Friday 17 January 2014

Etsy Finds

This week I have been lusting after some statement jewellery pieces. Whenever I am on the hunt for something different (or just want to do a bit of window shopping) I always turn to Etsy first, and in the case of interesting jewellery I am never disappointed! Here are a few of the pieces that I am loving at the moment!

I'm a little in love with these stackable bangles from Handmade by Anne Potter, they are simple but bold.

These rings from Good After Nine are just killing me! I want them all!

I have been loving natural stone for a long time, now that I have a sliced agate necklace the next thing on the list is a rough stone ring. These are my favs! Number 1 and 3 are my top picks at the moment I think!
Left to right, top to bottom
1. Rana Jewels
2. Midwest Alchemy
3. Thula
4. Amanda Leilani Designs
5. MetalMorphoz
6. Prairie Fairy Designs
7. BeijoFlor
8. Specimental Designs
9. Moorea Seal

I am also really fancying a metal work necklace, something almost architectural in nature. These are the ones I found that caught my eye!
Left to right, top to bottom
1. Jamie Spinello
2. Wild Thing Studio
3. Squidlicks
4. Beach Bones
5. Blame Eve
6. Objects of O

Anything your lusting after at the moment?


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