Sunday 7 July 2013

Sunday Catch-Up - 7th July

It's sunday!! Which means time for a sunday catch-up post! And I got a new iPhone 5 last week so I have been snapping away much better pictures than I was able to with my last phone, so expect lots more sunday catch-up posts with fun instagram pictures!

So here's what's been happening in my life according to instagram
 Spent a lot of my time at work in the bay, but luckily the weather has been great!
1. Almost cloudless blue skies over St Davids Hotel
2. The new Wetherspoons is almost complete - it's called The Mount Stuart
3. Cardiff Bay hosted its annual multi cultural Mela with lots of great food and craft stalls, and some great live performances
4. The water tower has been decorated ready for the summer festivals with lots of strawberries
 We spent the afternoon yesterday at the Aberavon Beach charity festival. Here is Pasha and my Sister, Briony chilling out in the sun
 1+2 outfits from the last few days
3+4 Jon trying on hats in Tesco, looking for one for the summer. Which do you think suits him best?
I got these super flowery summer wedges curtesy of Shoe Zone in the post this week, been styling them with my maxi dresses for the last few days, which you will see in an outfit post next week.
And the obligatory food pictures! This is one of the best things from living back home with the parents!
1. Mild lamb & Leek Curry
2. Chinese Turkey Noodles - you'll find the recipe below
3. Oh so Maggi Stick BBQ chicken with herb roasted potatoes and peas
4. Sausage and Potato Hot Pot

Haven't done any Links and Love for a while so here are this weeks:
1. The recipe for those Chinese Turkey Noodles above!
2. Cross-Jones Photography's website is finally sorted (just pictures of us to be added)
3. Really want to try this Models Own Beetlejuice nail varnish!
4. This apartment is possibly the most awesome and insane apartment ever
5. This is the most perfect dress!

I was also incredibly proud to be asked by Tesco Magazine Online to write an article for them on family tourist spots in Wales.

Don't forget my Bumper Beauty Giveaway

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  1. Hi!
    Thank you for your visit on our blog!
    Love the flowery summer shoes!

    Jul, from le monde des petites

  2. yay for the new phone!
    and i like the straw hat best :)

  3. nice!!:)

  4. New giveaway on my blog…wanna join? You can win a pair of Zipz shoes!
    Zipz giveaway
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  5. those shoes are so cute! Xo, Megan,

  6. The food looks so good, I love curry:)


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