! I just cleared it out before the holidays and it DID help! Best of luck with your project. : )

  3. I've never even owned a wardrobe, so you can imagine what a big mess my bedroom is :/! That's going to change, though, relly soon. In about a week, to be more precise, hehe. David's already put some of my clothes there and I'll throw the rest once I get there. I don't think my closet looks nything like the ones in these pretty pictures, but I'll try to keep it neat. Best luck organizing yours! ;)

    By the way, do you feel better now? Have a great week! :)

  4. Gorgeous. I'd take any of those beautiful closets!

  5. Best of luck with your clear out! I love the fourth closet with the curtains! Gorgeous.

  6. Ive got to get my closet more organized!

  7. Gorgeous closet inspiration! Well a ton of my wardrobe is at my parent's place in NYC and I hope to clear out a lot when I visit!

  8. I did a major closet purge this weekend, which was so difficult for me! It was very sad to see some things go, but it was much easier to get myself organized.
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Daisy!
    - xo, Vanessa Elizabeth

  9. I would love any one of those closets, they're so cute. I'm working on organizing my closet, too (finally)!

  10. i really need to clean out my closet as i've run out of room as well. i take my things to a resale shop and trade them for other people's things :)
    i have a great pair of Frye boots that i 'purchased' that way! but this time i think i'll get some jewelry to use as materials for my shop!!!

  11. I am with you, all I want is an organized closet too! Some of these I can only dream of accomplishing some day!

  12. Closet editing is a never ending process.
    How I wish I had a closet like one of the above.
    I actually do little closet cleaning once a month.
    I think the best place to start (like you did) is the underwear drawer.
    After that I tacked the pijama drawer, then accessories...
    So you are off to a go start!


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