Wednesday 31 July 2013

Beauty Review / Mani of the Week - Revlon Moon Candy Nail Art in Meteor

I picked up the Revlon Moon Candy Nail Art Varnish after seeing one of the others in this new line on Georgina from Make-up Pixi3 at a recent event. The glittery top coat just looked so fun and shiny, without actually looking like a glitter. It is more like holographic flakes. Georgina had the navy blue - Galactic - version but I really loved this almost dirty earthy deep green - Meteor - version so I picked it up in Superdrug for £5.99 on offer, it is now back up to £7.99, sorry :-(
 Now I will say right off the bat I wasn't too impressed with how thick the base colour was, it was almost sticky in consistency. So I didn't find it applied that well, although coverage was good it didn't have a smooth finish, as you can see! 
 But the colour is really cool, a really deep earthy green just as I had hoped. It took a while to dry though, due to it's thickness. This is after 2 coats as I tried to even out the strokes and surface to make it smoother.
 Then you apply the flaky top coat and this is the final outcome! Again not that easy to apply as the flakes kinda clumped together to start with but after a bit of fiddling I eventually got them to spread nicely. And I was really please with the final look, the overall look changes depending on how the light hits the nails (hence the 2 ever so slightly different pictures above and below!) 
 On the durability front it actually lasted really well! I didn't put a top coat on, and didn't get a chip until about 3-4 days in, which is pretty good in my books. Warning though it is a bugger to get off! lol!
So there you have it, a little review and mani from last week. Have you tried any of these Moon Candy varnishes? What is your opinion?

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  1. oo i love these they look so fun! xx

  2. that is always the pain with the glitter - getting it to come off. but I do so love shiny things! :)


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