Tuesday 8 November 2011

Outfit Post - Everybody Everywear - Coloured Tights

So I thought I should jump on board with another EBEW post. And this months theme is Coloured Tights! Most of you know I am a big fan of coloured tights (actually tights of any form really) So technically I had plenty to choose from, but here's the snag...I had lots of tights but no actual time! Seeing as we only had a few days to get together and photograph this outfit I just haven't had the time as I spent the whole weekend in my pub work gear, and then bombed it home to my parents for a dentist appointment (root canal! Boo!) and a brief meeting before returning home this morning and going straight back to work at the pub.

So I figured I could cheat a little and delve into the outfit photo archive and pull out my fav coloured tights outfits

What I found - turns out I really like purple tights! lol.
Here are my top coloured tights outfits!

So which outfit do you like best?

I clearly like purple tights but which colour tights are your favourites at the moment?
I have green ones I really need to style again so maybe they will be up in a post very soon.

Check out all the other ladies on EBEW
Everybody, Everywear: Colored Tights

Plus I have a surprise for you all in my next outfit post, will try get it up this week hopefully! Put it this way, I finally made it to the hairdressers!!

Daisymay X

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  1. I like outfit 2. The blue tights are really pretty, but then again so are all the others.

  2. I loooovve the purple tights with the b&w skirt! Perfect for fall/winter. And yes boooo to your root canal :(

  3. Love the first ones, i dont think i can pull of coloured tights very well but im really after some dark red ones at the moment!


  4. Love love love your hair in the first one. It's SO shiny. Favourite is the 3rd one though, closely followed by the last. x

  5. I love the third outfit down - totally classy, with a dash of edgy from the purple tights. I may need to borrow that look sometime! ;)

  6. hey I participated in the EBEW challenge too, came across your link && I love your compilation of photos! my favorites are the ones with the patterns! haute!


  7. you've got so many great pairs of colored tights - the purple and turquoise are my faves!

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. love your geometric black and white top... really cool!

  9. Wow, great tights looks. I completely forgot about EBEW this month! I love the plaid tights in the first look and the teal dress with purple tights look there in the middle! Great inspiration here :D

  10. I ADORE your colored tights! Each pair looks perfect on you!

  11. I love coloured and patterned tights toe. Love all your outfits but the first and last are my favourites.

  12. i just can't do it. i think about it every year, but the most i can do is maybe brown or navy tights, but no pattern :)

  13. I adore the two with the purple stockings :)

    -Laura xx

  14. I like the second to the last the best! The jewel tone colors are lively!

  15. My eyes were drawn most to the last photo with the turquoise tights and the short black dress. It was such a bright surprise of color. I'm a huge fan of tights, especially colored.
    :) f

  16. Love that bottom playsuit/dress - I wish I'd have bought that when I saw it!

  17. I'm so in love with that black-and-white striped top... want! Loving the colored tights trend... on other people. My legs wouldn't be flattered by them

  18. Hey there. I found you through EBEW (I didn't participate in the last challenge, but I will definitely be doing the next!) Where did you get those incredible wingtips? I want them!

    -Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe

  19. "I clearly like purple tights but which colour tights are your favourites at the moment?"

    That purple tights are perfect for you, eh. Love the other tights too, yet my fav is also the purple. Great outfits, btw.

    Cathy@digitizing service


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