Wednesday 12 January 2011

Send me your good vibes

Well today I have a meeting with the editor of a local magazine, and fingers crossed it might lead to some freelance work. Which would be awesome! I'm now writing a monthly fashion piece on local designers and local stores for the Cardiff Now magazine, and hope that this meeting will lead to a similar role for a Swansea Magazine. So ladies send me your good vibes! I'll get you up a nice picture of my outfit tomorrow. But I will tell you it involves Tartan! Hehe!

If you read my first post back you will know that I am now on a year long shopping ban (sigh!). Plus when I reach the end of my year and have successfully managed to not buy a single item of clothing or any accessories, my parents and husband intend to reward me with a Vivienne Westwood Dress!! Yay!! I think (and know) this is the perfect incentive to keep me going. So from now on Wednesday's will be Westwood Wednesday's (I know I'm mad and you will all get totally sick of seeing Vivienne Westwood items but I shall try my best to mix it up a bit and make it interesting, I promise). The idea is that every time I start getting tempted by shopping, which I know I will, seeing Westwood things will remind me of the wonderful dress I shall be getting and will help me through it. So I figure I could share my Westwood incentives with you each week and maybe bring you some interesting info as well. What you think? I know she is not everyones cup of tea and I can't say I love everything she does, but I do like lots of her stuff.

Here are this weeks Westwood incentives:

Tartan is definitely one of her favourite fabrics and can be seen in almost every Catwalk collection she has ever done and this seasons was no different. The second dress is just beautiful with it's floaty quality which isn't something you usually associated with a tartan as they are seen as a heavy wool material.
Catwalk Spring 2011 RTW via
Image via A Woman of No Importance who has written a great post on Westwood.
Editorial via Paper Mode (more Tartan!!)

Navy Sunday Dress via Sunday Best. I love the simplicity of this dress.
Red Monday Dress via Hervia, it's so vintage looking!
Red Sunday Squiggle Dress via Liberty. This is currently my favourite! It's just so fun and is again in a very vintage style.

Thats was too much of an overload was it? Which dress do you guys like the most? Perhaps I could put the final choice to a vote by you ladies, we'll see at the end of the year.

On a slightly different note (but still linked with my shopping ban train of thought) the BonBon Rose Girls are having a weeks worth of giveaways to celebrate their blog's second birthday. They are giving away some seriously cute items as always so why not nip on over and start entering. I have realised that giveaways may be my only chance of new fashion items for the next year, and I suppose it's even better getting something new when you win it! So I shall be entering lots this year, lol.

Thats all for now
Daisymay X

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  1. I love Vivienne Westwood! I love her dresses, her shoes (her's Pirate Boots are my dream))), her accessories - everything)
    You have the best motivation for shopping diet ever)))

  2. I hope you get that job!
    I have to say I have become a fan of tartan but only have a few pieces.
    Regarding your shopping ban, you will get so much out of it, I cannot even begin to tell you. Last year I tried to do a year long ban but only made it to 6 months which was quite an accomplishment and now I shop more carefully and put a lot of more thought into it !

  3. BEST LUCK IN THE INTERVIEW!!! :D I really do hope you get the job! All my best vibes on your way!

    AND I LOVE tartan! Agreed. Vivienne Westwood is the best incentive you could possible have to try to meet your goal ;). Who chose the prize, by the way?

  4. I'm still in awe that you are going to do a whole year!

  5. It's a great incentive! And I love the second tartan dress, the chiffon-y part is gorgeous! I'm pretty sure I saw someone wearing it in a magazine, it looked great:) x

  6. Awesome! Downloading good vibes to you right now! hugs -Taj

  7. i love the second dress -- you are going to have such a great time when you finally get to choose a dress of your own!

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