Monday 14 January 2013

Beauty - Mani of the week

Gosh Monday again! Time is flying by already and the year has only just begun! 
Just a quick post today. This is another mani from over the festive period.
My wonderful sis bought me this great Models Own Gold Finger Nail Polish from the Clothes Show Live for Christmas, and I put it over a cheap green polish I had. The glitter shined amazingly and lots of customers at work commented on how pretty it was.

My one warning is that it is god awful to get off!! I literally spent half an hour trying to get all the glitter off with this one! I had the same problem with another glitter last night actually, so in the end poured half my bottle of nail varnish remover into a plastic bowl and completely submerged my nails, I saw this trick on Pintrest, waited 5 minutes and rubbed with a cotton wool pad, amazing it came off, glitter and all! Still took a little work to get every last piece but so much quicker, then I just poured the polish back in the bottle, much easier!

Anyone else tried the Models Own Glitter Range? I also have the Disco Inferno Mirror Ball, which I'll blog pictures of next week.

Well we are actually off on holiday for a week tomorrow. Just to scotland to stay with my aunt, but it will be a nice break after working so hard over the xmas period. But don't worry I won't be leaving my blog all alone, I have scheduled a few fun posts for you all. 

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  1. Nail varnishes that are awful to get off are the absolute WORST. Although i am loving the varnish, very pretty xx

  2. Hello dear, Your blog really awesome! Love it! <3
    Btw, wanna follow each other via GFC? Let me know ;)

  3. What a fun polish! But any glitter polish I always seem to have the worst time getting it off, so I normally steer clear.

  4. really cute.. glitter and sparkle is always so hard to get off

  5. One hint is to paint a layer of pva glue over your nails then you just peel it off once you are done with the glitter. I have a few models own polishes, I am a bit of a polish addict.

  6. that is such an awesome colour!
    love it

  7. I love glitter nails :) I literally have to force myself to alternate off of them every once in a while.

    Love your blog!

  8. I love the way a glitter manicure looks- but taking it off is such a pain! Love your removal trick; I'll have to try this.


  9. Great look! It looks like pixie dust! xo style, she wrote

  10. I love how the glitter over green manicure turned out! Really pretty! And thanks for the tip to remove this type of nail polish, I will have to try it myself!



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