Friday 10 August 2012

Blogger Spotlight - The New Lady Times

Came across a new blogger this week ladies and as I havent done a blogger spotlight in about 18 months I figured this may be a good time to start again. So say hello to Amy of The New Lady Times!

She isn't a daily outfit blogger (yet) she is more of a find a trend and tell us about it kinda girl, and I love that - no offence daily outfits can get a little tiresome, hense you haven't seen any off me in a little while!

So here are just a few of her great posts so you can see what she is about before nipping over and checking her blog out for yourselves.

 The sisterhood of the travelling Givenchy 
 Bride, Borrow or Steal - this one made the Links a la Mode list recently
 50 shade of Red - hot lipstick trend (thats my current fav colour too!)
 Oh and shes a book lover! That'll go down well with a lot of you I know
 Mad about Mint - Beauty trends - see she's an all rounder

So why not nip over to The New Lady Times and say hi - and welcome to the world of fashion blogging!

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