Saturday, 28 July 2012

Menswear -

I usually don't do a lot of men's wear posts, but every now and then Jon actually needs new clothes so I have to venture in to the menswear territory! As he is the Assistant Manager now he needs to look smart and professional all the time, so he needs some nice new shirts. Thats when I was introduced to As you would expect they make shirts, totally customisable smart tailored shirts.

You can literally build your shirt to your exact specification, altering the colour of each part of the shirt, the buttons, button holes, style, cut, collar, pockets, cuffs - everything! Its like designing your own clothing. Then you just confirm and pay and they ship it right to you. It is brilliant! I think it would be especially good for a wedding if you wanted a specific colour combination shirt.
Now they aren't cheap, starting at around $75 (but you get free standard shipping to most countries) but they are great quality, and getting another custom made costs. They are well worth the money. So why not nip across to and buy yourself (I know I have a few male readers) or for your hubby/dad/brother/etc. 

Check out the video below for more info

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