Wednesday 16 January 2013

Review - Miss Mandalay Knickers

I've bought a few Groupon Vouchers lately so thought I would review a few of the services I have received for you all.

The first voucher I found that I liked the look of was a voucher for Miss Mandalay underwear. I thought that I could treat myself to some nice new underwear. So when I spotted the beautiful sets in the pictures for the Groupon I thought I would check out their site to see what else they had to offer. I loved so many of the items they had in stock! So I went for it. The voucher was £20 for £70 to spend, which seemed decent. I had noticed how expensive the underwear was, and in all honest I would never have been able to afford such expensive underwear if it wasn't for the Groupon, so it was a nice treat. I figured I would be able to get 1 full set. Miss Mandala specialise in larger cup sizes so I was just on the bottom end of their range luckily!

When the voucher came through I went straight onto the site to place my order...and this is where I had a problem. Now I knew I liked pretty much everything on the site so I spent a while trying to work out  which set I would want. I chose 2 I liked to start with and then check to see the availability on them. They had neither in my size, actually of all the sizes they say they stocked they only had most sets in 3-4 sizes. They didn't have any sets in my size I found out. The voucher didn't have a long date on it and this was the first day it went live so I expected them to at least be well stocked and have a good range of items available. It almost looked like they were running down their stock, oh just using end of line.

I gave up on the idea of a set and decided just to get a few pairs of knickers instead, but even then when I selected both sizes M and L (12 & 14) out of all 50+ different ones they had on there, they only had 7 in total that would fit me. But ah well I finally made a choice, even with a £70 voucher I could still only afford 3 pairs, this is what I got:

Processing the order was swift and easy, I had to pay £4.95 postage (this was stated in the Groupon), which was a bit pricy for 3 pairs of knickers which probably weighted nothing, but as I hadn't paid for the underwear I wasn't going to complain. 

Postage was pretty quick, they arrived in 4 days from when I placed the order and they were nicely packed. They were each in plastic packets in a large flatish box, so they couldn't be damaged.

Now I will say the quality on these knickers is beautiful! The silky fabric is lovely and soft on my skin, and the quality of the craftsmanship in the actual making of the knickers is really good. I would say though that the sizes are a little on the small side as the 12 was actually a bit tight, when all my regular underwear is a 12. But I am very happy with how they look, they really are quite sexy. I really don't think they are worth £25 though, after all they are just a pair of knickers. I wish I could have found a Bra in my size as well as I would like to have see the quality on them as well, so I could review the overall company a little better.

I have looked on the site again now and their availability is a little better but still not great on the bra's. They still don't have any in my size, actually they only have 30C, no other C sizes at all! And even for the 30C there is only 1 Bra available.

So there you have it, my in-depth review of Miss Mandalay Underwear and their service. 

Has anyone else tried any of the Miss Mandalay range? What are your opinions?
Is £25 too much for a pair of knickers?

My second Voucher was for a hot stone massage that is booked for February so I'll tell you how that goes in a few weeks.

We are now safely in Scotland on our little holiday, so expect lots of highland photos from our trip next week.

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  1. Great choices! It sucks that you couldn't get what you wanted originally, though :/. I love to get good quality lingerie every now and then! :p

    Hope you're having a great week! ;)

  2. pretty pretty things! those violet are my favorite!

  3. Those are so cute! I love the white ones :)

  4. it's always good to have nice underwear. these ones are really cute. i love the purple one!

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  5. Great review- they look beautiful!

    Enjoy Scotland! Can't wait to see the photos.


  6. Wow they all look really beautiful - great choices.
    I do agree though that I don't think they are worth £25 - for the actual amount of material used and postage is expensive for the weight - but I don't really agree with online shops charging for postage, so maybe that's just me. I do think they are worth around the £15-£20 because they are beautiful but you still got a really really good deal :)

    Great post an cannot wait to see your scottish pics

    Laura x

  7. Pretty, but would they really be comfortable to wear all day?


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