Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Catchup - 7th January

I haven't really taken a huge amount of photos this week so this will be a photo light version of my usual sunday catch-up. First I should let you all know that me and Jon are now on a diet as of January the 1st! I want to get back down to my old size 10-12 rather than my current 12-14. The weight has inched on since our wedding 2.5years ago and we are both determined to lose some weight this year. So we are trying the alternate day diet that Dr Michael Mosley did a documentary on last year. It means you eat normally, whatever you want, for 5 days and cut your calories to only 500 on 2 days. So we have started a little blog to track our progress - Less Waist More Taste. You can check it out if your interested in seeing what we will be eating everyday! And how our weight loss is going.

So apart from dieting I have spent most of my week working. In the tourist board and on my online work. I've started a blog for that too - In Pursuit of an Online Income. I intend to do a little work online everyday in the hope of building myself a residual income and a few online clients I can work for, mainly to make my life a bit more flexible and give myself a little bit more freedom. I'm also working on getting my own online website for my work portfolio.

Ok so now I have gotten all the boring info out of the way, and updated you on my life, you can see it's all just been a lot of work for the last week or so. But on a better business note, today Jon and I are on a photo shoot job for a local band. Pictures will be up at some point in the week for you all to see.

Now finally a few pictures for you all - I was very lucky to receive an amazing parcel yesterday from Miki of Miki's Scrapbook.
How amazing is this tote bag! I am in love with it! Thank you lots Miki!

Links and Love - As I said I have just been writing lots this last week, so these are all writing related but there are a few fun posts I thought you might like to read.

1. Fancy Dress idea for an up coming party - Where's Wally Fancy Dress Costume
2. I'm getting a head start on the next holiday season - Valentines Day Foods and Valentines Day Crafts for Kids
3. I've been doing lots of slow cooker cooking again too
4. You have to see this hilarious Twilight Video
5. I want this ring I found on Pintrest, it's so cute!

So that's me for this week! How have you been? Anyone been up to anything interesting? 

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  1. I love your plan to work online. It's one of the best ways to free some time for more projects)

  2. THANK YOU for introducing me to the bad lip reading of twilight. I HATE twilight with a passion and just about died laughing.

  3. Awe, I posted about your parcel today, too :p.

    Congrats on your new blog and on having started dieting with Jon! ;D It takes determination and effort, but if you commit, of course you'll see great results in no time! I started a diet back in July and have lost 13kg so far; still need a couple more to reach my target weight, but I kind of let loose during the Holidays, I need to get back on track, especially on my work-out routine :/.

    Hope your week's off to a great start! ;P Hugs!

  4. I love that Tote! What a nice parcel to recieve.


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