Sunday 19 August 2012

Sunday Catch-up - 19th August

Having a little trouble with my whole work, life, writing, blogging balance at the moment so I'm very sorry for the lack of blog updates. I'm not gonna force them, just try to post when I have time. I'm sure I'll manage to get into a better balance soon and come back to blogging more frequently. 
But for now here is a sunday catch-up of the last 2/3 weeks of my life.
1. Dinner at Strada
2. Dinner in the Green Room at work
3. Frittata!
 4. Pie and mash
 1. Cake for mum's B'day - I cant claim to have made it
2. Jon enjoying his dinner in TGI Fridays
3. My dinner in TGI Fridays
4. Dinner in Juno Lounge

 I found Swap-Bot! It's dangerous!
1. Stuff I sent out last week
2. My delivery of pretty stuff from Johnny loves Rosie
3. Post from Alex Keller!
4. my first Swap-bot postcard
1. I won a bottle of Stoli on Twitter! hehe!
2. I did some fun shopping at Paperchase 
3&4. I started making ATC cards!
 Books, books and more books.
1. Finished Crossed by Ally Condie (and Room although I didn't take a picture)
2. Finished The Full Cupboard of Life by Alexander McCall Smith
3. Started Snake Ropes by Jess Richards
4. All the other books I have from the library! Quite an epic pile!
We took a walk up the beacons for Jon to take some photos, these were my little phone pics. It was lovely until it rained! lol!

Links and Love
1. Been writing lots of Hubpages articles
2. Really wanting some of these animal book broaches from Etsy
3. Check out one of Jon's pictures from our Breacon trip
4. I've also taken up Smashbooking!
5. Oh and did I mention Swap-Bot my new addiction

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  1. you always have the nicest looking food!

  2. i love to see what others are eating. take care!

  3. I'm hungry now after seeing all these food pictures, haha. Too bad because I'm kind of in a middle of a diet to get back on track. I put on so much weight since I moved that I started to feel really uncomfortable in my own skin. I'm happy to already be seeing good results, though :).

    Love everything you've bought at the craft store and the last set of pics! And book covers!


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